1. andrix

    Lexicon alpha head amp

    Hi guys,   I want a headphone amp for my laptop and I see one of these Lexicon on a good store in my country for 120 USD. It's a good price here, and also it's the best I have seen for that price. Apart from that I can get the Berhinger UCA222 for about 70 USD or a Line 6 STudio GX for 150...
  2. rkb2948

    Would balanced cables help...?

    Hello All,   I've currently got a pair of Rokit8s that I like quite a bit and otherwise sound fine, but both experience something that sounds a lot like computer noise traveling through the audio. It's not a constant buzz or hum, its something more random. At the moment I'm using a 3.5mm to...
  3. Lexicon Alpha USB Desktop Recording Studio

    Lexicon Alpha USB Desktop Recording Studio

    Like the Omega and Lambda, the Lexicon Alpha USB Audio Interface is a complete portable desktop recording studio. It offers a 2x2x2 USB I/O mixer which is powered directly from the USB bus. You can be connected to the XLR inputs and the 1/4" balanced line inputs at all times while controlling...