1. No12345

    Headphone rec for a tu8600?

    Hi, I assembled a tu8600 several months ago. I’ve only been using t with my hd650. Previously all I had was a xcan v3, worked great and still going strong and it’s onto a third set of tubes now. I had some isine10 and am hugely impressed with it airiness and soundstage. So now I’m thinking...
  2. tylerfutrell

    Comparison Review: Arya vs. LCD-3

    This is a detailed comparison review between Hifiman Arya and Audeze LCD-3 (2018/fazor), both of which I own, so I’ve had time to really get to know them. I think it makes sense to review through comparison, since on their own they are both great cans (and also people read reviews to help figure...
  3. Faucet_Evangelist

    LCD3 vs Ether Flow

    I am shopping for my next headphone upgrade and wanted to get some opinions before the NYC CanJam. I have owned Fostex TH-X00 and HiFiMAN HE560 in the past and am looking to upgrade to something higher-end. I will be driving them with a Jotunheim w/ phono, which I know probably could use an...
  4. dotrunghieu

    Anyone headphones make shaking sound at max volume (the test link inside)

    While I am listing something on YouTube, I find down something on this video, that is about fan noise: All my headphones connect to iFi Pro iCan amplifier. My HiFiMan HE1000 (balanced output) makes shaking sound so bad at max volume. Like I feel my HE1000 drivers will be broken, I have to...
  5. dotrunghieu

    looking for a comfortable headphone

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a comfortable headphone for home use that can last several hours on my head without my ears getting too hot or head hurting from the clamping force. I prefer open, full sized headphone. I'm using ifi Pro iCan amp, but I could replace it if necessary. Comfortable is key...