1. VictorHalgaard

    KOSS KDE-250 Owners club - The privileged few...

    So, are there any of you out there? I know only a couple of people in the world who have owned these and even fewer who kept them. I recently got mine, and it surprises me that these haven't caught on. The build quality is top notch, the sound quality when placed right, is right up there with...
  2. ucrags84

    Help finding IEMs or headphones under $800. Big soundstage, rich vocals, slightly sparkling highs

    I'm looking for either a custom IEM or a pair of headphones that has a terrific spacious soundstage with rich vocals, and a relatively lively presentation overall without being overbearing in any one aspect. I don't want a clinical sound, would like slightly sparkling shimmering high with...
  3. Earwax

    Koss KDE/250

    I got an email ad for these today, KDE/250 KOSS · Sound of Koss 2009 Looks like an interesting concept, however at $250 I'm not going to be first in line to order one. Has anyone been able to demo these?
  4. Koss KDE250 Dual Element Stereophone (Black/Silver)

    Koss KDE250 Dual Element Stereophone (Black/Silver)

    Koss developed the KDE250 with a pair of dynamic transducers that mount at a perpendicular angle. The larger 20mm transducer is low frequency dominant and ported while the 13mm transducer focuses on mid and upper frequencies in a side firing angle, allowing greater efficiency and accuracy across...