1. Katun

    FXC51 Review | Another Hidden Gem

    Introduction: (The secret behind how the FXC51 can get so amazingly good)   Okay, so I’ll admit this is going to be a tough review. Mainly because I’m not judging the sound off of its stock signature. Yes, that’s right, this review is based off of what you can transform this IEM into using...
  2. SonOfFree

    Is Etymotic mc5 the best isolating IEM with some bass unser 100€?

    Hello, I'm looking for a good pair of IEM with excellent isolation under 100€. Now, I had a pair of Philips 9850 but I didn't like their sound, no basses at all and close soundstage (IMHO) and a Hippo VB that I love but the isolation is quite poor. I found that the mc5 have dynamic drivers, so...
  3. Katun

    Westone 4 = Disappointment

    Alright, so I got these today.   I admire the packaging, that's for sure. The tip choice is even more diverse then what Monster gives you with the Pro Gold. Plenty of tips, sizes, and types to satisfy any listener. I tried the oval grey tips and found those to be a perfect fit. Speaking of...
  4. JVC HAFXC51R New Micro HD in-Ear Headphones (Red)

    JVC HAFXC51R New Micro HD in-Ear Headphones (Red)

    New Micro HD in-ear