1. munsi

    Best wireless earbuds and IER under $50?

    Hello Fellas, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Both me and my girl lost our AirPods Pro in Turkey last month, and are currently looking to replace them. We loved researching, and reading a lot of your posts in this category, but my girl’s her vacation is over soon and she needs one...
  2. Sony IER-M9 In-ear Monitor Headphones

    Sony IER-M9 In-ear Monitor Headphones

    5x Balanced Armature (BA) units for optimal sound design For clean high notes, rhythm, pitch and the pure emotion behind every nuanced performance, the IER-M9 has 5x Balanced Armature (BA) Driver Units, including a Magnesium alloy super tweeter. Sony's original design Balanced Armature (BA)...