1. A

    Why isn't HQPlayer improving anything for me?

    So I've been trialing HQPlayer up-sampling with my Chord Qutest. Virtually every review I've read says that up-sampling improves things (e.g. soundstage) vastly, and there are even reviews comparing the effect (even favorably) to the $5k Chord M-Scaler. For example @GoldenOne prefers HQPlayer to...
  2. TeamHiFiMAN

    HIFIMAN HE6se Loaner tour

    Here at HIFIMAN we want to try to give back to the community and it is with this goal in mind that are initiating a series of Loaner Tours. We want to put select products in the hands of those members of the community to experience HIFIMAN gear in the forum that matters most and thus is the...
  3. Ithilstone

    Hifiman HE-6SE and HE-1000SE announcement-

    That will be interesting: from https://www.facebook.com/704834732873248/posts/1898370606852982/