1. Kouzelna

    Review: Glow Audio Amp One w/ Denon Lawton D2000, K701, HD650, ER-4S, Audio Tech AD2000, DT880/600

    ( Photos at End )   Kouzelna Productions Presents   In Conjunction with Head-Fi Entertainment   *-*  The Glow Audio Amp One  *-*   Tube Headphone & Speaker Amp   With Onboard USB DAC     Starring Venerable Players:   Denon “MD”AH-D2000, modified by Lawton Audio...
  2. Thelonious Monk

    Glow Audio Amp One Interesting integrated tube amp with USB DAC, selling for $480. Anybody here heard one? It's a single ended class A pentode design, using EL84s driven by 6N3s. RCA or USB input, has both 1/4" headphone output and binding posts. Looks like a good deal --...