1. brunoampm

    BASSHEAD AUDIOPHILES portable reviews: Victor HP-FX500, UE5EB, FS1, EX-85

    Hello I will make a mini-review because I don’t have enough time to write. I am a basshead-audiophile in a search for strong deep bass-perfect mids- soft precise highs in a IEM, to block outside noise, get portability and comfort. I have UE5EB, FS1, EX-85 (modded to increase bass) and now...
  2. Future Sonics FS1 High Definition Earphones (White)

    Future Sonics FS1 High Definition Earphones (White)

    For Use: • iPod®, Zune®, MP3 Digital Media Players • Playstation®, GameCube® & most other game systems • Laptop Computers • Portable DVD Players Features & Specifications: • MG5™ Proprietary Dynamic Drivers • 20Hz - 20,000Hz TrueTimbre™ Response • 32ohm Impedance • Sensitivity 112db @...