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  2. bassgroove

    The confusion over CIEMs... Help?

    So, the short list is pretty simple:   1:  Heir Audio 4.A 2:  JH Audio 13 Pro 3:  Frogbeats C4   The problem is they all have pros and cons, not just the CIEMs themselves, but getting them, comparing them, choosing one.  I work offshore and am about to go away for a few months and...
  3. Sludig

    CIEMs that measured than LCD2??

    Keep in mind that my favorite headphone is Audeze LCD2, I´m looking for a good pair of CIEMs. I had read about Spiral Ears SE5, Frogbeats C4, ACS T1 live!, Starkey SA-43 which reviews say are similar to LCD2, but I don´t find measurements from all of them to compare. I´d like people can help...
  4. Sludig

    Frogbeats C4 or Spiral Ear Se-3??

    I´m looking for a CIEM which has a sound signature like LCD-2. I know it´s difficult in a earphone, so after reading many reviews there are two earphones I think can be good for this: frogbeats C4 and Spiral Ears Se-3.   I had read Spiral Ear Se-5 can sound like LCD-2, but I don´t find...
  5. bassgroove

    The Gamble Worked (Frogbeats C4)

    So, as someone who has a range of equipment: Icon Audio HP8 Mk II, Schiit Bifrost, Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited, Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo -dB, RX Headphone amp, various other headphones, etc. I had been investigating CIEMs for a while, but you just can't know until you buy them and have them...
  6. HideousPride

    Frogbeats C4 Review - An Incredible First Experience in the CIEM World

    Disclaimer Unlike some of the wonderful grizzled, veteran reviewers we have on Head-Fi who have listened to dozens of CIEMs, this is, in fact, my first pair. As such, I cannot eloquently compare on the subtle differences the C4 has to so-and-so other CIEM.   However, what I can do is...
  7. LyPForever

    Frogbeats Custom-IEM Appreciation Thread

    I start a new thread for discussion because the old thread was closed , I also own the Frogbeat C4 . Feel free to ask if you have any questions . Hope it can help everyone here ;))   LFF's Review ...
  8. theque

    Looking for advise from Recent CIEM purchasers

    I purchased the Shure SE535LTD and unfortunately it seems as if I have gimpy ears, because they press on a spot of cartilage that I cannot fix and it is very painful after an hour, and almost unbearable after 2 hours. I purchased these based on the reviews on comfort, sound isolation, and its...
  9. LFF

    REVIEW: The Frogbeats explosively good custom in ear monitor....SERIOUSLY!

      FROGBEATS C4 CUSTOM IN EAR MONITOR       A perfect water drop       Every audiophile strives for perfection. Whether or not it is obtainable in such a finicky hobby by such obsessive people is a question that could lead to endless pondering. In the crazy world of...
  10. joshat

    what is the best CIEM money can buy?

    in your opinions, what is the best CIEM money can buy?   GO!
  11. GotNoRice

    Yamaha C-4

    I just picked up a Yamaha C-4 Preamp and plan to make extensive use of it's headphone amplifier. This is a Preamp, not a receiver, so it has no speaker outputs to piggy-back a cheap headphone output off of, it has an actual headphone amp inside. I've used a Yamaha C-80 preamp previously with...
  12. Frogbeats C4

    Frogbeats C4

    Frogbeats C4 The C4 is a completely different monster from the C3 and C5. A perfectly balanced and neutral sound being deliver from them. It was primarily designed for those seeking an absolute flat response, for stage artists and audio engineers, or those audio enthusiasts that love a...