1. GreggD

    Do Tube amps give "tube" sound - and rec for SR225is

    Hi all.  I am somewhat of a newbie.  Here’s my questions.  Hope you can help.   I grew up in the 70’s.  I remember my father had a tube amped stereo he built in the 60’s.  Great mellow sound.  In my teens I acquired my own hi-fi equipment.   Of course, everything was solid state.  I remember...
  2. Q701

    What are the "official" amps for the q701/k702/k701?

    When Sennheiser displayed the HD 800, there was either a Lehmann Audio or Violectric amplifier driving the headphones. With the introduction of their new in-house amplifier I believe they use that now (though I have never seen it). I have never seen an AKG display so what do they use to power...
  3. Trist

    Matrix m-stage or Schiit Asgard?

    I've been looking for a headphone amp to pair with my Audinst HUD-MX1 DAC and Senn HD600s. From what I've read the m-stage and Asgard both have great reviews and are both at the same price point. Which one should I go for?
  4. williaty

    Fournier DAC-2 or Fournier HTA-1 Amp Plus Some Random DAC?

    I have been semi-serious about listening to music for about a decade. I have a stereo system with which I am (mostly) content consisting of a variety of sources, a Bottlehead Foreplay (original with all the hop ups) preamp, and a Cambridge Audio P500 amp driving Axiom Audio M22Ti speakers. Like...
  5. Fournier HTA-1 compact hybrid headphone amp

    Fournier HTA-1 compact hybrid headphone amp

    A compact hybrid headphone amplifier that uses a pair of 12AU7 tubes.