1. nikp

    Need help choosing good designed computer speakers!

    Hello!   I need help choosing new speakers for my computer. The thing is.. I am not looking for huge bulky speakers that take up a lot of space and the speakers will most likely be close to the wall so heating might be an issue. What are some decent speakers with good all around performance...
  2. barksdale

    IS 2.1 OR 5.1 better?

    OK on another forum I read frequently, a user is saying that ANY 5.1 system is superior to 2.1. Is this true?  I don't know much about audio.   He says Logitech Z-640 surround system is better than ANY 2.1 system?  Is it true?   I looked it up and Z-640 is from 2002! What can you...
  3. TehJam

    Lowest bass/ Highest quality in monitor style speakers under $500 (Pair)

    So I'm looking at some nearfield speakers and my only concern is bass. I listen to electronic music which frequently hits below 50 Hz and I'm hoping to find a speaker that can at least do 40 without being extremely flabby. I just don't want to have to buy a sub because a quality one would be...
  4. thope

    Need recommendations for 2.0 speakers.

    Hello everybody, I need some recommendations for a fully active 2.0 system, money is no object but place is(please don't recommend gla55s 1000$ is an object for 2.0 speakers). i've looked at bose, b&w ($500?? how do these stack against AV40/ AE A2s). bose T20's are the max in terms of size so i...
  5. Focal XS Satellite Speakers with Dock for iPod and MP3 Players

    Focal XS Satellite Speakers with Dock for iPod and MP3 Players