empire ears evo
  1. MusicTeck

    Reviewers wanted for the qdc V14, VX, and Empire Ears EVO!

    Happy Monday Head-Fi'ers! Here's a little something to kick off the week— We're looking for enthusiastic individuals to review the qdc V12, qdc VX, and Empire Ears EVO. Of course, we don't expect you to take on all three but if any of these products interest you please email us at...
  2. Empire Ears Legend EVO

    Empire Ears Legend EVO

    The story of the Legend EVO is one of revolution. Free from the constraints of convention and empowered by the skills gained from decades of experience, we knew that in order to develop a proper successor we had to take extraordinary new measures. With a pioneering Dual Conduction Architecture...
  3. MusicTeck

    The Empire Ears Legend EVO is available now from MusicTeck!

    Empire Ears Legend EVO >>Shop Now << Note: As you might be aware that Genesis cable for EVO is temporarily unavailable and Empire Ears and PWAudio are trying their best to solve the issue. If you don’t mind receiving EVO and Genesis cable separately, you can order an EVO now and we have them...
  4. Netforce

    Empire Ears Legend EVO Pre-Orders Open at Headphones.com!

    Pre-Order the New Legend EVO to be guaranteed to be a part of the first launch edition batch! Pre-Order Today! Limited availability! NEXT GENERATION DUAL CONDUCTION IN-EAR MONITOR TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dual W9+ Subwoofers Five Precision Balanced Armatures Weapon X Bone Conduction Ultra...