1. aaf evo

    [FS] - iBasso DX160 2019 with advanced fidelizer ROM

    Color is black, purchased in January from headphones.com I am the original owner, it has been in the TPU case since I got it with a screen protector applied since day one. Comes with original box and accessories as well as Fidelizer Advanced ROM applied ($100 value). I believe I am able to...
  2. felix3650

    [FS] iBasso DX160

    I'm selling this excellent unit as I never had the chance to try it out. I bought it here and had it delivered to my cousin in NY (USA) in hopes to have it brought to me but with the current virus situation... Also a recent jaw injury forced me to sale all my iems so I won't be using a portable...
  3. HarlanDraka81

    SOLD: iBasso DX160 Black mint condition (EU only)

    Hi, Selling my iBasso DX160 black in mint condition. I just completed a 100hrs burn in and since then it was unused as I’m mostly using my Kann Cube.The player is basically new. It comes boxed and with all accessories. Purchased from advancedmp3 uk in November 2019. Sale for Europe only. No...
  4. tjcaustin

    iBasso dx160 (blue) SOLD

    iBasso DX160 (blue): Want something different. Comes with everything but screen protectors. Some light scratching on back of device $300 obo shipped SOLD I am also selling a pair of Rai Pentas and a DHC clone Silver cable. Will package for a deal. https://imgur.com/lburQht...
  5. Max_Settings


    For sale is a new in box iBasso DX160 player in the blue color. I got this from an RMA for my previous one that had some issues. I have decided to go a different route for my player so I am letting the iBasso go. Player is brand new and unopened.
  6. Kal El

    SOLD iBasso DX160 + iBasso CA02 + micro sd 256gb

    Hi all, I'm selling my iBasso DX160 with a 256gb micro sd and iBasso CA02 adapter (2.5mm to 4.4mm) because I don't use it The DAP is in mint condition, like new. I bought it from amp3 (famous UK website) and can provide you with regular invoice. About shipping cost: they are free, included...
  7. aaf evo

    [WTB] - iBasso DX160

    If anyone has a mint condition one with all packaging and accessories for sale shoot me a PM :) I don’t mind what color.
  8. 8


    with firmware V1.01.084, when connect the DX160 to my computer (win10 64bit & win7 64bit) as usb dac,not every usb port can recognized DX160, even can recognize DX160 as usb dac, there will be some clicking/hissing noise when playing music, had try using another cable but still can't solve the...