1. christian u

    Native DSD makes DSD 512 version of the Sound Liaison DXD original, upsampling???

    Help me understand this; Native DSD has just released a sampler with 5 tracks in DSD 512. It says; "These higher bit rate DSD 512 tracks are all pure DSD created. They are not up samplings, for there are no PCM or DXD conversions involved in their production."... ? I happen to own the last track...
  2. Topping DX3 Pro

    Topping DX3 Pro

    There's 4 output mode of DX3 Pro: Headphone amp only, Headphone amp + Line out, DAC only, Pre-amplifier. DX3 Pro is suitable for almost all usage scenarios. DX3 Pro is using XMOS XU208 + 2 x AK4493 + OPA1612 to support up to 32bit768kHz PCM decoding and DSD512 native decoding of USB input...
  3. PopGenie


    t is in mint condition. Only one-month-old that I purchased brand new from eBay. Includes all the original accessories and box. SOLD includes shipping, I accept EMT or PayPal (+4%). I purchased Hugo2 that is the reason for the sale. Thanks for viewing.
  4. Tex Irie

    iFi-Audio Micro iDSD, & Bose QC35 for Trade seeking an Oppo PM-3

    I would like to trade all the following items iFi-Audio Micro iDSD (Silver) & Bose QC35 in excellent condition for a pair of Oppo PM-3 in excellent condition or best offer. Please PM me if your are interested.