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    DHC Molecule SE dual 2.5mm to 6.3mm/1/4"

    I have for sale a good condition DHC Molecule SE cable. It is terminated with dual eidolic 2.5mm to a 1/4". The splitter is heatshrink/DHC logo. Cable works great, was used with my HD700s which have now been sold. There is some slight oxidation as seen in the pictures, but does not affect the...
  2. Double Helix Cables Molecule Headphone Cable

    Double Helix Cables Molecule Headphone Cable

    The Molecule is a custom cable for any headphone based around Double Helix Cables' custom stranded, polyethylene insulated OCC copper wire. Its architecture is a tried and true star quad design and is as compact and flexible as a stock headphone cable. It is available with a wide range of...