1. AppleheadMay

    DiMarzio 10ft/3m headphone extension cable

    I bought it here.   It's a big fat cable and a s good as new. Selling it because I bought a longer one. New price was $125, selling for €50.     Price includes shipping in the EU, international with added costs.   Trades are possible for: ATH-ESW10JPN ATH-PRO700MK2ANV...
  2. DiMarzio SilverAudio Headphone Extension (10ft)

    DiMarzio SilverAudio Headphone Extension (10ft)

    A huge sonic step-up versusnbspany electronics box store extension, this DiMarzio SilverAudio headphonenbspcable is cleannbspamp musically articulate in comparison to anything remotely near this price. Full-size 14 terminations.nbsp