1. williamchc

    Whiplash Elite Reference Interconnects RCA 6FT

    Whiplash Elite Reference Interconnects RCA 6FT with Eti Silver BulletPlug® with Aluminium Housing(1250+150USD)   Cable treated by Deoxit, Furutech Nano-Liquid, run in by using Nordost Vidar. Very smooth sound. 90% new. Interested please PM with offer. Eti Silver BulletPlug®...
  2. nmxdaven

    Tributaries Silver Audio Interconnects - 6ft Pair

    VERY good condition. Used to power the front speakers of my surround for about 6 months. After I moved I wasn't allowed to have my same setup (neighbors didn't care for it) so they were put in storage. One or two very slight scuff marks. Gold plated brass connections. Fantastic interconnects...
  3. fejnomit

    Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3 RCA to Mini Interconnect 6ft *PRICE DROP*

    A great RCA to mini interconnect.  Basically new – used less than 15hrs.  Perfect for iPod or 2.1 channel computer playack.  Selling off all my recording gear.  Cardas RCA connectors.  Switchcraft gold 3.5mm connector   Retail: $205 Asking: $100 + shipping + Paypal
  4. warp08

    Whiplash Elite Reference RCA Interconnects - 6FT - Cryoparts Locking RCA Plugs

    This is the last pair of interconnects I own and since everything else is gone, these will have to go as well.  Top of the line product, using TWag V2 wiring.  In mint condition, as pictured.  Come with the optional Cryo-Parts locking RCAs.   I will cover shipping to continental USA to...
  5. warp08

    Frost Audio BlackFrost Crystal Core Reference XLR3 balanced interconnects (6FT)

    For sale is one pair, like new XLR3 reference interconnects from Frost Audio.  This was their top of the line IC, and the sound quality was superior to an MIT Oracle product costing nearly $4K.  This has the infamous Crystal Core cable architecture and Rhodium plated XLR plugs and simply...
  6. DiMarzio RCA Interconnects (6ft)

    DiMarzio RCA Interconnects (6ft)

    If youre looking for very high quality, very transparent interconnects, youve found them. These DiMarzio interconnects are our favorite recommendation and an excellent value. They would be great for connectivity between components in any high-end stereo system or to our HeadRoom Desktop Line...