1. headphone man07

    Fun Headphones: recommendations

    Hey guys Looking for some punchy headphones, a fun sound, $60/£30 max, similar to the new skullcandy crushers, available on UK amazon, closed back, full size, looks not massively important but not ugly Thanks in advance
  2. Fast1one

    Identify these headphones! (Denon fans come in)

    Hey folks!   I signed up a little while ago and lurked, but this may be my first post :) Just started the headphone craze and I quickly realized that a single set simply isn't enough. I currently own a set of HD555s. That being said, I found a set of Denon headphones on a car audio forum I...
  3. punks15

    need a good full size headphone under/around 100

    hello! i'm new to head-fi and needed some advice for circumaural and comfortable headphones          mostly use my vintage sony dr-s5 ( which have a quite good sound ) and now it's broken. i wonder if there's such headphone under 100 that have sound similar to sony s5. i want, and the most...
  4. bchockey9

    headphone choice help

    hey im really into getting over ear headphones and found 3 that i like alot but dont know what to get. here are the links, i hope you guys can look at them and help me pick the right one.    ...
  5. mastershake2393

    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    I was just interested in seeing how many Head-Fi-er's get asked about not wearing the Beats (Studio, Solo, etc.). Whenever I'm wearing my AH-D1001K's, it feels like someone always asks me why I didn't buy the Beats. Just curious to see if there is a staggering number of people that constantly...
  6. leoniedelt

    need some cheap cans, rec me some?

    Right. Am looking for cheap cans. £50 ish or less, pref less. New or used, i ain't fussed.   I guess on-ear because my husband's Superlux 681s hurt my jaws under my ears because they are so flipping huge and envelop my entire skull, but am open to suggestions.   I largely listen to tv...
  7. morethansense

    Denon AH-D510

    First Impressions (Pre burn-in) I bought these headphones for a reasonable pair of cans that I could throw around/in my bag and not worry about them if I'm in a rush on my way to uni. I set my budget myself to at AUD/USD$100, and obviously wanted both durability as much fidelity in my audio...
  8. Seidhepriest

    Denon AH-D501

    So far the impression in one word... "Meh". They may need time to burn-in, but so far they sound quite shallow. None of the excitement and power of the AH-D1000. Efficiency is 103 dB (probably /1 mW), so they're somewhat quiet straight out of the soundcard at maximum loudness. Nominal...
  9. Neil27

    Under £30, Full size, Good Isolation?

    Hi there,   My friend is looking for some decent closed phone that dont cost too much, but have good sound quality for their price. any recomendations? Thanks. Neil
  10. pataburd

    K501 Appreciation Thread (rejuvenated)

    Anyone, besides me, still happy with their K501?  The more I listen to mine, while other headphones come and go, the more I have learned to appreciate what they do so singularly well: reproduce some of the most cohesive and engaging midrange I've ever heard.  : )
  11. Denon AHD501K Enhanced On-Ear Headphones

    Denon AHD501K Enhanced On-Ear Headphones

    Denon AHD501K Enhanced On-Ear Headphones Supreme comfort and precision