1. BosDef

    50% Off Skullcandy... Worth It Yet?

    I currently own some Audio Technica's (ATH-M50) that I use for all my music production and home listening and I really dig those, but I want something for taking onto a college campus, walking, etc. I do want something that sounds good but hopefully would also be durable and portable. I don't...
  2. krisgel

    Seeking advice on putting together a system based around the Audeze LCD-2 vs LCD-3

    Hello.  I have years of experience with very high end 2 channel audio systems using speakers, but am new to headphone listening.  Due to changes in my life, I have come to the realization that the largest amount of time I will have for listening will be through headphones, so I want to put...
  3. LogicalDisconnect

    Cheaper headphones that do what high-end headphones don't

    Hi everyone. I've had a variety of fairly high-end headphones, including the Beyerdynamic T1, AT W3000ANV, Alessandro MS-Pro, HifiMan HE500, AKG K701 and Unique Melody Miracle. All of them have good points. Some have great detail, others great energy and dynamic response, others in theory a very...
  4. kokushu

    Decware amp

    How come I never see any decware discussion anymore.  Is there something wrong or missing about them that I don't know?  Or are they just long forgotten about?
  5. shrimants

    Really confused about what I need...

    I have: Audioengine A5 (active bookshelf), Pioneer HPM-60 (passive bookshelf), Dayton Titanic Mk III (active subwoofer), AMB Gamma 2 Full++. Problem 1) The Gamma 2 does not obey windows/OS level volume control. This is VERY annoying, as it means that I have to individually control every single...
  6. Dayton Titanic MKIII

    Dayton Titanic MKIII

    Building on the reputation of the 10" MKII subwoofer, the MKIII sub excels at producing very clean and musical bass in a small enclosure. Renowned for its abilities as a great small box subwoofer for home or automotive applications. Product Highlights • Power handling: 400 watts RMS/565 watts...