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  1. HiBy R3 II

    HiBy R3 II

    Features: All-New Compact Design. Dual ES9219C DAC Chips. Dual-Independent Clock Sources. 4.4mm Balanced+3.5mm Single-Ended Outputs. 3.2” Colorful Display Touchscreen. Dedicated Audio Jitter Clock. Redesigned Amp Section For High-Output Power. Intuitive HiBy OS. HiBy Link Support. MSEB Audio...
  2. aaa55

    Hiby R2 + FD1 Question - Advice

    I’m considering purchasing the Hiby R2+FD1 bundle. I would like to use this with my Grado SR 325 and Hifiman Sundara headphones. The question I have will the R2 with the FD1 be suitable to use with my headphones or would I need to use another amplifier in place of the FD1. If another portable...
  3. P

    Hiby R6 Pro, Any MAC users own this?

    Hi all, and thanks for taking me in. I'm a life-long Mac computer user who always had iPods - many of them. Recently, the last of the iPods has started to die, so I went looking for a better alternative, one that could play high-res audio like 192K FLAC files, etc. I landed on the Hiby R6...