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    Yet another Sony D-90 question

    Hello forum! I just got my hands on a couple of Sony D-90 (D-9 for the folks in the US). Both were in very good cosmetic conditions, but both were not working. They turned on, the CD turned, but the laser did not move (the laser sled that is); pointing to the dreaded middle gear. So, I got my...
  2. Topping D90 III

    Topping D90 III

    Topping's D90 III Sabre balanced DAC is an evolution of the Topping D90SE DAC. In this improved version, Topping has chosen new components and added new features for enhanced performance and a better user experience. This D90 III DAC incorporates an ESS ES9039SPRO DAC chip per channel, a USB...
  3. Topping D90

    Topping D90

    Topping D90 Topping D90 is a new balanced flagship DAC by Topping, built around the latest Asahi Kasei Microdevices flagship DAC / AMP chip, AKM AK4499EQ. It is also equipped with the second generation XMOS XU208 USB interface chip, the AKM AK4118 S/PDIF receiver chip and the CPLD programmable...
  4. shenzhenaudio

    TOPPING D90 MQA ---AK4499 AK4118 Full Balanced DAC Bluetooth 5.0

    High-Quality Chips: AK4499 is AKM's flagship model. With current output architecture and 4-channel design. The D90 MQA parallels the channels of the AK4499 in pairs for better performance. High-Resolution Music: With the support of AK4499 and XMOS XU216. D90 MQA can support 32bit768kHz and...