1. Custom Art FIBAE 5

    Custom Art FIBAE 5

    FIBAE 5 utilizes the world’s first, patented, Flat Impedance design. Featuring five drivers in tri-brid configuration: single Sub-Low Dynamic Driver, dual Mid Flat Impedance Balanced Armatures and two Planar Magnetic high frequency drivers. FIBAE 5 is Custom Art’s take on fusion of the best...
  2. Custom Art FIBAE 7 Unlimited (F7U)

    Custom Art FIBAE 7 Unlimited (F7U)

    FIBAE 7 Unlimited according to Customart’s own words utilizes the world’s first, patent pending, Flat Impedance design. Featuring seven drivers: Dual Sub-Low, Single Low-Mid, Dual Mid-High, and Two Top-Firing Tweeters. It is an epitome of natural sound, delivering even frequency response with...
  3. piotrus-g

    Custom Art FIBAE 7 announcement & impressions thread

    Custom Art is proud to announce FIBAE 7 Last month Custom Art celebrated its seventh anniversary. We decided that it is perfect opportunity to release a new model showcasing and embodying what we've learned about designing IEMs so far. Enter FIBAE 7 We think of FIBAE 7 as the most natural...
  4. piotrus-g

    Custom Art FIBAE 4 announcement

    Custom Art is proud to announce FIBAE 4 FIBAE 4 comes as the most expected model from Custom Art - a natural continuation of the current lineup. Still, I think that we are able to bring something interesting and unexpected to the table with this new release. Let's start with the...
  5. Custom Art FIBAE Black

    Custom Art FIBAE Black

    Thanks to our revolutionary Flat Impedance technology, FIBAE Black will retain its sound signature with all audio players, sound cards, amplifiers or just a smartphone. Single proprietary Balanced Armature Pressure Optimizing Design 108.5dB @1kHz @0.1V Low %THD 5.2 Ohm @1kHz (+-0.8 Ohm...