1. M

    Feedback on expired classified

    I sold a headphone not long ago here, but the classified I posted has been up for about a year before someone bought it. The timing worked out such that my classified got automatically closed just before I sold it, and I assume that's because it turned exactly 1 year old. And since it's been...
  2. thehutch

    New PayPal IRS tax reporting requirements

    PayPal has started collecting social security numbers or tax IDs from those who use goods and services to sell items in the U.S. This is part of a new federal requirement on such sites to report all sales income above $600 to the IRS. The previous threshold was $20,000 or 200 transaction per a...
  3. hillbilly559

    Headphone Classified-Divide IEMs from Full Size 'Phones?

    I don't know if this is the correct forum for this inquiry, but... I was wondering if the classified for headphones could be divided between IEMs and full size. Personally I prefer full size and lately there seems to be so many more IEMs listed that it's a bit tedious to scroll through all...