1. mark_h

    Chordette Gem Bluetooth DAC. A Review With Pictures.

    I paid a visit to my audio dealer today (yes I phrase it to make him sound like a peddler of illicit substances because, well, he is!) to talk about DACs, computer-as-source options and other such mysterious things!. I seek him out for a fix every so often and these fixes are becoming more...
  2. C

    The Chordette Gem by Chord Electronics

    An interesting new DAC with bluetooth and USB input by Chord, looks like a good computer source. Chordette Gem, MSRP £399 and new QBD76 to replace DAC64
  3. cszdcr

    How exactly the Chord Chordette QuteHD performs?

    The award for best £1000 DAC 2013 from What HiFi was this little thing. I'm just really curious about how it sounds? Anyone bought it already? Almost no discussion here.
  4. gigtcj

    Chord Chordette Gem Bluetooth/usb dac

    I have a silver Chord Chordette gem For sale.  It is a great dac but it is redundent for me to keep with my marantz sa8004.  Comes with box, docs, cord and antenna.  $270 shipped.   also considering trades so send a pm.
  5. kiertijai

    Chord Chordette Gem

    WTB :   Chord Chordette Gem     I am looking for a good unit of Chord Chordette Gem,     shipping to Bangkok 10200, Thailand     If you have one , please PM
  6. wind016

    Why do people buy expensive DACs?

    Before you say anything, yes I used the search. I came up with this link.   It seems to say expensive DACs still sacrifice something... Now why are people spending $1000+ on DACs when there are supposedly...
  7. OK-Guy

    Chord QuteHD DAC - 'Pulse-Array' Teconology Discusion Thread

    Chord QuteHD DAC   The Chord Electronics Company is based a couple of miles from where I live in Rochester, I have lusted over their equipment (out of my price range) after spending many happy listening hours ‘chewing the cud’ over music in a sadly missed hi-fi shop that was located where I...
  8. Chord Chordette Gem

    Chord Chordette Gem

    The Chordette Gem is the first in a new range of lower cost products designed to integrate within any existing HiFi system. The Gem has our unique Bluetooth Audio receiver technolgy to allow the transfer of music from a Bluetooth enabled phone, PDA or personal computer. The addition of a USB...