1. preproman

    The Interconnect and Power Cable Thread.

    I'm in the market to upgrade my interconnects (XLR) and powercables.  Not that I'm a firm believer in cable magic.  I still want to have solid performing cables.  I'm tweaking my setup and have to decide to go with either silver cables for it's "supposed" transparency, copper cables or copper...
  2. cufei

    Cardas Golden reference?

    Can I use Cardas Golden reference cables for all my gears? Inculding power cord and interconnects...Or, should mixed with some XLO cables?
  3. Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect

    Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect

    Golden Reference is an evolutionary interconnect design by George Cardas. It features Cardas patented “Golden Section”, multi-gauge stranding in a symmetrical, helical tri-axial design. Thin wall PFA air tubes are used as dielectric and provide air suspension for the conductors. Cardas patented...