1. msing539

    The State of the Used Audio Market

    In the past year or two, I've noticed a huge decline in pricing on pre-owned audio gear. My guess is this was a result of Covid, during which people were losing work (myself included) and tightened up on spending. As a direct result, sellers started dropping prices to compensate, hundreds and...
  2. R

    Open back headphones that can be driven by a phone?

    Looking for something that sounds great on a phone aswell as on an amp. I asked this same question on another site not too long ago and got recommended the sony MDR-MA900 but I wasn't a fan at all. It's fine on a phone soundwise but when driven with an amp the bass sounds terrible and they are...
  3. beenie

    When to buy headphones?

    When's the best time to buy at a good price from Chinese sellers for example Linsoul, Penon Audio, Hifigo and AliExpress. Looking to buy some IEM's specifically NF Audio NM2+, I saw some ok prices during 11.11 and similar ones coming up for black Friday. Any idea if post Christmas will be...
  4. BounceHouse420

    What would be the best headphones for 100$ or under?

    It will be used at my computer which already has an amplifier and I will use it for games, movies, and music. I do not mind if they are wireless or not. I do want them to be around the ear headphones not open back.
  5. BounceHouse420

    What would be the best over the ear headphones for me?

    I'm thinking of getting some over the ear headphones that have good bass and are comfortable and affordable. I do not have a headphone amp (my computer has an amplifier hooked up to it so it might be able to be hooked up to that with a cord) so that should be taken into consideration. I would...
  6. Rapalino

    Phillips SHP 9500 S got discontinued, which headphone would you recommend that fits in that place?

    Hi forum I always wanted to get the Phillips SHP 9500, but now that I decided to, they got discontinued. Also the S version of them. Now I'm looking a proper replacement for them, in every aspect (Budget, type of sound, comfort...) In case you don't know the specs, I'm gonna summarise what...
  7. BounceHouse420

    What is the best 5.1 surround system for under 200$?

    I need to replace my current 5.1 surround system my current one is a Logitech Z-5300 whose information can be found at Also, I have a SoundBlaster Audigy Rx/5 on my PC so it should have all of the require jacks for any surround system on the...
  8. Electrolite

    Help with closed cans under 100 dollars

    Hello I'm waiting for my SHP9500, as I'm very anxious I'm already planning for my next can, a closed one. I have a list of some headphones I found interesting: - Sony MDR V6 - Lots of positive feedback but the treble tendency scares me a little, heard people saying the sound was kinda strange...
  9. G

    Buying used headphones: Yes or No?

    Recently posted a thread asking for help looking for a mid-tier closed back headphone (Which can be found HERE) I'll prob be waiting until the Beats Studio3's *gasp* are released to get actual information on them so definitely still welcoming suggestions in the meantime. In researching...
  10. Ferdi91

    New DAP, budget GAP!!!

    Hi everyone!!! I've already presented myself in the introduction's thread. I use since 7 years my lovely ipod 4th gen with Apple earbuds (not in-ear because i found them really uncomfortable). I listen to music most of all during traveling, in metro, bus, flights etc... and i want to get better...