1. atruin

    Beyerdynamic ET-1000 & N-1000

    Sooooo...just found this! I'm freaking out a little, me want!!
  2. nickds1

    Beyer ET1000 / N1000

    Hi - I found these in my loft - forgot I had them. Firstly, are they worth restoring / using? Secondly, the thin black foam at the centre of each transducer has perished. Can these be replaced? I can upload a photo should anyone want... Cheers Nick
  3. bruma

    Beyerdynamic ET 1000 + N 1000

    for sale or trade (micro seiki ms 2, ...or some stax?) are this extremely rare electrostatic headphones from Beyerdynamic from the period between 1976 and 1981. I restored them to the original state as close as possible. The earpads are made of fine leather and the diaphragma is original...
  4. Cynric

    IC: BeyerDynamic ET 1000 / N 1000 / Stax adaptor in pristine condition

    Hi, I'm thinking of selling my BD ET1000 / N1000 combo. Bought it last year as a credible NOS kit.  If you don't know, the ET-1000 were Beyer's first and only electrostatics and date back to 1976.   Included are the phones and transformer box, two pairs of Sony V700 DJ pads (a lot more...
  5. madmalkav

    My Beyerdynamic headphones (DT770 600 ohms or ET1000) for your tube amp

    It is a long shot, but I'm getting rid of my DT770 600 ohms and my ET1000 , both sets adquired in this forum, and I will prefer to change them for a tube amp to see how it behaves with my new HD800.   Both are in good condition. If anyone is interested in the ET1000, be aware that they are...
  6. technetium

    FS Beyerdynamic electrostatic ET1000 incl transformer

    Hi guys, I have been downsizing for a while now, and I have a few good ones that still need to find a good new home.   I am the third owner, and these have been part of my general collection   They never got much use from me, I was actually never able to hook them up because the...
  7. Beyerdynamic ET1000

    Beyerdynamic ET1000

    First electrostatic in Germany (1976)?