1. NEO

    How to cure the twisted/ tangled headphone cord?

    My Beyerdynamic (DT831) has a main coiled cord with two straight cords that connected to each earcups. The coiled cord itself is fine while these straight cords have started to twisted and tangled in, no matter how I try to untwist them. I dont want to untwist them by hand either since I doubt...
  2. reifler

    Upgrading from MDR-v600s....

    I'm working with a pair of Sony MDR-v600 headphones. I want to upgrade. I've got a good budget, so that's not in question. (The quality of the headphone will decide how much I wanna spend.) One thing though... I cannot find a good stereo shop in my area that has the high end headphones I've...
  3. Superbaldguy

    Koss TD/75 headphones - anyone else own/use them?

    I own the TD/75's and have been pleased with them for many years, but wonder if I should "upgrade" to something like the Beyer DT 831's. Just wondering if anyone else can pipe in with an opinion on these older cans. Thanks. I guess I need to be "convinced" that these old Koss headphones should...
  4. steadyearnest

    questrion: dt 831's and amps

    I just purchased my first pair of good headphones and I'm not sure if i need an amp or not. I bought the Beyerdynamic dt831's as I am in college and living in a dorm so i needed something closed. I am very happy with the quality, but was conisdering buying the Total Airhead amp from...
  5. Beyerdynamic DT-831

    Beyerdynamic DT-831

    Closed headphone, over-the-ear, circumaural. Frequency response: 5-35,000 Hz Impedance: 250 Ohms Cable: Three meters, coiled, stereo miniplug with quarter-inch adapter included. Pleasantly severe cross-like pattern on earcup shields.