1. Allears79

    Bakoon HPA21 for sale

    Hi, Selling my Bakoon HPA-21. Only reason I am doing this is because I just bought the Chord TT2 and don't feel I need extra amplification with my current headphones. The device is in mint condition, with original box, manual, power chord, manual and bag for the box with logo. Buyer to pay...
  2. ThePrince425

    Wanted: Bakoon

    Looking for Bakoon HPA 21, 01 or 01M. Shoot me an offer with details, thanks!
  3. atsq17

    IC: Bakoon HPA21 - TRADE PENDING

    One of the best headphone amps available for Audeze and Hifiman headphones. Sounds great with HD800 and T1 too. Check out the review here: Better than the HPA01 and has Satri Link input as well.    RRP: $2995. Selling at $1000 off retail.   ...
  4. wild4sound

    Bakoon HPA-21 : Will it achieve High End status ?

    This amp has been anticipated and mentioned on Head-Fi. It is being discussed in the High End Forum but not in a dedicated thread. It is novel in that it employs current drive and voltage drive outputs. It is dedicated to drive headphones only. It has no tubes.  It uses batteries. It...
  5. CanDude

    Bakoon HPA-21 headphone amplifier

    The thread was more or less hijacked for Bakoon HPA-21. I felt that one of the best headphone amplifiers in the world needed its own thread so please continue to post discussions...
  6. Bakoon HPA-21

    Bakoon HPA-21

    The HPA-21 is a truly unique product that is the world’s one and only current driving headphone amplifier. By incorporating the SATRI Circuit technology, our years of R&D effort in current amplification technology is now perfectly refined for headphone listeners. Unlike the conventional...