1. smoothlondoner

    Advice needed on a DAC upgrade

    Hi Folks. I'm looking to upgrade from my cyrus DACX+ which I use with a cyrus external power supply also. I have been considering Chinese alternatives to get more for my money. DAC@S Ive been looking at include  Lite DAC 68 (tube anologue stage) Lite DAC 83 Monarchy Audio NM24...
  2. smoothlondoner

    YS-A1 Headphone AMP ( balanced xlr mod )

    Hi I currently have a YS-A1 Headphone AMP which is a Beyerdynamic copy. Using it with Beyerdynamics T1 headphones fed by a Cyrus Audio DACX+ with external Cyrus power supply. I wondered would there be An advantage in using the balanced XLR outputs from the cyrus? Problem being the amp only...
  3. antonyfirst

    Review: April Eximus DP-1

    Review My interest for April Eximus DP1 started because of a combination of reasons. First of all, the introduction of their U3 unit, in an era where the main trend has been to deal with computer audio, and usb-related issues (mainly, jitter rejection, and bitperfect reproduction)...
  4. tim3320070

    Audio-gd NFB-9 DAC with volume control

    Another new goodie, looks like a NFB8 with volume control and digital filters.
  5. antonyfirst

    Review: Audio-gd NFB-9.2 DAC

      This is my reiew of Audio-gd NFB-9.2. After having sold my modded Museatex Bitstream, I have been in search for the perfect dac (or a more perfect dac), which could replace it for its believable tonality, its wonderful sense of colour and reality given to instruments, possibly offering...
  6. Audio-gd NFB-9.2

    Audio-gd NFB-9.2

    Fully balanced design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels. Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage . Uses three R-core transformers (135W total) separate power supplys for the digital part , right channel and left channel. More than 50,000uf...