1. econsumer666

    Is Sabre ES9018 the best DAC chip right now?

    Can you say that DACs based on Sabre ES9018 should be favoured over other configurations like WM8741 and PCM1704UK? I kinda keep reading over and over again that this Sabre chip is currently the best affordable DAC-chip.   Reason is, I've just ordered Audio GD DAC 5.2 and started reading...
  2. realmassy

    Audio-GD NFB 7.32

    For sale my 6 months old Audio-GD NFB 7.32, owned from new and bought directly from the factory. I've paid 1489 USD back in February (can include Paypal receipt), plus custom fees. The DAC is in mint condition, used in a pate and smoke free environment, with original box. The NFB 7.32 has...
  3. panda-R

    *SOLD* Audio-gd NFB 1.32 with TCXO upgrade and XLR cables. Sabre ESS9018

    Hi   just bought this off another member not too long ago but it has to go because I like my REF5.32 slightly better because of the darker more laid back sound. This unit is fantastic though and has satisfied my curiosity of what the ESS9018 is all about. Big wide sound with great treble...
  4. tme110

    Audio-GD NFB-1 NFB-1WM dual-wolfson fully balanced external DAC (sold)

    24/192 DAC with optical/COAX/usb inputs and balanced (XLR and ACSS) plus SE (RCA) outputs.  All very high quality parts, way over done engineering, class-A power supply, 24-carot gold connections etc.   This is a  $883.70 DAC (advertised price + shipping + paypal+fees) and I had about a...
  5. CrucifixationOfFaith

    IC: Audio-GD NFB-1 ES

    Sabre32 DAC. 7 months old, but looks like new.
  6. reiserFS

    NFB-11.32 / Audio-Gd Fun

    Looking for the EU Version (230V). Offers - PM!
  7. C

    Audio GD NFB-1 ES $680 shipped

    Hello all I am selling a recently acquired Audio GD NFB-1 dac.  This is the Sabre chip design.  I have owned alot of DACS like most people here.  This one is in the top two that I have personally heard (Reference 7).  It is superior to the Wyred Dac 2 that I owned for about a year.  It does...
  8. tacky187


    For sale is my Audio-GD NFB 1.32 sabre chip based balanced DAC.  It is an amazing unit for the cost and you can read the specs, as well as search the forums.  I've never heard a better USB dac, personally, especially for the price.   This was purchased in late September and includes the TCXO...
  9. allyl

    Audio-GD NFB 1.32

    Moving towards a smaller, all-in-one system before medical school, so selling this guy off. Note that this is just a re-opened listing from 2012. I've actually owned this DAC twice, and I am selling the more recently purchased unit.   This is the new Sabre balanced DAC from Audio-GD...
  10. EraserXIV

    WTB: Audio-GD NFB-1.32

    Looking for an NFB-1.32 let me know if you have one you're looking to sell.
  11. autarch1

    Audio-gd Reference 5.32 or SA-1.32 DAC for V200?

    I'll be using my Violectric V200 amp. I can't decide between these two DACs. One is "neutral", and one is "Musical". I'm not too concerned about the DAC having balanced outputs. Anyone have experience with Audio-gd DACs and the Violectric V200? Any other DAC recommendations would be...
  12. allyl

    Audio-GD NFB-1.32

    From the looks of it, we now have a balanced output Sabre DAC from audio-gd. At $650, it looks to be competing with the Yulong D18 as one of the more inexpensive fully balanced Sabre units.   Alright, edited for a few impressions...
  13. SoupRKnowva

    Audio-GD NFB 1.32 with both upgraded clocks

    Selling my Audio-GD NFB-1.32 that I bought on here about 7 months ago used. Its in good shape, other than 3 nicks in the anodizing which I tried to capture as best I could in the pictures. Only selling it because I got my Master 7 in.   525 includes paypal and shipping anywhere in the...
  14. Axonn

    Audio-GD 5.32 power supply curiosity

    Hi there :).   I'm in the market for a medium-range headphone amp and I've been eyeing the NuForce Icon HDP. However, I've seen all the cool stuff said about Audio-GD products so I've started leaning in that direction.   I do have a few questions to you experts in the subject.   The Icon...
  15. Audio-gd NFB 1.32

    Audio-gd NFB 1.32

    NFB-1.32 (Full 32Bit / 192K) Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC 32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer USB-32 Chip 32bit / 192K Sabre ES9018 What's new design in the NFB-1.32? 1, USB-32 built in, can cooperate well with ES9018 without sound drop off . 2, Built in DIR module (Users can choice...