audeze sine
  1. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Audeze Sine w/Vesper hybrid pads

    For sale is an Audeze Sine planar magnetic headphone with leather/alcantara Vesper over-ear hybrid pads. In excellent condition and comes with original pads, accessories (stock cable, etc) and packaging. Cipher lightning cable NOT included. Used for a short time as my travel/portable headphones...
  2. muffin9988

    FS: Audeze Sine DX (Open)

    Received these as a gift and unfortunately just don't need them I plugged them and played ~30 seconds worth of music to confirm that they work - other than that these are effectively brand new and include carrying case and all original accessories Price includes PayPal fee and shipping within...
  3. aminus

    FS: Audeze Sine

    Selling my used Audeze Sine purchased back in 2016. Reason for sale is that I am no longer using it. Comes with all original accessories and Vesper Audio true leather over ear earpads for comfort. Does not come with Cipher cable.
  4. Coolblue

    SOLD [CON US] FS: Audeze Sine with Cipher Cable

    SOLD ---------------------- Hi All, I've got near new/mint condition(used for less than 15 minutes), Audeze Sine headphones with Cipher Cable up for sale. $175 price INCLUDES Shipping and PayPal Fees ( for US Accounts only) - No international PayPal Accounts please. Shipping to PayPal...
  5. mysticstryk

    FS: Audeze Sine with cipher cable - **sold**

    **SOLD** Selling my excellent condition Audeze Sine. Smoke free home. Original owner. About a year old so still 2 years on the drivers for warranty purposes. Comes with original box and both 3.5 and cipher cable. Price: $150. I'll cover shipping and PayPal fees. Thanks!
  6. Audeze

    Lightning to USB-C - For Audeze and other lightning headphones

    Anker released a Lightning to USB-C adapter that allow any lightning connected headphone to USB-C devices. This works flawlessly with the Audeze iSine, El8 and Sine headphones. We have tested it with IPad Pro, Windows surface, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy mobile phones Apple MFi Certified...
  7. Rozenberg

    [WTS] Audeze Sine w/ Cipher [EU]

    Selling my Audeze Sine in very good condition. These didn't get as much use as I'd planned to and since I have to move into my brother's place in another town, I would rather use the fund for other needs. Comes with standard 3.5 mm cable that barely got any use and the Cipher cable in very good...
  8. scottsays

    SOLD--SOLD--SOLD Flare Pro, FLC8N Best offer

    Selling off these items--I recently purchased Aether ciem, Shure 1840, B&W PX,Sony 1000M3 and a new HiBy R6-- Need to sell these items to cover the cost---this hobby is super fun but super expensive. **** Forrest FLC 8N--very good condition--all original packaging, filters, ect... Comes with...
  9. ogodei

    SOLD: Audeze SINE DX On-Ear Open-Back Headphone, as new

    SOLD my SINE DX open-back headphones. Purchased new by me in 2017 these are in as-new condition, about 3 hours of use. Too tight for me. 10 of 10 cosmetic, 10 of 10 technical. Comes in original box with all original accessories and standard cable (NOT Cypher cable). Again, this is the limited...
  10. rantng

    SOLD - FS - Audeze Sine w/Cipher & standard cables

    These are back up for sale. Original ad here - After selling these, it was discovered these have the known "crinkling" issue. Basically, air gets trapped between your ears and the earcups. The air pressure can...
  11. C

    Audeze Sine Competitors

    Longtime listener, first time caller. :) I’m in the market for a set of closed over/on-ear cans (prefer over for comfort) with a budget maxing out at $500. I’m primarily looking for clarity, speed, and comfort for long listening sessions. My music tastes range from jazz to pop to rock to a...
  12. clerkpalmer

    Audeze Sine w/ Cipher

    Bought at black Friday sale from Adorama. These were not refurbished. Cipher included. $200 plus paypal fees shipped.
  13. seedubchris

    Audeze Sine

    Just got these from Audeze last week . New in box with all accessories and full factory warrantee. I moved up to the LCD-XC.. Asking $175 for quick sale. These are the non cypher version with straight audio cable and adaptors for SE and mini. Pay pal only conos.
  14. DJtheAudiophile

    Sold: Audeze - Sine

    I’m selling my pair of Audeze Sine. It’s only a few months old. It sounds fantastic, and is a highly recommended headphone on Head-Fi. It’s in great shape, near mint. It comes complete with packaging and manuals. Will only ship to North America. PayPal only.
  15. slowpickr

    FT: Audeze Sine with standard cable & adapters/extra pads for Meze 99 Classics

    I have a set of Audeze Sines with standard cable, 3D printed adapters and ebay MSR7 pads that I would like to trade for Meze 99 Classics (silver or gold, but gold preferred). The Sines are hardly used and will come in the original box with all accessories. Pictures can be provided upon...
  16. jurumal

    FS: Many Headphones featuring the Focal Elear

    I have the majority of my beloved collection on here for sale. Unfortunately for me, the lack of money has caught up to me. Fortunately, I have some deals for you guys that are interested. Focal Elear --- $700. Comes with the stock anaconda of a cable (3m OFC) and NEOMUSICIA 1.5m cable ($17...
  17. Medicake


    Hello all, Today I am downsizing my collection as I am currently in the process of buying a new car and would like to have the extra cash in case any emergencies pop-up. Regardless I'm looking to part ways with the following items: Please note these prices include shipping within CON-US AND...
  18. Music Alchemist

    Audeze SINE + 3D adapters & aftermarket pads

    Includes the headphones (in excellent condition), original packaging and booklets, standard cable, Cipher Lightning cable, 3D adapters, aftermarket pads, and 1/8" to 1/4" adapter. Price is net to me. The SINE is one of the best closed-backs I've heard. Here's the official page...
  19. tmarshl

    WITHDRAWN: Complete Audeze Sine w. Cipher Cable, Original Packaging

    WITHDRAWN: Offering a complete Audeze Sine package in excellent condition. Includes: Sine Earphones Cipher Cable with Lightning Connector 3.5mm audio cable Audeze Sine Earpads Brainwavz Earpads Audio Technica ATH M50x Earpads 2 sets (large and medium) "inertianinja" 3D Printed earpad adapters...
  20. BuddhaBruce

    "Best" closed back headphones for OTG/office use under $500?

    Looking to spend 500 or less on a good set of headphones that I can walk outside with and use in my office. I like a wide, warm soundstage, lower mids pronounced and the highs not to sharp. Hoping the price would include dap + headphones and I could buy new or used!
  21. esung

    Audeze Sine /w Regular & Cipher Cables *MINT* (Iphone 7 compatible)

    Up for sale is a mint condtion Audeze Sine, used about 5 times since purchased. Although I love the sound they are just a bit larger than I expected for general traveling/walking around and will probably switch to IEM's. Nevertheless the sound is amazing and they work amazing well with your...