1. digicosmos

    [SOLD] Fearless Audio Roland

    Fearless Audio Roland $700 pp & shipping included Mint condition. Comes with all original accessories, including: a "pro" balanced cable, TRIPOWIN balanced cable (pictured), original white 3.5mm cable, all original tips, carrying case, box, and paperwork
  2. KZ Acoustics AS16  (Knowledge Zenith)

    KZ Acoustics AS16 (Knowledge Zenith)

    Brand: KZ Acoustics Model: AS16 Transducers: (4) High frequency balanced armatures (2) Mid frequency balanced armatures (2) Bass Frequency balanced armatures Cable Length: 125mm Pin Type: 0.75mm 2-pin Plug Type: 3.5mm 90° jack Frequency Response: 20-40000Hz Sensitivity:105dB...