1. Magaosi K6

    Magaosi K6

    Magaosi K6 technical specifications: Drivers: 6BA (Knowles low frequency 22955 X 2 + custom medium and high frequency X 2 + custom high frequency X 2) + 4 crossovers Sensitivity: 110db SPL/mW Impedance: 40Ω Frequency response range: 10Hz — 40KHz Noise isolation: -25dB IEM connectors: MMCX...
  2. Jupit3r

    Alldocube F40 Quad-driver Review: Affordable HiFi

    Pros - Balanced and cohesive sound, nice build quality Cons - poor packaging, intrusive branding, lack of accessories Alldocube is probably an unheard name in the headphone industry, but it is a brand quite well-known for making affordable Android and Windows-based tablets. As the demand for...
  3. Alldocube F40 Quad Driver

    Alldocube F40 Quad Driver

    Color: Black Product Highlights: Three dynamic drivers and one balanced armature Driver Unit Diameter: 6mm/8mm Freqency Response: 20Hz~20kHz Impedance: 16Ω Sensitivity: 102dB Product Size 101*101*34mm Connector: 3.5mm Connector Type: L-shape Cable Length: 1.2m Cable Material: Oxygen-Free Copper...
  4. ROSE Mini2 MKII 2.0

    ROSE Mini2 MKII 2.0

    ROSE Mini2 MKII 2.0 technical specifications: BA driver: 2 Rose custom drivers Frequency response: 20Hz — 30kHz Impedance: 45Ω Sensitivity: 108dB Cable: 1.2m, silver-plated OFC, 3.5mm audio jack IEM conectors: MMCX
  5. Lypertek BEVI

    Lypertek BEVI

    BEVI technical specifications: Driver type: single balanced armature Impedance: 7Ω Frequency Response Range: 15kHz — 22000Hz Sensitivity: 106dB ± 3dB at 1mW Cable: 120cm ± 10cm, oxigen-free copper wire with remote and microphone Plug: 3.5mm, gold plated, 4 poles
  6. takeitblue

    Sonion Balanced Armature Fan Thread

    Hi I'd like to start discussion about implementations of the Sonion Balanced Armature drivers It should be especially worth for people who love sweet and detail vocals, since all known to me Sonion's tuned BA (also proprietary/custom ones) are very natural and musical, without losing resolution...
  7. IryxBRO

    MaGaosi HLSX-808 — impressive budget hybrid IEMs

    Some time passed since we’ve first tested and reviewed hybrid IEMs after decades of using dynamic headphones with short jumps to pure balanced armature models. Recent technologies allow many companies to step in to this battle and to experiment with different IEMs design and driver combinations...