1. 64 Audio Nio

    64 Audio Nio

    Nio is a universal-fit earphone featuring a 9mm dynamic driver and 8 balanced armature drivers. SPECIFICATIONS Driver Type/Count Eight precision balanced armature drivers and one dynamic driver Driver Configuration 1 tia high, 1 high-mid, 6 mid, 1 dynamic low Frequency Response...
  2. katulu

    SOLD Apex Teton w/ TOTL Tubes! Best Amp for HD800/S! +tubes!

    SOLD Hello! I've regretfully decided to sell my Apex Teton amp with a TOTL tube complement, as well as the extra tubes I have. This amp is in "near mint" condition and fully working, and as far as sound... I've never heard HD6xx, HD800, or HD800S sound better in ANYTHING else! Since I've...
  3. iBo0m

    FS/FT: 64 audio u4t (a4t)

    Up for sale is a special (demo) version of 64 audio a4t (u4t), which are made for audio shows/tours. Shells are the same (material = aluminium, size) as standard universals u12t, u18t, … . These can’t be purchased on the regular basis, but the drivers configuration is exactly the same as a4t...
  4. rantng

    SOLD - FS - 64 Audio A6t

    Purchased from the original owner with the intention to reshell, but I actually have too many IEMs. 64Audio only performs reshells for the original owner. I've confirmed with itsfitlab (https://itsfitlab.com/reshell/) they will reshell the A6t w/a basic design for $200, which is a great price...
  5. Teaster

    Sold:Apex Hifi Sangaku

    I am selling my Apex hifi Sangaku. In a really good condition, about 8.5/10. Do not have the original boxes. I will update the pictures later.
  6. Phantaminum

    Withdrawn: Apex Teton

    Selling an Apex Teton. This amp oozes TOTL from the case to the knobs. It’s beautiful sounding but I’m still on the hunt for a specific sound. The amp does have a scratch to the left of the front transformer. Amp includes: Driver: IBM 5U4GB rectifier Mullard GZ32 rectifier Sylvania 7236 Output...
  7. chungjun

    FS: M20 APEX modules| 64 Audio

    For sale:- 1 x pair of original M20 Apex modules by 64 Audio Condition: 10/10 | Mint Okay to ship anywhere. Local Singapore pick-up can be arranged. Price does not include shipping and PayPal. Price to sell and not looking for trades. Thank you for viewing! Official site:-...
  8. chungjun

    FS: M15 APEX modules| 64 Audio

    For sale:- 1 x pair of original M15 Apex modules by 64 Audio Condition: 10/10 | Mint Okay to ship anywhere. Local Singapore pick-up can be arranged. Price does not include shipping and PayPal. Price to sell and not looking for trades. Thank you for viewing! Official site:-...
  9. tmorterlaing

    [SOLD] 64 Audio U12 (the original ones).

    They'll come with a cable from ORB. The shells themselves are immaculate and have always been looked after. They'll come with the original adjustable ADEL (now APEX) units, and the original peli-style case. These are the universal tipped ones! Theyre very capable iems, but I'm not using them...
  10. Roger5

    SOLD: Apex Hi-Fi Sangaku

    Apex Hi-Fi Sangaku headphone amplifier and preamp. Original owner, excellent condition. Smoke-free and pet-free household. Includes original packaging and manual. Price includes PP fees and shipping to the continental US.
  11. 64 Audio N8

    64 Audio N8

    Introducing the “Nate”, an industry-first signature IEM by 64 Audio and Nathan East. The N8 stands apart from other custom-fit earphones due to its unique textures and rich, soulful sound. Produced in collaboration with Nathan East, the N8 represents Nathan’s superb musical taste as a bassist...
  12. Jmop

    [SOLD] Apex Glacier Amp/DAC

    In fair, working condition with some light scratches/dings. The internals move ever so slightly within the chassis. Both the amp and DAC sections are fully functioning. Shipping and PayPal on me. Lower 48 only.
  13. rantng

    SOLD - FS - 64 Audio U4-SE w/M20 APEX module

    Great condition, haven't been using it since I got my A12 back. No discernible marks on the smoke shell. Includes all original accessories (cable, storage case, dehumidifier, shirt clip, cleaning tool & eartips) minus the small foam eartips. Price includes shipping within CONUS.
  14. Karendar

    [SOLD] 64 audio U8 with M-15, M-20, dummy modules and premium cable

    Hi, I have a pair of 64 audio U8's for sale that are in excellent condition! I've used them very carefully, but I must part ways with them. They come with stock cable, premium cable, Two apex modules (M-15 and M-20) and dummy modules which are used for their earplugs (No Apex on them). The...
  15. Land-O-The-Free

    64 Audio A12 W/ADEL S1 & APEX M15

    I have a pair of A12's with APEX M15,and ADEL S1 as well as the premium cable. I literally just got them molded and unfortunately for me and some medical conditions, they just aren't going to work for me personally. They are in perfect shape and just begging for a fellow audiophile to appreciate...
  16. goodvibes


    No longer available.
  17. Apex Pinnacle 2

    Apex Pinnacle 2

    The Apex Pinnacle 2 and Pinnacle 2 Ultra The Apex Pinnacle 2 and Pinnacle 2 Ultra are an evolution of the Apex Pinnacle headphone amp and preamp. Like its predecessor, the Pinnacle 2 uses a single-ended two-stage amplifier circuit using a 6SN7 and two PX4 directly-heated triodes. The...
  18. comzee

    FS Apex Sangaku (SOLD)

    (SOLD) I've owned this amp for about 6 months, it's served me well, but I need some money for unforeseen bills. Here is the manufacturer link: http://www.apexhifi.com/Sangaku.htm I have nothing but good things to say about this amp, it's really phenomenal. The nutubes give it a graceful and...
  19. Jmop

    Apex Glacier (amp only) [price dropped]

    Unit only. Decent shape, some scratches. DAC section does not work. There is very slight movement of the internal board within the casing (an issue with early units). Shipping and PayPal on me.
  20. Jmop

    Apex Glacier DAC/Amp

    PM me if interested in selling or trading.
  21. willsw

    SOLD: Apex Glacier portable DAC/amp

    A really nice amp and DAC designed, I'm pretty sure, by Pete Millet. I would like to keep it but it just doesn't fit my needs and I have too much wrapped up in audio right now. $SOLD Reviews: https://www.headfonia.com/supersharp-apex-glacier/...
  22. Bad Username

    64 Audio A12 Apex Custom IEM $800

    Selling my A12 as it just does not suit my sound preferences. Less than 50 hours of use. Original owner, crafted in January this year. Comes with M20 Apex Module. Will include original case and unused cleaning tool. As I no longer have the original cable, i will include a brand new, unused...
  23. Roger5

    SOLD: Apex Hi-Fi Arete

    Apex HiFi Arete headphone amplifier and preamp with switching power supply (100V-240V). Original owner, like new condition. Smoke-free and pet-free environment. Includes original box and standard USA 3-prong power cable. Price includes shipping to the continental USA. Buyer pays PP fees.