amp 9
  1. chupa

    Ibasso AMP9 For Sale - Perfect Mint condition

    Hi All, I am selling my Ibasso AMP9. It is in perfect condition and has less then 20 hours on it. Comes with the full package, see pics. Price excludes shipping and paypal fees. I ship anywhere in the world - EU preferred. Let me know when you are interested.
  2. NaittsirK

    Ibasso Amp9 SOLD

    I have an Amp9 for sale. I have bought it this February new from Audio Heaven store in Poland. It's just been burned in , about 100hrs of use. I want to buy the Amp8ex as it will fit my already warmer sounding iems. Cheers
  3. AEIOU9

    SOLD: iBasso DX220 + AMP 7 + AMP 9 Bundle

    Item was sold. The ultimate single ended bundle! Everything is in mint condition and comes in the original box. The DX220 includes the DX220, included case, charging cable, burn-in cable, co-axial cable and AMP 1.
  4. iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9 - New Amp card module for the DX portable series, DX220, DX150 and DX200 High Current Output Vacuum Nuntube AMP card for iBasso DX220, DX200, DX150 Portable players - 6th Gen Nutube Tubes by Korg & Noritake
  5. aaf evo

    [FS] - iBasso DX220 + AMP 9 + 2 additional TPU cases

    For sale is an iBasso DX220 in mint condition, it comes with all original packaging and accessories (AMP 1MK2 included), as well as AMP 9 with the packaging, and 2 TPU cases from Taobao with packaging and extra screen protectors also. It has Lurker0 mod installed so the Google Play store is...
  6. Tex Irie