1. trothad2

    Recommendation for working out IEM

    Looking for a good pair of IEM that i can use while i work out with an iPhone control, and preferably under 80$.  Ive been looking at some sennheisers and sure's but i would like some info from people that have used some.  Thanks
  2. tyde165

    Just needing/wanting some general input.

    Hello everyone, I am a rather new member this will be my second post so try not to burn me to much if this is the wrong forum section to ask in. Apologies in advance if needed.   But anyways I have recently been very interested in getting a quality set of headphones. Currently i use a cheap...
  3. Altec Lansing AHP112 Compact Portable Stereo Earbud

    Altec Lansing AHP112 Compact Portable Stereo Earbud

    For superb sound, rugged durability and comfort, you can?t beat Altec Lansing headphones. Just plug them in to your portable stereo, CD or MP3 player and other devices for vivid stereo sound ? no matter where work or play takes you. With three styles to choose from, you can get the headphones...