1. Voidling

    Aftermarket cables worth it?

    Hi there Head-Fi!   I'm curious. Do aftermarket/Third-party headphone cables make a noticeable difference in SQ? I own a nice pair of Brainwavz HM5s and while I'm fairly happy with their performance thus far, I'd like to milk them for all they're worth. I'd consider spending the $$$ on new...
  2. ScaryFatKidGT

    Well my Fiio L3 crapped out, are more expensive line out's worth it?

    Well I want one with the wire connected not like the ibasso and send station (idk why I might give in and get one).   I have been looking at ALO's but what is the difference, they have a LOD, a cryo LOD, a SXC, a SXC cryo???   Apparently its $60 to go from 22gau to 18gau? And what...
  3. rachaelzlzl

    My equipment on the plane

    My equipment on the plane JH13+ALO DOCK+ALO SXC+RSA P51+IP4 Thank for view
  4. googleli

    ALO SXC cable for UE18 Pro / JH16 Pro?

    Should the red/ blue dot of the cable face the ceiling or the floor when the IEM is in my ears? Just want to make sure the polarity is right. Many thanks!
  5. wwyjoe

    Earphone cable for JH Audio: Whiplash TWAG Elite vs ALO SXC Cryo

    I noticed these two cables share similar characterics, such as both are 99.99998% pure Copper mono crystal with silver plating, Cryo-treated, and over moulding.   Any thoughts if they're actually using the same cable? I guess the only difference is the choice of plugs which Whiplash offers?  
  6. letloverule

    ALO SXC vs Westone ES Cables ?

    Hi there, anyone can chime in on the differences between the stock cables for Westone ES series and the silver-plated copper by ALO (SXC) ? I'm thinking of getting the ALO SXC for primarily aesthetical reasons (love the silver plated copper that won't oxidize to green !!!!!) but wondering if...
  7. ALO audio SXC Cryo Ipod Dock

    ALO audio SXC Cryo Ipod Dock

    18awg silver plated copper, Ohno continuous cast mono crystal copper stranded wire in a PE jacket. Silver plating protects the copper from future oxidation (a primarily cosmetic coloring of the wire), this happens to wire that is physically handled a lot in a portable cable and two to give the...