1. CrucialHalcyon

    Need an advice on buying good earbuds!

    Hello! just joined these forums and I need an advice on buying earbuds.   on my list currently are:   AKG K 309 AKG K 311 AKG K 313 AKG K 315 AKG K 318 AKG K 319 Sennheiser MX 460 Sennheiser MX 560 Sennheiser MX 580   will have a portable pocket amp listening to...
  2. Headd

    Need a cheap bassy earbud for work

    Looking for a somewhat bass heavy earbud for work. Under 20 bucks What are my options?
  3. millenium

    Earbud advice needed

    Hi guys,   Someone's burning with desire to buy a new pair of earbuds (not in-ear-phones as I hate having things in my ear canal, even then it;s for a good cause...). I listen predominantly to electronic (more like down-tempo than techno, trance or any of that) music as well as RnB (MJ...
  4. D

    AKG K313 Ear Buds

    AKG K313 Ear Buds Larger drivers for richer sound. The new AKG K 313 semi-open headphones feature 13mm drivers for wide-spectru