1. millenium

    Earbud advice needed

    Hi guys,   Someone's burning with desire to buy a new pair of earbuds (not in-ear-phones as I hate having things in my ear canal, even then it;s for a good cause...). I listen predominantly to electronic (more like down-tempo than techno, trance or any of that) music as well as RnB (MJ...
  2. AKG K 313 In-Ear Bud Headphone - Grasshopper

    AKG K 313 In-Ear Bud Headphone - Grasshopper

    The AKG K 313 in-ear bud headphones deliver true AKG performance - high-output sound and excellent frequency response - from virtually any portable device, including iPhone. Using larger 13mm drivers, they deliver a richer, more dynamic listening experience from any portable device. Not only do...