1. audioflymarketing

    Audiofly Pro launches new packaging and upgraded accessories

    We're excited to announce a new makeover for our Audiofly Pro range of IEMs (excluding the AF100 MK2). Locally designed and engineered in Perth, our Audiofly Pro IEMs will be outfitted with brand new colourful packaging and receive an upgrade in their included accessories. These new...
  2. Jmop

    Audiofly AF160

    Minor cosmetic damage. All accessories included minus one pair of Comply tips. PM me for details and/or pics. Open to offers. Shipping and PayPal on me. Lower 48 only.
  3. Jmop

    Audiofly AF160 [PRICE DROP]

    I broke off a couple bits of plastic on the earphones in an attempt to use a third party MMCX cable (shown), hence the low price. Unfortunately, this old model doesn't seem to be compatible with them. Aside from that, the earphones are relatively new and come with all accessories unused minus...
  4. Jmop

    Audiofly AF160

    Like-new. Comes with everything except original box, which I destroyed along with a pair of Complys that came attached to the phones. All other tips and accessories are untouched, as I used my own SpinFits. Pics available for serious buyers. Shipping and PayPal on me. Ship to lower 48 only.
  5. Jmop

    Audiofly AF160

    Interest check. These are brand new.
  6. Kinosan000

    Is the Audiofly silver plated cable worth it?

    I currently own a pair of Audiofly AF160 and was thinking of upgrading the cable to their slimmer, silver plated cable. Has anyone tried them and care to comment on the differences?