1. EPZ 530

    EPZ 530

    The EPZ 530 Monitor IEM Earphone HIFI In Ear Earbuds Three-In-One 0.78 2 Pin Gold Silver And Palladium Alloy Cable 530 Sound Style Rich low frequency: The Sonion 38AM moving iron driver is used as the low frequency unit, which makes the low frequency performance fuller, deeper and more...
  2. ian91

    EPZ 530 Discussion and Impressions

    EPZ 530 pictured with my CEMA silver/copper mix with Sandalwood accessories There's been a lot of hubub about this 5BA IEM over the past few weeks in the Discovery thread and various other places, so I thought there should be a place to discuss this IEM and share our thoughts. I've not had it...
  3. aCommunistSpy

    WTB: JBL Studio 530

    Hello, I wish to purchase a pair of JBL studio 530s. Send me a PM if you have one available. Thanks!