32 bit
  1. Audioscope

    FS: Audeze LCD-3F with Audeze Deckard DAC & Amp [Mint]

    This is a very special combo that consists of the Audeze LCD-3 Fazor as well as the Class-A Audeze Deckard 32 bit/384 kHz DAC and Amp (costing $700 on its own), which was designed especially for the sound signature of the Audeze headphones. The LCD-3 themselves comes with the plush non-leather...
  2. PopGenie

    Mytek Liberty DAC [SOLD]

    It is in mint condition, only 2 months old. The little brother of Brooklyn that certificate MQA playback. I’m looking for SOLD shipped to North America, buyer pay for the PayPal fee 4%. I also have a pair Kimber PBJ 6.3mm to 4pin XLR Male that used for the DAC balanced output. Add $30USD to...
  3. Vilhelm

    24 vs 32-bit sound

    Would there be a potential improvement in using 32-bit playback for details in sound which could improve gaming/music experience? I've got one 32-bit device already and looking to get a soundcard that happens to be 32-bit as well, just wondering if the 32-bit part is mostly marketing gimmicks or...