UMI Bluetooth Headphone Magnetic Earbuds Wireless Headset with 8-Hour Playtime and IPX6 Sweatproof for Sports

Pros: Slight more a mature tonality. Looks good. Good Value.
Cons: Perhaps not as flavoured as some may wish.
UMI BTA6 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones Quick Review by mark2410
Thanks to UMI for the sample.
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Brief:  More earphones for Uhura.
Price £19 or US$27
Specifications:  I couldn’t find a nice list so I’ve pieced the bits a saw, sorry if I miss something.  Bluetooth 4.1, 120mAh battery, 8hours listening time, 8hours talk time, 240 hours standby time. IPX6 water / sweat resistance, 2 hours charging time, can pair to 2 things at one time.
Accessories:  Ear Tips(S,M,L)x3 pairs, Ear Hookx3 pairs, USB Charging Cablex1, User Manualx1
Build Quality:  They would appear to be rather good.  Visually I can detect no imperfections and they come with a rather decent 18month warranty.  Plus they are rain / sweat resistant.  Though I’d still want to keep them in a little case.
Isolation:  Pretty good.  Fine for out and about and on a bus.  Not really Tube or flight levels but easily sufficient for getting run over if you don’t remember you need to use your eyes near traffic.
Comfort/Fit:  Very good.  No issues in comfort though I did have a slight issue with the left channel being slightly more fussy.  Don’t know why but when wearing up especially it was little sensitive.  Still comfort wise I was fine wearing them for hours and hours at a time.
Aesthetics:  I love the gunmetal beside matte black.  Its attractive while visually subdued and that appeals a lot to me.  I think they look great.
Sound:  Slightly less flavoured than what you’d or at least what I expected.  While they are bass dialled up and treble a little dialled down they aren’t as greatly tonally flavoured. They aren’t abounding in richness nor warmth.  Darkened a presentation for sure but its slightly more grey rather than brown.  They are all warm and soft, floured and gooey.  They therefor are a bit cleaner, more clear sounding than other things of this nature.  For a cheap Bluetooth earphone it’s a bit more generalised a sound that is more versatile than how others tend to be.  There isn’t the same degree of oppressive warmth smothering things to same extent as some others do.  These are more balanced, less encumbering and less obscuring.  It’s a curious position to take.  Going for a bit of a more grown up flavour or rather a lack of flavour for what that is a cheap end Bluetooth product.  Going for a maybe a more, erm, experienced musical style.  This isn’t quite so chavvy and thumping as many others are. While this appeals greatly more to me I’m not entirely sure it’s going to offer up the sort of colouring that mainstream buyers may be after or expect.  This is that bit more mature acoustically.
Value:  Well for under 20 quid you get a pretty fine offering.  It got lots of competition but you really can’t go wrong with this for the price it’s currently sitting at.
Pro’s:  Slight more a mature tonality.  Looks good.  Good Value.
Con’s:  Perhaps not as flavoured as some may wish.