Tronsmart Splash 1 Bluetooth Speaker


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Shower tunes - what's not to like?
Pros: Waterproof. Good sound quality for such a small package. Stable bluetooth connection.
Cons: For its designed purpose and its price, I honestly can't find any cons.
Whilst this speaker isn’t exactly state of the art being an inexpensive small bluetooth speaker, it does have a specific purpose in mind - and that is being able to listen to music, podcasts, etc, whilst taking a bath of shower.

The speaker kinda has a similar look and feel to the Google Home Mini - only a bit bigger. Obviously this is a single speaker so forget about any kind of stereo image but the sound quality isn't too bad considering. The speaker does have a good quality 'feel' to it - it certainly doesn't feel cheap. I suspect the bulk of its weight comes from the built-in battery. I haven't really had a chance to check out the battery life yet but I see no reason why it shouldn't last as long as its stated 24-hours playback time.


The speaker comes fitted with a lanyard which allows it to be hooked up pretty much anywhere you want - for obvious reasons - mine is attached to the shower. All the buttons are 'blister' type which certainly aids water resistance and they're pretty easy to press. There are buttons for Power On/Off, pairing and standard playback controls. I like the fact that the primary playback controls are on the front of the unit - useful for finding by touch when you have soap in your eyes.


Sound quality is perhaps somewhat expected for a mono speaker. In all fairness the sound is clear and there’s a reasonable amount of bass considering the size of the unit. It does go nice and loud without apparent distortion and - yup - it’s waterproof. I’ve not tried dunking it (I’m more a shower person than a bath person) but I’m sure it would stand up to it without any problems.

The Tronsmart Splash makes an an excellent poolside/beach speaker system. You can use it without worrying about water damage - I'm not sure how effective it would be in resisting sand and dirt but I suspect it would cope without problems.


I have to admit the Tronsmart Splash isn't a product I would have normally purchased as I already have the Tronsmart Force 2 bluetooth speaker serving as my bathroom speaker there (which definitely sounds better) but nonetheless the Splash 1 is currently performing sterling service attached to my shower. Enough said!
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Tronsmart Splash 1
Pros: Good sound quality, waterproof, solid built
Cons: Lacking bass
Tronsmart SPLASH1 review


I am a Big fan of Tronsmart cause of their value for money good quality and wide range of electronic lifestyle products. The Tronsmart Splash1 is their latest bluetooth PORTABLE SPEAKER released by Tronsmart with IPX7 waterproof feature and Soundpulse technology.



The Tronsmart Splash1 comes with:

- Portable speaker with attached adjustable lanyard (RGB running LEDs)
- USB Type-C Charging Cable

- Stereo audio cable
- Warranty Card
- User Manual


Model: Tronsmart Splash1

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth profile: HFP/HSP/AVRCP/A2DP
Audio codec: AAC, SBC
Play time: 24hours

Output: 15W

Charging time: 2hours

Dimension: 112 x 112 x 54mm

Weight: 260gram

Water resistant: IPX7

Design and build quality


The Tronsmart Splash1 is the portable speaker that you would want to carry with you anywhere indoor and outdoor. The running multi color LED strips on the sides of the speakers will change randomly to create a smoothing mood during music playing. The Tronsmart Splash1 is well built with sturdy plastic and the speaker grill is made of mesh with the Brand logo and the Volume increase/ decreases and play buttons. Its IPX7 rating means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30minutes.

Sound Quality


The Tronsmart Splash1’s 15 watts of power and 3 internal speakers provide a well detailed sound that I am really truly impress by the good sound quality coming from such a small package. The treble and highs comes out clear and loud. The bass is somehow lacking duo. This will pair well with music that don’t emphasize on the low end of the frequency.



Tronsmart Splash1 is the WATERPROOF PORTABLE SPEAKER that I would recommend to those who are looking for a good sounding portable speaker. For the price of $30 this is one of the best value for money WATERPROOF PORTABLE SPEAKER in the market.

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Tronsmart Splash 1, good little speaker for the outdoor activities
Pros: .
- Nice rugged build quality
- IPX 7 waterproofing
- The RGB lighting is helpful when going out (or swimming out) with it at night
Cons: .
- No App support
Disclaimer: Tronsmart offered these unit for me to test and review. Everything i write here is my subjective honest opinion about the unit.

Gears used for testing:
from my Android phone and laptop

I won’t be covering informations/specifications that’s already available on the website, so feel free to go to this link for more info.

I will be covering things/ info that are not readily available on the spec page, also some personal thoughts and opinions after using it personally for a few days.

What you get in the box:
WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 18.58.42.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 18.58.43.jpeg

Back of the box:
WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 18.58.41.jpeg

Built and accessories:
The Splash 1 has a rugged feel to it without looking all bulky. It’s all plastic with small rubber feet, rubber flaps covering the USB-C and line in ports, and a small lanyard that can fit for carrying it around the neck if you prefer. USB-C and line in AUX cable are included in the package.

The on/off button and the input mode button on the side is tactile and nicely readable. The Play/pause and track skip/volume buttons on the top is clear to read or differentiate by touch.

There’s also an RGB LED strip that can be turn on/off to add more flair, and also visibility when using it at night.

You can chain two units of Splash 1 together using bluetooth. I only have one unit at the moment, so i can't test this feature.

It measures at 11 cm diameter × 5 cm height, and weight at 200 gr

The Tronsmart Studio is only available in black

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 18.58.44 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 18.58.45.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 18.58.46.jpeg

Battery life:
I haven’t done a battery test myself, but according to the spec sheet, The Tronsmart Splash 1 can last for a whole day of 24 hours! That would be enough for some trekking days of moderate listening sessions.

As of now there’s no app support for the Splash 1, so what you get out of the box is what you have. Hopefully Tronsmart would decide to add app capability for it in the future.

Sound characteristic:
The Splash 1 has two sound signature: with the SoundPulse off, it has a more forward mids and more focused sound, while with the SoundPulse turned on it has a more V-shaped sound signature and more spread out and more “surround” kind of soundstage, although off course not a true surround effect.

Compared to the bigger Tronsmart Studio that I also reviewed, when set to the same volume level, the Studio has a more spread out stereo sound while the Splash 1 has a more focused and intimate stereo sound spread, which is understandable especially because of the bigger size of the Tronsmart Studio and the more physically spread out its speaker placement compared to the more compact and smaller Splash 1. Sound volume is also about half the output of the ridiculously loud Tronsmart Studio, which is true to their specifications (15 Watt of the Splash 1 compared to the 30 Watt of the Studio 1).

The good thing is, just as the Tronsmart Studio, the Splash 1 can also able to be pushed to the maximum volume without distorting.

Size comparison to the Tronsmart Studio:
WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 18.58.47.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 18.58.46 (1).jpeg

If you are in need of a small and light bluetooth speaker for outdoor activities, this Splash 1 is definitely can be an option to consider. The overall package of performance that you get for the price is pretty good, and that IPX7 rating would be great and an added peace of mind when taking this speaker for your outdoor activities
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