Tripowin x HBB Mele


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Blon BL-03 2.0.
Pros: - Good tonal balance
- Improved bass control over the 03
- Price
- Accessories
- Vastly improved fit over the 03
Cons: - Technicalities
- Zero upper treble extension.
- Ultimately sandwiched between cheaper stuff (IE: Lea, CRA CRA) and slightly more expensive IEMs (Tin T3+, Aria, Titan S.)
The Mele is a well tuned bassy IEM with some noticeable shortcomings like piss poor treble extension and poor technical performance. (Very blunted notes, poor separation and merely average imaging.)

I usually don't complain about technical performance in this price point, but Tripowin promised technical improvements over the BLON BL-03 (Which is the IEM that inspired the Mele's creation.)

I'm sadly not seeing any technical improvements over the BL-03, the Mele's technical performance is about on par with the BL-03 which is disappointing, especially given the hype that surrounded the Mele last year.

Overall, the Mele is a good IEM and worth considering if you're looking for an IEM in the sub $50 price bracket. Just be aware that there are cheaper IEMs which are arguably better value than the Mele, and spending a bit extra gives you access to noticeably better IEMs like the Moondrop Aria.


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Tripowin Mele
Pros: +warm bass
Cons: -light noteweight
-not good seal
The Tripowin Mele was sent to me by Linsoul in exchange for an honest review. No monetary exchange took place. This is 100% my honest opinion.

Link to buy:


The bass possesses a good amount of warmth and is well-controlled, there is no bleeding over the other frequencies. The sub-bass has a decent extension, reaching pretty far. The sub-bass has that similar rumble as seen in the blon bl03. The mid-bass is ample-bodied with a decent punch. The bass region has a similar tuning as the blon bl03 which gives that clean, articulate bass. The drums are clean, bass guitars have that vibration and thunder. The bass region is overall warm and clean.

The mids are generally a tad laid back and relaxed. The listening experience is non-fatiguing and comforting to listen to. The mids are clean and rich, vocals don't sound harsh nor shouty. Instruments are detailed with the pianos and guitars sounding luscious, creating a mellow sound. The vocals have a decent timbre and male vocals have that "throaty" sounds to it. Overall the mids are a tad laid back, but it complements the bass region.

photo_2021-12-30_17-47-02 (2).jpg

The treble does not sound sibilant and is also a tad relaxed. The treble sounds clean with a decent extension. The highs is not very detailed, but it is still pretty decent, not the most resolute iem. The Cymbals and electric guitars are not peaky and overall the highs are not at all shouty or harsh. Similar to the mids, it is a very safe region, not elevated with it being relaxing and easy to listen to for long hours.

The soundstage is decent with a good width, about 180/190 degrees of width, about 4m of height and above average depth. The imaging is accurate, with instruments at their correct position. The separation is decent with instruments clearly able to be heard.


The tripowin mele has a U-shaped tuning similar to the blon bl03 which is very comforting to many and is a very likeable tuning due to its calming and relaxing mids and treble. It is far from fatiguing and can be listened to for long periods of time. For the accessories and the price point, the whole package is well worth it.

For reference, check out my video here:
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For warm bassy
Pros: Nice Tunning
Warm bassy
Non fatiguing
Build Quality
Value for money
Not sibilance
Cons: Detailing
Female vocals
Tripowin, a chifi brand which is knowledgeable in assembling the links additionally entered the IEM market and they have dispatched the TC01 and got an extraordinary reaction from the buyers. To proceed with that triumph in the spending plan IEM market they have now teamed up with one of the incredible sound analyst BGGAR known as HBB (Hawain Boy) and gave a birth to the MELE! The MELE should be the better form of the generally applauded BL03 and in this audit how about we see whether this truly piles up to the BL03 and surprisingly their rivals.

My Ratings:

Aesthetic and Ergonomics






Sound Stage



Driver –
10mm Graphane Dynamic Drivers with Dual Cavity

Impedance – 16 ohm

Max Power – 30 mW

Rated Power – 10mW

Frequency Response Range – 10 Hz- 34 KHz

Sensitivity – 109dB

Connector – 2-pin 0.78mm


The MELE is made from Aluminum shell which is matt gotten done and fingerprints are a no chance here. The shell feels incredibly lightweight (felt empty in the hands) here which is somewhat astonishing since this is anything but a plastic form. It's not even the heaviness of the BL03.



The sound mark of the MELE is similar like the OG Blon Bl03. It's a slight V molded sound however its not exceptionally extraordinary or terrible rather its a reasonable angular shape. Here the full spotlight is on the brilliant expansion on the low end with sweet sub bass thunder alongside the quite warm mid bass that doesn't drain much into the midrange. The high pitch is smooth and moves off at a perfect balance subsequently keeping away from the pinnacles and the pointless sibilance.


Sweet… The bass here follows the style of the Bl03 yet in an even further developed manner. Presently the drain is diminished and the sub bass is considerably more stretched out to give that decent feeling of thunder.

SUB BASS – The sub bass is expanded well indeed and burrows exceptionally more profound along these lines the thunder is all that could possibly be needed even with extremely bass light tracks. Particularly in the tracks like the "For what reason DO WE FALL" – Hans Zimmer, the unobtrusive sub bass presence can be heard plainly.

Mid bass-

The mid bass here is full bodied and has sufficient warmth generally. The mid bass has decent command over the tracks and it pleasantly praises the midrange. The drain here is highly decreased yet at the same time there is some which obviously is important for the glow and the body to the midrange. Presently the mid bass is pretty cleaner and quicker than BL03. The bass in general gives a decent feeling of profundity in the show.



The vocals are not close along these lines making the entire listening experience open. The mid bass knock likewise gives pleasant warmth and body to both the male and female vocals. There is no detailed quality in the vocals. They sounded pretty smooth and locking in.


The highs in the MELE are overall quite smooth. They are not the very much expanded and brilliant pair, rather they are considerate and smooth. The detachment and breeziness are sufficient in amount with pleasant goal. The detail recovery isn't the star show here however as a general bundle the highs are well tuned without any trace of sibilance or cruelty.

UK: Linsoul
INDIA: Concept Kart


New Head-Fier
Will this "Let Music Burn"?
Pros: Warm Tuning, Non-fatiguing, Build Quality, Value
Cons: Veiled Upper Mids and Treble, Scratches on Shell



Disclaimer: I purchased the Tripowin Mele with my own money at full price and this review is written of my own accord. All thoughts and opinions written here are my own. If this helped you do check out our website for more reviews here!

The Mele is not just any single dynamic driver IEM. There is quite a story behind it, and one might say hype. Hopefully, this review can help you evaluate whether this hype train is one you want to get behind or just pass. For some context, this is a collaboration between “Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews” (HBB/BGGAR), a youtube reviewer, and Tripowin. Tripowin have made quite a number of single dynamic driver IEMs in this price range and achieved relatively good results. The goal of the Mele was to replicate the tuning of the BLON BL-03 but upgrade it a bit while keeping it affordable for the masses.

Accessories and Build Quality (Score: 8.5/10)


The unboxing experience was quite basic but the quality of the accessories are rather decent for the price. It comes with a spacious Tripowin branded zipper pouch, large enough to fit your IEMs, and perhaps your dongle/spare cable/extra tips. The included cable is not exactly premium, but it’s a decently well-made twisted 4-core cable (presumable SPC). It is very soft and flexible and unfortunately tangles quite easily. However, this is miles ahead of the included cable with the BLON BL-03 or more budget IEMs so no complaints.

The buds themselves have an all-metal build that gives them a good amount of weight. The faceplate has some sleek latte-art style patterns that go well with the overall vibe. They come in 2 colours, black or gold. A thing to note is that the metal shells of the buds scratch easily but cosmetic issues aside, these are built like tanks.

Fit (Score: 8.5/10)

These don’t have a very conventional build or shape and I was initially sceptical about how they would fit. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how snugly the shells sat in the ear. Despite their weight, these didn’t feel like they were threatening to fall out at the slightest shake. One thing is that the nozzle is on the shorter side, so longer tips seem to work better to get that seal from the insertion depth.

Sound (Score: 8.3/10)


Frequency Response Graph of the Mele

  • Lotoo Paw S1
  • Hiby R5
  • SMSL M200/Schiit Magnius
Music listened to
  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Beethoven Symphony 7
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra – The Nutcracker Suite
  • The Vamps – Cherry Blossom
  • MCR
  • Paul Kim
  • The Lumineers – Cleopatra
  • McFly
  • Vivaldi’s Bassoon Concertos
  • etc

The quantity of bass can get a little satiating at times. This is especially with narrow bore tips like the Final E tips. For purists, the emphasis in the lower regions tilts the sound into coloured regions and can be an issue. This additional warmth is done in a relatively pleasing way otherwise, without too much bloating to mar the overall presentation of music. There is decent control and a satisfying subbass rumble as well. The bass emphasis works well especially in classical tracks and helps provide a certain amount of grandeur to the sound.

I got the best results, fit wise and sound wise with JVC’s Spiral Dots tips. Bass was still prominent enough to give that warmth that the Meles are all about, and yet without drowning out the other parts of the music. It also helped to open up the mids a little with more room for vocals, especially females', to shine through.


Vocals and instruments like violins and trumpets are more relaxed and laid back. Significantly less “shouty” and pronounced than on a lot of more Harman curve IEMs. It is good for a non-fatiguing listen, even if it may not be the most natural or accurate.

The lower mids, and up to the male vocals, have a very addictive mellow and luscious quality to them. I especially enjoyed listening to male ballads (Paul Kim/The Lumineers) where everything was just really rich and fluid, without any harshness or shoutiness. It’s a good pair of earphones to take your mind off your worries and relax for a while.


The highs are rather safe and do have quite a pleasing timbre. Some earphones seem to get it almost right but suffer from some quirks in the highs. IEMs like the TRN MT1, TForce Yuan Li, Mooondrop Quarks do have some metallic timbre or hollowness in the upper mid/treble regions despite their relatively good performance. This is, to me, one of the Mele’s strengths, despite its mediocre abilities in detail retrieval and lack of energy in the highs. That said, the dull highs cannot be ignored and really takes away a significant portion of enjoyment from some of the music in my library. Treble is also a little rolled-off.


Detail retrieval is as expected of an IEM in this price range, not exceptional but not exactly lacking either. The Bass is rather well-controlled and doesn’t really go out of control with the bleeding. However, with the coloured manner of tuning, whether this IEM is for you would really depend on your personal tastes and preferences.




HBB mentioned that his goal when tuning the Mele was to take what was done well in the BLON BL-03 and work on it to present a potential upgrade. With that in mind, I HAD to do a comparison between the two.

For starters, the biggest upgrade I felt was the fit. I would have to give credit to Tripowin for this. That said, there have been images of another IEM sharing a similar shape, so possibly a reused mould. Despite that, all that matters is that the shell fits well and is built well. The next physical improvement would be the cable. The BLONs had a really cheap cable, which was understandable given its price point, and hence the better cable on the Mele helps justifies its higher price.


As you can tell from the graphs, the Mele are VERY similarly tuned to the BL-03s. However, the Mele definitely has a noticeable technical edge over the two, especially in the control of its lower regions. The layering and textures on the Mele are also better nuanced.

I found the Mele a tad darker than the BL-03s. There seemed to be slightly more upper mid energy and presence on the BL-03. Switching to Spiral Dots on the Mele fixed that though. Hence, keep in mind that there are many factors that can affect your listening experience, such as your choice of tips, how these fit in your ears. Achieving a good fit with either of the two earphones is crucial in achieving a good seal and bass response.

Despite their similarities, the Mele is overall a much more reliable earphone between the two in the sense that it was much more comfortable to use and hence offered just a better user experience.



I loved what the BLON BL-03 brought to the table as a 20-dollar earphone and thought they sounded fantastic, but they fit terribly and that made me hesitant recommending them to my non-audiophile friends even though most of them loved the warm and versatile sound they had to offer. The Mele was made to build on what the BL-03s have done, and in that respect, I guess they succeeded. It looks and feels premium, is affordably priced and keeps the same tuning that was so relaxed, non-fatiguing and enjoyable.

Do I recommend you to get it? I don’t see a need for everyone to rush to get one, but if you enjoyed the BLON’s but hated the fit, or want to just go a step up from your BLONs without spending a bomb, perhaps this would be the perfect solution. If you’re a fan of BGGAR/HBB and his music library, this would be a good pickup and possibly support him in his work. If you never were a fan of the BLONs or their tuning, these may be hard to love. Nevertheless, the Mele is a well-performing set for its asking price and would sit as a decent option for its price range, especially for those in the market for a warm sounding set with great timbre.

Overall Grade: B+​

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The 03 is pretty much obsolete. Never liked how it fits in my ear and the stock cable is borderline useless.

Mele has a much more ergonomic fit and comes with a pretty nice stock cable.

Technical performance is still very middling tho. The Aria is around $30 more expensive and is quite a bit better in this regard.

Still, you'll be hard pressed to find sub $50 IEMs that are better tuned than the Mele.


100+ Head-Fier
Mission Accomplished.
Pros: + Better than Blon03 in terms of fit, isolation, resolution and transients
+ Deep digging bass
+ Satisfying guitar-bite
+ Clean presentation
+ Exemplary build quality in price bracket
Cons: - Treble roll off causes less resolving power, but protects against sibilance and fatigue
- Blon may have better female vocals

The Mele is a 1DD iem collaboration between youtube reviewer BGGAR and Tripowin. It was originally designed to be an upgrade over the blon03.


Quality aluminum shell with a little BGGAR print. Subtle but classy. The faceplate is decent.

Lightweight. Small form factor. Good nozzle length. These attributes lead to a better fit for me than the blons. I have kept these on for hours on end either for work or pleasure. This is a comfortable iem.



I'd call this dark bass-boosted neutral. Or simply dark. It graphs with a hair more sub-bass than OG blon. Very clean bass boost. While overall it's quite a strong bass boost, but still tasteful and non-intrusive. Mids have some wetness, and isn't too dry. Which is nice. The treble is inoffensive, catering to long listening. Since this is basically blon's signature, then the Mele has succeeded its "Tonality for mass appeal". It is a signature that's hard to hate.

Bass - Deep reaching sub-bass and solid, powerful mid-bass slams.
Mids - Guitars/Trumpets > Deep Male vocals
Trebles - Safe from sibilance. Clean, but not the most resolving.


Resolution and timbre:

The Mele is simply clean sounding. Much cleaner than one can expect for 50 dollars. It's forgiving towards most recordings. Making it even better for aged albums like 80s rock (or my death metal collection). In fact it's so clean it may become my defacto iem to listen to Metallica, System of A Down or Rammstein tracks. This doesn't mean it's a one-trick-pony. My library is immense and contains every genre under the moon. I just happen to find that the treble roll off pairs perfectly with certain treble heavy tracks.

Instrument separation is quite good. The Mele sounds composed during congested moments, and therefore is the obvious winner in terms of technical ability. The treble attack is sharp and decays fast. Whereas the Blon03 had slower decay and transients leading to poor detail retrieval and unclean notes. This was more noticeable when you take it on more complicated or faster tracks. Note that I listened to all this with the Tripowin Jelly cable, which to my ears, it lets the Mele sink down that extra inch lower on the bass end, converting it more towards the basshead iem.

Timbre on guitar / male vocals / drums is where Mele excels and truly distinguishes itself from the ocean of sub $100 iems out there. These little things seem to be tuned exactly with those instruments in mind. There is a confidence in the dynamic driver to interpret these particular sounds, and presents them very solidly in terms of timbre. Thick, reverberating and punchy.

Best performing tracks:
Anything with guitar and drums in it.

Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train

That classic guitar rift in the beginning. 1:45 solo is excellent as well.

DJMAX - Black Cat

Same reasoning above. The grainy, meaty and low-growling bass guitars are present throughout the track. Chorus guitar solo at 1:28 is on-point. The darkness is good for accentuating that thick guitar line.

Avenged Sevenfold - A little piece of heaven

At this point it's pretty clear this thing is great for rock or metal. Feed it with tracks made of drums and guitars then enjoy the show. The double bass lines are being confidently done by Mele without being flappy or loose. The spotlight is on that drum the whole time. Can't help cranking up that volume higher to get to head-bobbing levels.

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk

Letting that sub-bass rip. Solid slaps. There's nothing too complicated going on in the higher frequencies. Awesome slam and bass guitar jams.

- Sources: Wm1a, ROG5, BTR5, laptop
- Cables: Stock, Tripowin Jelly
- Tips: Stock
- Files: 24 bit Flac or dsd64-254


A great set that plays many genres well, with special sauce on drums and guitars. A step above blon03 in terms of build and resolution. At $50 with this build, tuning, timbre and resolution. This is a good recommendation for the budget-minded audiophile.
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yup. it's surprising to me that Mele is way cleaner than the planar+BA set, TRI I3 Pro. although the TRI I3 Pro might be a more competent set to most people, for my huge library and with that price tag, it's just an underperformer.

Mele might not give that 'wow' factor but it's going to please for a long period of time because of its almost natural tonality. therefore I think Mele is punching above its price while trading blows with higher-priced IEMs. if one levels the loudness to Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk, the resemblance is uncanny. everyone should get a pair of Mele now.
@Eduardiofilo - The treble is tuned safely here meaning that it isn't sibilant. Draw back is less details. However, I find that it simply diverts my attention to the bass and mid-bass region where a lot of male vocals and guitars are happening (especially with the Jelly cable, man I just love a cheap cable that's good). I think it's great for Nightwish, Metallica, Sonata Arctica, Evanescence... etc.
@hevelaoak - It is quite clean by being tuned that way. I have Dusk as well... when Dusk is properly powered and is cable swapped, then it has an advantage over the Mele. Dusk has more details and separation overall, and its vocals favor female slightly. Actually there's no clear winner whatsoever, just synergy. Phone and dongle -> Mele best. Dedicated DAP -> Dusk. Straight out from a phone the Dusk is sleepy and underpowered, even if there is a big helping of bass. It isn't good bass. It's flappy and plastic sounding. It took me a few months to find something that makes it produce solid-footed bass and warmer vocals.