New Head-Fier
Skip it because it's not the HD 250 Linear Revival like the Sennheiser said
Pros: Easy to Drive
Open Sounding for a Closed Back
Details because of Prominent Treble
Good Imaging
Cons: Bright Grainy and Fatiguing Sound
Lacks the Mid Bass
Overall Bass light with slight boost in Sub
Wrong Timbre
Plastic Build which Creaks when adjusting
Nothing Professional
Needs EQ

Completely Plastic, makes creaky sound sometimes but fit and finish is good. You can swivel the ear-cups in one direction and bend them inwards. Ear-pads are good quality and easily removable. Cable is long and have weird proprietary plug with screws which doesn't make any sense because it's not users replaceable. I talked to Sennheiser and they said you've to send the headphones to us and we'll replace the cable for you. Why?

Comfort & Isolation

Comfort is good for my Head because I like oval ear-pads, I prefer it over the circular ones and clamp is bit high in the beginning but you'll get used to it. Fairly lightweight and the small coil in the cable prevents micro-phonics. I definitely prefer the comfort of HD300 Pro over the Beyerdynamic DT Series headphones. Isolation is fair. Better than the open backs but some closed backs have better passive isolation than this headphone



This is how Sennheiser HD 300 Pro sounds like. Frequency Response Curve of this headphone

Important Note : I've heard people say earlier versions of this headphone is muddy and bass heavy. But this is 2023 version as you can see in the frequency response curve this is just opposite of those earlier versions. If you buy this headphone today, you'll get this sound. So please, if you have early bass heavy version of this headphone, click off the page and don't comment on my post. It's my humble request specially from the fanboys of this headphone who don't want to hear any negatives about this headphone even if it's true for new version of this headphone. Anyone who is literate enough to read the frequency response curve will agree with this review because FR curve is not subjective, FR curve is as objective as it gets.


Bass is light, Mid bass is recessed, sub bass is slightly elevated compared to the mid bass and the bass quality is fine but the quantity is lacking. Overall the bass sounds fairly tight and controlled but recessed quite a bit which is unexpected and disappointing from a closed back headphones


Mid range sounds bright and on your face, timbre is just not correct and far from HD 250, there's not sufficient weight behind the mid notes and voices. Female vocals sounds annoyingly bright, grainy and sibilant. Not pleasing to listen and not balanced


Treble is bright and have lot of weird peaks which makes it sound metallic and unnatural. 6k peak make it sound grainy and give the impression of details but very fatiguing for treble sensitive individuals. It is very scratchy and sibilant

Sound-Stage & Imaging

Sound stage is good, it sounds open because of the prominent treble and recessed bass because that's how some open back headphones sounds. It doesn't sounds mono but the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro sound-stage and instrument seperation is more than 2X better than HD300 Pro. Imaging is good and instrument separation is fine.


SKIP Sennheiser HD300 Pro. There's nothing "PRO" about this headphone. Even the build doesn't withstand the daily studio usage. Not as durable and repairable as Beyerdynamic headphones but better than the AKG K3X1 headphones. Sound is far from being neutral, it's just bright, scratchy and notes have little to no weight behind them. I have 2023 version.

But if you already bought this headphone, you can use EQ to correct the Frequency Curve of this headphone. Below is the text you copy and save as .txt file then you can import it in Peace Extention of Equalizer APO.

GraphicEq:f0="10" f1="20" f2="30" f3="40" f4="50" f5="60" f6="70" f7="80" f8="90" f9="100" f10="200" f11="300" f12="400" f13="500" f14="600" f15="700" f16="800" f17="900" f18="1000" f19="1500" f20="2000" f21="2500" f22="3000" f23="3500" f24="4000" f25="4500" f26="5000" f27="5500" f28="6000" f29="6500" f30="7000" f31="7500" f32="8000" f33="8500" f34="9000" f35="9500" f36="10000" f37="11000" f38="12000" f39="13000" f40="14000" f41="15000" f42="16000" f43="17000" f44="18000" f45="19000" f46="20000" FilterLength="8191" InterpolateLin="0" InterpolationMethod="B-spline" v0="5.62505674073671" v1="5.96782516095676" v2="6.3823652103292" v3="6.50355179687309" v4="5.93047388766952" v5="4.92902098332822" v6="4.29962124762111" v7="4.19666269396799" v8="4.38445273377056" v9="4.9641765359247" v10="5.97162485406501" v11="1.92975679063099" v12="3.31962462834358" v13="2.23569041578354" v14="1.69151196740304" v15="1.71771391240782" v16="1.75901499906773" v17="1.39260643446529" v18="0.972154190950902" v19="0.308917318573145" v20="-0.493905305409395" v21="1.24028686679391" v22="-0.740650470150237" v23="-0.992747966095805" v24="-1.96254349305892" v25="-1.18761376011462" v26="-2.88781257517505" v27="-3.02486600101272" v28="-2.3689302978759" v29="-3.33173633848281" v30="-3.84842141681406" v31="-3.34770832470248" v32="-3.56566991072077" v33="-3.45032969487117" v34="-1.41387255242942" v35="-0.0541860109460228" v36="0.729443885327259" v37="1.23764254386376" v38="0.382831840271239" v39="-1.12591889766107" v40="-2.69312305330785" v41="-3.86726709915071" v42="-3.99171962477079" v43="-3.45903223266553" v44="-3.12605067845134" v45="-3.14228583172654" v46="-3.17605621081039"


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Kwsizer maybe you like this headphone soo much that you doesn't want anyone to say something negative about your choice even if it's true. This headphone have Pro in it's name and it's far from it. If someone knows how to read frequently chart which you probably didn't, they'll know how far it is from being neutral. I've better reference headphones in my collection and it's far from them.
It's rather silly to judge and then slam a hp only because they have the "pro" word in their name. Deal with it.
Hey, I also own these headphones and my thoughts are similar. At first I was somewhat confused, like bass was there but very quiet and not.. put together? Tone is bright, maybe too much for me, although sound stage is pretty open just like you say and detailing is alright. Well, turned out it's difficult to enjoy music on them without EQing. Here's what I've got after some experimenting (personal taste influenced): link

You mention pre-2023 version differs in sound, what I have is manufactured in Romania and production year 2021.