New Head-Fier
Seeaudio Yume 2: Favorite Hybrid under $200
Pros: Beautiful packaging and accessories
Excellent build quality with a gorgeous finish
Clean yet natural midrange with a hint of warmth
Snappy, punchy bass
Female vocals sound amazing and engaging
Treble is bright yet quite smooth
Excellent treble extension and air
Great technicalities for a hybrid
Cons: Shell is a fingerprint magnet
Cable is thin and somewhat easy to tangle
Bass decay can be a bit too fast
Lower midrange is slightly thin
Slight metallic timbre on the upper frequencies
Treble can be a little intense for long listening sessions
  • Truthear Shio
Ear tips
  • DUNU S&S
  • Comes with a decent amount of accessories
    • IEM.
    • Hard case.
      • Clamshell type opening mechanism
      • Also comes with a button-up strap in the case itself, to button up to cables
        • The cable must be thin enough to be buttoned up though.
    • Wide selection of ear tips.
      • 5 pairs of generic silicone ear tips
    • 6N OFC Silver-Plated Copper Cable
      • Quality is decent, but it does tangle up a sometimes, and it is actually quite thin and lightweight.

Build Quality
  • Beautiful, solid aluminum alloy finish throughout the shell.
  • Nozzle width is on the thinner side, but length is average.
  • Fits very well for me, I can feel the little bit of weight of the Yume 2 but it is lightweight enough for me to use it comfortable for half a day easily.

  • Bright leaning, mild V-shaped

  • Decently balanced, but mid bass is slightly more prominent than the sub bass.
  • Impactful yet very snappy and punchy bass with decent depth.
  • Has decent texture and good definition.
  • Bass decay is a little bit too fast, may leave some people wanting a bit more.
  • Good amount of bass to sound fun enough but definitely not enough to satisfy bassheads.
  • Clean midrange with a hint of warmth.
  • Female vocals are the highlight here: Very engaging and forward but never shouty, smooth, crystal clear, and have some bite to them with very good extension.
  • Male vocals are not as excellent as female vocals but they don't fall too short either, the little bit of warmth helps to maintain its lushness to a certain degree but there is a little bit of thinness to it, only very slightly though.
  • Overall timbre and instruments sound very natural for most part, only a very slight metallic timbre on the upper end.
  • Overall note weight and density leans towards the thin side, but only a tiny bit.
  • Treble is overall bright and airy.
  • Can get a little grainy or mildly sibilant at times but it is still considered to be quite smooth overall.
  • Can get a little intense/fatiguing over a long listening session but never gets too harsh or peaky.
  • Very well extended, all the way up until the upper treble, giving it a very airy sensation.
  • Details in the treble is very revealing and can be perceived easily as well, due to its sparkly nature.



  • Resolution and detail retrieval is great ... for a hybrid in this range. Falls a bit short when comparing to planar IEMs in this price range like the Letshuoer S12 and 7hz Timeless.

  • Soundstage is wide and expansive, but depth is somewhat average.

  • Imaging and accuracy is decent, I am able to tell where the instruments and vocals quite well in most cases.
  • Gaming:
    • Apex Legends: Similar situation, I'm able to judge the sound of footsteps and gunfire in terms of left and right really well but not other directions like top and bottom.
  • Separation and layering is good, each and every individual instrument and vocal are layered very clearly.


  • As a conclusion, I think the Seeaudio Yume 2 is an easy recommendation if you're looking for an IEM that is fun, yet well balanced, well controlled, clean, and not overdone in any way.
  • The Seeaudio Yume 2 does quite well in all 3 frequencies (bass, midrange, treble), and there was no major flaw in any of them, only minor nitpicks at worst.
  • However, if you're looking for an IEM that special in a specific fields only (eg: technicalities [planar]), this may not be it for you as this is very well rounded.

Thanks for reading!
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Wearing a pair now and really agree. I did some EQ but just minor 2db up or down. The bass is helped somewhat using DAC filters with pre and post ringing, slow ones with a treble rolloff add some authority to the bass notes. Still my favorite IEM overall along with Truthear Zero Blue and Simgot EA500. Soundstage depth is really good for gaming too, can hear across the map much easier than other IEMs this size. When I hear someone didn't like them, they usually have more than 2 ohm output impedance on their source. 17Ω isn't the lowest, but a silent noise floor and near zero output impedance really makes them terrific.
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Ace Bee

Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: good tuning
tight and punchy bass
non-fatiguing tone
Cons: not the most detailed iem out there
could have had more extension on both ends
the unit was sent as a part of a review tour in my country, but I am not being paid or compensated otherwise for the review.


the yume 2 looks a stunner and is more on the compact side, thus being a very good match for people with small ears. it is a bit smaller than i'd wanted for my ears, but it was mitigated by the correct choice of tips. it seats deep and creates a perfect seal in my ears. needless to say there is no discomfort in my ears even after extended listening, and it quite literally vanishes in my ear (fit-wise). I do have concerns regarding the nature of the shells though, and it may turn out to be scratch prone but that is something I cannot verify. As other reviews have already mentioned, it is indeed a fingerprint magnet.


Sound quality
The sound of the yume 2 is balanced for the most part. It has a detailed and musical midrange and the overall tone of the sound is very pleasant. The midbass has tight and clean attack/decay but I wish it had more bass extension in the subbass region. Due to this, there is some detail lost in the lowest bass frequencies where there is rumble and deep attack. however for most music this might not be an issue. The upper midrange is very pleasant to the ears and even harsh female vocals come out as smooth and polished. The treble region for the most part is balanced and smooth but I wish it had more extension in the ultra highs that would have given it more air and micro details and spatial cues but that is me being nitpicky. the overall tuning is very good for the price


yume 2 is a definitive step up from the OG Yume but I still wish it had more extensions in both ends. but it is still an excellently tuned iem for the price.

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Kathiravan JLR

New Head-Fier
See Audio Yume II
Pros: Balanced tuning
Satisfying and punchy bass.
Cable quality very good.
Cons: Shell is a fingerprint magnet.
Seeaudio is a rising brand in china who have come up with some great iems like Bravery, Yume Midnight etc. Now they have come up with the Yume 2. This unit has been sent to me as a part of a review but all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

The shells are really pretty and they look quite premium. i do feel they are finger print mangnets however and the polished plate may show up scratches later on with rough use. the cable is soft and supple and it is a 6N OFC Silver-Plated Copper Cable.
the carry case is also beautiful and feels like a jewellery box.

Sound Quality
The sound of the yume 2 is simply brilliant, it reminds me of a few other iems mixed together so let's get into it.

The bass is rich and has very good punch to it. there is a slight rounded character to the bass that reminds me heavily of Tnachjim Oxygen. The bass is fast and it doesn't bleed into the mids. The bass will satisfy even the bassheads out there but it also has substance to back it up
with its clean attack and detail in this region. trying out different genres and i always felt the bass to be really high quality and satisfying.

The midrange is a bit on the forward side but it is not grainy at all and the overall tone and timbre is very realistic. male and female vocals have a hint of smoothness to them that makes the sound very satisfying for midrange lovers. there is sufficient detail in this region and the overall presentation is quite musical indeed.
Harsh female vocals and the bitiness of the upper midrange is reflected very nicely. if the recording is poor quality and harsh, the yume 2 does smooth things out a bit but not too much, just enough to make the experience very enjoyable.

The treble is perfect for me. it feels very natural and extended but it has the perfect presentation for me which makes the final sound very non fatiguing and relaxing. there is enough detail in the treble region but it does lose out to the raw resolution that some planars bring.

The yume 2 has a very satisfying and enjoyable sound signature which will suit a wide variety of listeners' taste and I highly recommend it


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New Head-Fier
The Review Of The See Audio Yume II
Pros: 1. Airy and extensive treble
2. Forward mid range
3. Controlled bass
4. Great Technical performance
Cons: 1. Lean tonality
2. Excessive control on bass

The Review Of The See Audio Yume II



See Audio, a Chinese manufacturer of high-end in-ear monitors with an electroacoustic focus, introduced its Kaguya and Neo flagship models initially and they quickly gained popularity. Later, they released the Yume, a budget-friendly IEM that many audiophiles complimented for its tonality. Since then, a partnership with well-known youtuber and audiophile Crinacle has resulted in the publication of a side version of Yume called Yume Midnight, which has also contributed to the growth of the name See Audio. I'll be evaluating the Yume II, which is a second version of the Yume that was recently introduced. But let's first discuss a few things before moving on.



*Since this unit tour was organised by the beautiful people at HiFiGo, I am grateful to them. And as I've said in all of my evaluations, the same is true for this one: all of the concepts I've expressed below are entirely my own, original ideas that haven't been influenced by anyone else. If interested, go to this link.
*I am not associated with the connection, and I receive no financial assistance from anyone.
*For the remainder of the review, I will refer to these IEMs as "Yume II."
*I am using different Ear-tips(Azla Sedna Crystal) for convenience and better versatility.
*Finally, I will only evaluate the Yume II based on their performance, even though I will explain how it feels and seems physically and aesthetically.


The Yume II is built with three drivers in a hybrid design, just like its predecessor. a dynamic driver and two balance armature drivers, where the dynamic driver is responsible for the bass response and the other two balance armature drivers are responsible for the mid- and high-frequency ranges. The high range BA is a Knowles RAD series tweeter, the mid range BA is a Sonion 2300, and the dynamic driver includes a newly created liquid silicone diaphragm. The faceplate has a pattern carved in yellow and the shells are constructed of aviation-grade aluminum alloy. The shells aren't weighty in the hands and neither on the ears; they fit perfectly and are very comfortable; they don't wear you out even after extended listening sessions. The cable is lightweight and of high quality, and it has the same texture as the one that came with the Yume Midnight. A straight 3.5mm plug with two pin connectors is on the high purity 6N OFC silver-plated copper wire. The Yume II comes with the following extras in addition to the cable: five pairs of eartips, a storage case, a Rinko card, and a Rinko shirt pin.


According to the frequency response I read, the Yume II features a neutral with bass boost tuning that is virtually identical to that of the Thieaudio Monarch MKII. With the downslope being the same as the Monarch MKII, the bass shelf is roughly the same. However, these don't sound the same; the Yume II has a more lean and dry tone. According to what I think, the note density and weight are inadequate. The treble is quite broad and has a clear, airy presence, whilst the mid range is aggressive and vibrant. The bass has excellent control and punches loudly and clearly. The Yume II's sound profile is exactly what one would expect from a neutrally tuned IEM, however when compared to its predecessor, I think these are special and distinct. The Original Yume had a tone that was flawless; they sounded regal and incredibly pleasant, but they lacked technical proficiency. With tuning adjustments that made the Yume Midnight Edition sound more balanced but with a decrease in tonal performance, the technicality shone. When comparing Yume II to the original Yume and the Midnight version, Yume II sounds more thrilling and airy while maintaining the same tone with a new tuning. Let's explore the sound thoroughly.



The treble is light and clear, and the entire treble range has a nice amount of vitality. Response transitions from lower to upper treble extremely smoothly. The treble in the higher range is clear and extends well. The female voices sound really appealing and sincere since they stretch to their maximum potential without distorting or ruining themselves. The male vocals are thin and sound somewhat out of the ordinary. The sounds of the instruments, such as the snare beats and cymbal crashes, contrast sharply and vividly. Nothing in this area also has a sibilant or unpleasant sound. The upper mid range is enhanced by the vivacious and energising lower treble. The male voices sound more natural and have a better projection of notes than the female vocals, which are a touch more strained. The same is true of the instruments, which have a more vibrant and sparkling tone. The treble area is presented in a lively, energising, and comprehensive manner overall.

Mid Range

The mid range sounds upfront and vivacious, as it should, and is quite presentative. Just as the interaction between the lower treble and higher treble has a solid, smooth response, the existence of mid range works in concert with the whole response. Like the lower treble, the upper mid range has a lively, clean sound, but it has a somewhat more authentic personality. Every note hits with elegance and the vocals appear to be the center of the mix; the style is light and refined. Although I did occasionally hear a metallic aspect in the mix—usually when listening to rock and metal tracks—the instruments have a more upfront approach with good note transparency and clarity. However, I didn't experience any sibilance or hotness. In the mix, the lower treble is clean-behaving yet reserved. Although neither the voice nor the instruments seem muffled or muted, I do sense that the notes lack weight and substance, especially when coming from the cello or bass guitar. They sound rather fake yet have a crisp quality. The mid range region's overall appearance is extremely polished, forward-thinking, and very lively.


Perhaps for the first time, I feel as though the bass is overly controlled. The bass has punches and crashes but resolves rapidly to the point where it nearly doesn't seem like the bass is there. The approach of the bass is quite clean and free of any muddiness or bloated exposure. Sub bass is where the accent is most prominent. For my tastes, the mid-bass is too clean; while the bassline has a distinct image, it lacks in mass or dynamics. Perhaps the entire response doesn't sound all that dynamic. The mid bass has enough smacks to be there without spill into the lower mid range, so let's get back to the bass. Though I didn't listen to it very much, the sub bass has an excellent extension. Punches' impacts are sufficient, and the sub bass rumbles beautifully. Overall, the bass area sounds clean, controlled, and has a respectable amount of presence.

Technical Performance

When compared to its predecessor, the Yume II's technical performance is by far the greatest, and it competes well with other brand IEMs that are available in the same price range. When the stage is big enough and the spacing is far enough apart, the image and resolution really astound me. Furthermore, the pace is quick.


Soundstage, Sound Imaging & Separation

The image is extremely crisp and clear, and 3D holography is a highly pure and tidy technique. The stage is broad, has considerable depth, and stretches nicely both forward and backward. In addition to being clear and far away, numerous elements may be located no matter which direction they are coming from.

Speed & Resolution

This IEM's resolving capability is comparable to that of its rivals, and its ability to retrieve fine details matches its expressiveness. Although it is averagely progressive when compared to its competitors, the attack and decay of notes are quickly paced.

Sound Impressions


Tempotec V6 - When using the Yume II with the V6, I noticed how comfortable this IEM sounded. The treble was effectively smoothed down, while the midrange sounded less metallic. Although the bass gained more intensity, the vocals seemed the same. Even though the stage was wider, the technical aspects were nearly identical, but the resolution appeared to have declined. Overall, I think the combination with the V6 is superior to all others in terms of sound quality.

photo_2023-01-23_15-40-34 (2).jpg

iFi Hipdac - The Yume II's treble range sounded less expansive when combined with the Hipdac, but its distinctive notes seemed more round than angular. The bass had greater presence, especially the mid bass, and the mid range felt more realistic. The stage was affected, the technical skills seemed constrained, the resolution was adequate, and the image was not sharper. Everything else was OK, however I don't think coupling the Yume II with the Hipdac would bring out the full potential of the Yume II. However, this does not necessarily make it sound horrible; it all depends on your point of view.


Tracks Used

Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman
Earth, Wind & Fire - September
Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove
Boston - More Than A Feeling
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere(Remastered)
Toto - Africa
The Police - Every Breath You Take
George Benson - Affirmation
Daft Punk - Doin' It Right
Daft Punk - Derezzed
Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (End Titles)
GOJIRA - Amazonia
The Mars Volta - Inertiatic ESP
Fergie - Glamorous
50 Cent - In Da Club
Jay Z - Holy Grail
Erbes - Lies
Nitti Gritti - The Loud
Juelz - Inferno


This review will come to a conclusion by saying that the Yume II is a terrific-sounding, neutral-tuned IEM that does a superb job of balancing technical requirements with tonal integrity. It is a valuable asset in the world of audiophiles because of the airy treble, forward mid range, and controlled bass. I have no problem recommending Yume II.

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Just got a pair of them, and have the original Yume to compare. This really is a nice improvement, the borderline flirting with shoutiness in female vocals is gone, the bass is there when the song calls for it, but not overwhelming. I tried gaming with it and it's really good as well, since explosions don't drown out other sounds. I really like tuning like this that's good for anything, so you don't have to switch IEM's frequently. These are smooth, with no sharp edges or points, if you like the Truthear Zero fit, these will be comfy too.
The closest all-rounder to these is the Tanchjim HANA 2021, which I really liked also for many of the same reasons. The cable is nice too, with the splitter low enough you won't get gagged by it. The Sonicfoam SF1 tips work really well, will try the stock ones, but I stick with the same tips for initial impressions. I'd keep these for daily drivers, on the Topping DX5 they sound especially good.


New Head-Fier
SeeAudio Yume II - Excellent aesthetics with non fatiguing sound
Pros: Excellent tonal coherence
Beautiful aesthetics with good build quality
Very good technicalities for the price
Cons: Finger print magnet that is likely susceptible to scratches.
SeeAudio Yume II


Technical Specifications:

  • Impedance: 17Ω.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • THD+N: ≤2%.
  • Driver Configuration: 1DD+2BA.
  • Termination: 3.5mm.
  • Connector Interface: 2-pin 0.78mm.
  • Cable: 6N OFC Silver-Plated Cable.
SeeAudio made a huge splash in the audiophile circuit with the Yume and later with the Bravery. After having reviewed the Bravery, I was certainly excited when I got a chance to review the SeeAudio Yume II. Although I never got a chance to audition the first Yume, I’ve heard nothing but praises from friends who have auditioned and/or owned it. The Yume II is an upgraded iteration that has a similar triple driver hybrid configuration, albeit with some differences.


Before I proceed further, I’d like to include the following disclaimer.


The SeeAudio Yume II was sent to me as part of a review tour in my country organized by Neither am I affiliated with hifigo or SeeAudio, nor do I have any incentive what so ever, to write anything positive or negative about the Yume II. I was given a chance to audition the Yume II and share my honest opinion regarding the same. The views expressed in this write-up are my own, and are based on the week or so that I spent trying out the IEM.

The SeeAudio Yume II can be purchased from hifigo using the following link:

Gear used for this review:

  • Ikko ITB03 (Stock cable for SE output, Kinera Gramr for Balanced output)
  • FiiO UTWS-5
  • xDuoo Poke II (Stock cable for SE output, FiiO LS-2.5A [with ddhifi DJ44AG adapter] for Balanced output)
  • FiiO M11Plus LTD (Stock cable for SE output, FiiO LS-2.5A and Kinera Dromi for Balanced output)
  • Jcally AP90 (Kinera Dromi and Kinera Gramr for Balanced output)

Aesthetics, Build and Fit:

The unit I received was an unboxed one, hence I will not be able to talk about the retail packaging and unboxing experience. However, I’d like to highlight that the stock cable is one of the best cables I’ve seen in a while. The cable is super soft and supple and free of microphonics. The shiny silver plated cable complements the earpieces very well, both, in terms of aesthetics and in terms of sound. The metal connectors, y spilt and 3.5mm termination gives it a premium look and feel while inspiring confidence wrt to the build quality.

The earpieces have aluminium alloy shells with a beautiful pattern engraved on the faceplate. The glossy earpieces look gorgeous and tend to reflect light beautifully. These definitely look a piece of art. Alas, my major concern with these earpieces was that they’re essentially fingerprint and micro scratch magnets. Adding to my concerns is the fact that the carry case is chunky, hence not pocketable. While it didn’t pick up any scratches during my usage, I’m not sure if tit would remain this way after a month or two of usage.

In terms of fit, the Yume II is pretty lightweight and the earpieces are quite small. These can easily be accommodated in smaller sized ears. My ears are relatively large, hence I didn’t have any issues in terms of fit.




The Yume II has sufficient presence in the low end with a fair amount of punch. It isn’t too boomy and is quite organic and natural sounding for the most part. Since the bass is well controlled, it doesn’t bleed into other frequencies. If you’re a bass head or a rumble head, this IEM is likely to leave you unsatisfied.

There’s a beautiful piece of drumming in “Rind Posh Maal – Mission Kashmir” at around the 4:34 mark. This piece all the way up to 5:28 sounds phenomenal on the Yume II. The rest of the song is awesome too, just highlighting the bit that made me feel really ecstatic while auditioning the Yume II. 🙃

Such pieces that require good presence in the mid bass, is where the bass response of the Yume II shines. Not that it lacks sub bass, but the sub-bass isn’t that emphasised in comparison. However, given that the Yume II has a balanced sound signature, the bass response is in-line with the overall tonality of the IEM.



This is definitely the highlight of the Yume II. Natural sounding, clean and detailed, the mids here are excellent. There is no bass bleed and notes have good weight in this region. Both Male and Female vocals sound amazing, not sounding the least bit shouty. Listening to “Dhuan Dhuan – Mission Kashmir” or “Bhare Naina – RA One” is euphoric to say the least. The vocals are lush and the Yume II brings out the nuances in these tracks beautifully.

One might feel that the mids are a tad bit recessed, not like a V shape, but just a little less forward in comparison to the lows and highs. Personally, I felt the mids were placed just about right given the overall tonality.


The highs are again very clean with good detail retrieval. Once again, the highs don’t have crazy extensions, rather, the treble response is in-line with the overall tonality and balanced sound signature. Personally, I felt the treble response of the Yume II is tastefully done, providing a fair amount of sparkle with decent air, without getting fatiguing or ear piercing at any point.



The soundstage is wide but not very deep. There is good separation and imaging as well. In terms of dynamic range, the Yume II is excellent. The Yume II is definitely a notch or 2 higher than what is usually delivered at this price point.

Switching to a balanced cable didn’t add much value, which in my opinion is a very good thing. Of course, the overall stage seems to be wider and there is a tad bit of improvement in terms of dynamics, but it doesn’t really warrant an upgrade cable. The Yume II doesn't require a lot of power to open up either, hence IMO it doesn’t really require a powerful amp to drive it to potential.


The SeeAudio Yume II is an organic and natural sounding pair with excellent aesthetics and a very good cable packed in. In terms of SQ, I think SeeAudio has done a good job. The overall SQ is non-fatiguing with well controlled bass, excellent mids, complemented by clean and well detailed highs.


I’d definitely recommend the SeeAudio Yume II to anyone looking for a non-fatiguing, laid-back and natural sounding IEM under 200 USD.


100+ Head-Fier
SeeAudio Yume II Review
Pros: Complete upgrade to the OG Yume
Better bass response and good mid range performance
Good technicalities for the price
Cons: Finger print magnet and prone to scratches
Slight BA timbre
Could add a bit of note weight overall (on stock cable)

General Info/Build/Comfort/Packaging
SeeAudio is no stranger when it comes to the Chi-Fi audiophile community. The OG Yume received quite a number of positive feedback from the community and fellow reviewers, but there are also some who crave something more from the OG Yume, and today we have the Yume II which is supposed to make up for the shortcomings that the OG Yume has.
The packaging itself is the usual SeeAudio styled packaging, posh and very premium looking. It came with a jewellery like storage case, KB 07’s eartips with various sizes ranging from S to XL, a cable, and the IEM itself. One thing to note is that the Yume II is a fingerprint magnet and very prone to scratches because of the shell which is made out of aluminium alloy. In terms of comfort, they are small and fit very well in my ear without any discomfort during long listening sessions (3-4 hours).

Gears used for this review
  • Topping DX1 + JDS Atom Amp
  • Topping DX1 + Topping NX7
  • Sony Walkman ZX300 with MrWalkman’s Firmware
  • Truthear Shio Dongle
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen
  • Macbook Air M2’s 3.5mm port
My review is solely based on what I hear via my equipment and I never consider my reviews to be objective in any way rather a subjective approach. Do take into consideration that everyone’s ear anatomy is not the same, so the psychoacoustics perception might be different as well, but i believe it will not stray too far

I have heard the OG Yume, Midnight, and i had very good experience with the OG Yume but not the Midnight, very good midrange performance coupled with smooth treble response. The sound profile is overall balanced to my ears and very very slight metallic timbre unless you really pay attention to listen to it. To me, Yume II is definitely an overhaul from the OG Yume.

  • The OG Yume’s bass left me wanting more, Yume II fixed this by giving it little bit more in terms of quantity, not to mention the quality is still there
  • Bass on Yume II seems to be more focused on Mid Bass rather than Sub bass
  • Mid bass has good punch to it, the sub bass rumbles when the track calls for it, good balance i would say
  • Bass has got good speed to it and never once it sounded muddy or failed to keep up in tracks like Slipknot’s People = crap!
  • Bass doesn’t bleed into the mids as it is rather speedy
  • The mid range performance is as good as the OG Yume, in fact i’d say it’s excellent, it’s lush and very detailed
  • Vocal for both male and female sounded natural, and the positioning is rather forward but not to the point where it’s in your face
  • The timbre sounds rather natural to my ears with a slight tinge of BA timbre as i mentioned earlier, but very minor unless you really go on full critical listening mode
  • Note weight is quite good as well
  • The upper mids has the usual gain and it is non offensive

  • The treble is generally smooth and inoffensive and with good resolution
  • It has quite good amount of air to prevent busy track from sounding congested
  • Detail retrieval is decent for the price
  • Slightly lacking in terms of extension but merely nitpicking

  • The soundstage is quite 3D to my ears, it is not overly wide, but with good height and depth, placing you right in with the performing artist
  • Instruments separation is good, it can be easily pinpointed, imaging is also decent

  • Yume II is very easy to drive and it will sound good even from an Apple Dongle
  • Having said that, it does scale with better source and exhibited better control in terms of bass and also a slightly bigger soundstage
  • Amping is not necessary in my opinion, a decent dongle is more than enough to push Yume II to its maximum performance

Comparison against OG Yume
  • OG Yume has very speedy bass but lacks punch and quantity as well as extension, Yume II definitely fixed that
  • Less extension on the treble for OG Yume and the soundstage doesn’t sound as “big” as Yume II
  • Vocal on the OG Yume somehow sounds “sweeter” than Yume II, this is not to say that the Yume II’s vocal performance is bad, just different kind of presentation to word it
  • Detail retrieval is also better on the Yume II as you can hear the micro details without trying very hard
  • All in all, it is as i said a complete overhaul in terms of tuning, shell, and overall sound quality

Cable Rolling
  • The stock cable to my ears somehow sounds lacking in terms of note weight
  • I swapped it over to a Copper mixed with SPC cable, the note weight certainly sounds fuller and the bass also exhibited slightly better punch and a slightly better soundstage
  • *These are solely based on my listening experience, whether you believe in cable rolling or not is entirely up to you to listen and decide, we’re not gonna debate it here :)
Final Thoughts
All in all, Yume II is a solid upgrade from the OG Yume, Yume II fixed the bass on the OG Yume that left me wanting more. It does everything alright and you can have some serious listening with it or laid back depending on your mood as the Yume II is certainly not offensive.


*Yume II was sent over by @Linsoul Audio in exchange for this review, i received the first unit with a dead/very low volume on the left channel and I reached out to them and immediately got it sorted out. Kudos to the rep and excellent service!

If you are interested in getting a pair, head over to Linsoul to grab one, at the time of writing, it is currently on sale at 149$ instead of the usual 199$

Linsoul Yume II Product Link - Non Affiliated
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Thanks for the review. I wonder how this compares to the heyday and aful.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Close to perfect tuning.
Beautiful looking product that isn't gaudy or overdone.
Easy to drive.
Cons: Shells may develop scratches in the long run.
Disclaimer: The unit was sent directly by the brand as a part of a review tour. But all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Build & Fit
In this day and age of earphones that are getting bigger and bigger by each iteration, some manufacturers seem to have forgotten the fact that earphones are primarily meant to be used outside the home. Yume 2 is a breath of fresh air in this aspect. It is of perfect size for my medium-small ears. It fits compactly inside and no part of it sticks out at all. And this is with a perfect seal with the stock ear tips. The beautiful cable is lightweight and thin as well, drawing attention but not seeking for it. Unknowing eyes know that it is a premium product, and it isn't gaudy to look at. When the shells catch light, it does indeed look beautiful.
However, the carry case is too tall and doesn't fit in the pocket without making an awkward bulge, so it is meant for your bag. I also have concerns for the shell plate and its scratch resistance. While it did not develop any scratches in my term of use, only time can say about it in the long run.


Amp Needs
Thankfully Yume 2 is one of the very few earphones out there that can truly be driven nicely direct from a smartphone, that too with a weak output. Things only get better with a dongle dac attached to it. So, no external amplifier is needed at all.


Sound Quality
Having heard and reviewed the Yume and Yume Midnight, the Yume 2 is undoubtedly a step up from both. While I loved the laid back and smooth nature of Yume, Yume Midnight was a bit veiled and not as clean sounding compared to Yume. Yume 2 fixed all issues of the previous iterations with regards to tuning.
There is no veil in the sound, and it is clean, engaging and it seems damn near flawless in terms of balance. Open top end, tight and clean bass. The bass on this is more about speed and cleanliness and not about outright rumble and weight. I personally much prefer this kind of bass. Instruments and vocals have the right amount of bite and texture aided with a lot of details that seem to naturally flow through. It is naturally resolving without shoving details down your throat aggressively.
The presentation is perfectly balanced. Neither is it too laid back, nor too forward. It is energetic and keeps you in pace all the time. Separation of instruments, layering of elements in the sound field is really commendable. Although it is worth pointing out that I have heard more spacious sounding earphones in the past. The sound field is entirely contained in between the earphones and doesn't extend beyond it like heard in many earphones, even some cheaper.
But that shouldn't deter you given the other positives of this earphone. Tone of vocals is pretty spot on for something of this price. It doesn't artificially push vocals forward; vocals don't sound artificially chesty and "lush" or thin and grating.
It is one of the most uncolored sounding earphones that I have come across in recent memory, an earphone that I heard a lot during my review period. I could drone on and on about it, but I shan't. It is a great earphone and I love it and would really consider owning it personally.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-12 at 20.15.11.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-12 at 20.15.10.jpg

Pretty much close to perfect in terms of tuning. I held the AKG K361 (wired) as a benchmark in terms of tuning in this price category, but Yume 2 is more energetic and snappier, more detailed and slightly cleaner sounding even. A breath of fresh air in the saturated earphone market.
Do you like these more than bravery?
sorry for the very late reply. yes i like it more than the bravery.
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My Take on The See Audio’s YUME II - Latest-Generation Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs
Pros: Decent details and treble extension
Great mid-range
Beautiful shiny shells (although this comes at a cost, please read through for more info)
Neutral to the balanced sound signature
OFC Cable
Cons: Shells are fingerprint magnets (although they are one of the most beautiful shells I have come across)
Mediocre imaging
I personally (I am more towards a bass head) didn’t like the lower (frequency) response
Disclaimer: This is a subjective preference based on my experiences with the unit. This is an unpaid review which is not influenced by HiFiGo or See Audio. However, I recommend you test the unit before making a purchase. Thank you to HiFiGo for organising this review tour.


Product Link (also the image source): See Audio YUME II 1DD + 2BA In-Ear Monitors - HiFiGo


About the Unit:

YUME II is an update to the classic three-driver hybrid See Audio Yume. The pair features a redesigned 3D-printed acoustic structure that houses a powerful low-frequency dynamic driver unit and dual high-performance Balanced Armature driver units. See Audio has featured top-quality CNC machined Aviation-Grade Aluminum alloy ear shells. Yume II revamps your entire experience with premium three-driver hybrid in-ear monitors.

Features of See Audio YUME II:
  • Revamped version for the classic Yume.
  • Three-Driver hybrid configuration.
  • 1 Dynamic Driver+2 Balanced Armature Drivers.
  • Clean & Accurate sound performance with well-extended high frequencies.
  • 5-Axis CNC Carved Ear Shells.
  • Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy Shell.
  • Highly Accurate Acoustic Internal Structure Design.
  • L.F.C Low-Pass Cavity Structure Technology.
  • 6N OFC Silver-Plated Copper Cable.

Technical Specifications:
  • Impedance: 17Ω.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • THD+N: ≤2%.
  • Driver Configuration: 1DD+2BA.
  • Termination: 3.5mm.
  • Connector Interface: 2-pin 0.78mm.
  • Cable: 6N OFC Silver-Plated Cable.

My Experience with the Unit:


The mid-bass is more prominent than the sub-bass, hence it’s neutral to balanced. I am not a fan of lower expression of the sub-bass that lets down that rumble, but the lows are linear and extend deep in a good way and are decently faster and detailed at their best.



The vocals are nearly natural, and lush and the mid-detail is excellent. But I felt on some of the tracks that I have tested the timbre was off and they barely made it to the natural-sounding atmosphere. But if you ask for the price, they are available, they sounded worthy and they will not let you down.



The highs were the sweetest point for me to write this review. I loved the very smooth and extended highs which are never fatiguing, and you can wear them for hours and even sleep wearing them. Although there is decent air sometimes, they might not be as detailed as you want them to be.


The review is based on using Roon (Offline FLACs) as a source via laptop onto an Audio Quest Cobalt at the same volume level for all tracks. Please keep in mind that I have used the stock cable and tips with the unit.
Tracks used for this review:
  • Wow by Post Malone
  • Carry On by XXXTentacion
  • Jiya Jale by AR Rehman
  • Moh Moh Ke Dhaage by Anu Malik
  • Street Dancer by Avicii
  • One Kiss by Calvin Harris
  • Get Low by Dillion Francis and DJ Snake


All in all, a very good value IEM at 149 USD (price at the time of writing this review). They are beautiful, comfortable, non-fatiguing and neutral to balanced sounding units. I am sure that you will fall in love with its packaging, and I highly recommend you get it if you enjoy your neutral and balanced sound signature at the expense of little technicalities.


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See Audio Yume II Review: Stunning Looks, Musical Punchy Sound
Pros: The pair looks magnificent.
Wonderful package.
Great sounding package.
Good clarity and resolution.
good staging, and separation.
Midrange is quite clean and accurate.
Cons: need to be handled with care.
The Treble feels a little(very little) metallic.
Extensions are pretty average.
Back in 2020, See Audio debuted in the International market with their very first pair of in-ear monitors, the See Audio Yume. I myself got a chance to audition the beauty, and absolutely loved it for its rich midrange presentation. Fast forward to today in 2022, See Audio has released a successor to the three-driver hybrid with the release of the Yume II. The shells have been updated from resin to metal and the internals have also got updated drivers for improved sound performance. I happen to get my hands on a set of Yume II that I have enjoyed thoroughly for the past few weeks. It reminds me very much of the OG Yume with its lovely midrange but this time we also have an improved lower-end response. Today with this blog, I am going to bring you guys a review for the amazing Yume II, so without wasting any more time, let’s begin!!

A Short Disclaimer Before I Begin:-​

The Yume 2 was provided to me as a part of a review tour in my country organized by HiFiGo. I assure you that doesn’t affect my judgment on the set, all the impressions, and points in this blog are all my own based on my own experience with the set. For technical details and other information related to Yume II, you can check out on HiFiGO website from the link below(Non-Affiliated).

Also posted the same on Gizaudio, you can read it here.

Design & Build Quality:-​

The most noticeable upgrade on the Yume II over the OG model is in its design and build quality. From resin cavities on the OG Yume, we have reached full metallic aluminum alloy shells for the Yume II. IMO, Yume II looks magnificent, the metallic shells have a glossy mirror finish, as per the brand, and the shells are carved using a high-precision CNC machining process. I just adore their looks. They are compact, have a stunning golden See Audio logo at the center, simply magnificent. Love the finish, design, and look of the Yume II. Although not everything that glitters is gold here, Yume II is a fingerprint magnet. Half of the time, I was rubbing the shell on my clothes just to remove my own fingerprints from the shells. I fear the shells getting scratched easily.

Another thing, the included carry case also needs to be handled with care. First of all, it’s like a jewelry case. The day I got the Yume II, I showed it to my wife and she was like, I want this carry case of yours along with the beautiful pair as well. Pretty sure people will like the stunning look of the pair.

Fit & Isolation:-​

Yume II fits me pretty well. I am using the stock ear tips with a colorful tube, the fit is very good for me. The lightweight cable makes it easy to manage around while walking or running around with the set. Isolation is also quite good, I don’t have any issues with the pair regarding isolation or fit.

Powering Up The See Audio Yume II:-​

Yume II can be driven easily off most sources. I have treated the pair with my phone(Redmi Note 10 Pro), HiBy RS2, and Astell&Kern SE200. Each of the sources drives it pretty well off, even with my smartphone, the output was phenomenal. It was decently loud and had good clarity and punch. Obviously giving the pair a proper DAC/AMP or DAP enhances its capabilities by a tad bit. With the RS2, the combination was phenomenal, the Yume II sounded rich and smooth with the R2R magic of the RS2. A&K SE200 drives the pair easily, it gives good resolution and clarity to the set. Personally, would recommend using a portable DAC/AMP or mid-tier DAP with the Yume II and you are good to go with the set.

Sound Impressions:-​

Coming on to the main part of this review, about the sound of the beautiful Yume II. As I have mentioned earlier in this review, I have had an experience with the OG Yume, Personally speaking, I loved the set. It had excellent midrange, smooth treble response, and an overall interesting sound at a pocket-friendly price point. The Yume II here is an amazing upgrade over the OG model, it packs improved lower-end response while maintaining the same midrange richness, and also adds a tad bit of energy to the treble region. Not to mention the stainless steel ear shells also give a premium experience while listening to the music. Soundwise, Yume II packs a balanced sound profile(mostly balanced I would say). I said mostly balanced because the Bass and Treble feel a tad bit elevated while the Midrange has a slightly, very slightly recessed presentation. The bass response on the Yume II is fast and precise, it delivers a good thump in the output with a good mid-bass response. Midrange maintains the rich and organic tone of the OG Yume, delivering excellent vocals and instruments. Treble is mostly smooth and has good amount of details as well. Treble sounds crisp and tight. Although sometimes it feels a little tingy with a little metallic tone to some instruments like Guitars, Pianos, but most of the time, It sounds smooth and inoffensive. Yume II’s is enjoyable for long hours, holds good clarity, and delivers a decent lively sound for the listeners!! Let’s discuss some frequency-wise sound responses of the Yume II.


Yume II has a good punch to the lower-end frequencies. It has more focus on the mid-bass region, sub-bass has a decent rumble as well. See Audio has done a great job in delivering a quality lower-end response, it doesn’t feel boomy or over-powering for any genre of music. Rather I would say, Yume II delivers good enough bass to give a balanced profile for most genres out there. If I have to nitpick, I would say some more depth to the sub-bass would give better heft and more weight to the presentation.


The midrange is as lovely as it can get around this price point. The vocals are rich and nicely detailed. It sounds a little recessed compared to the lower and higher frequencies, but overall the clarity and tonality of vocals and instruments are pretty good. Yume II doesn’t sound congested or narrow even for busy tracks, and I love it for that matter. While writing this line, I was listening to the track Sayonee by Coke Studio(it’s originally a Junoon Band track), Yume II swifts through the sudden tempo changes and gives an amazing presentation to this track. For vocal lovers, Yume II also packs a good sound.


The treble response with the Yume II is smooth and inoffensive. I don’t hear a lot of extensions in the high-end with the Yume II, but it retrieves a good amount of details to give a full-bodied sound to the listeners. I would say that the Treble region is nicely done on the Yume II. The pair can be listened for hours and hours and won’t feel tired or fatigued. A small nitpick here is that some instruments like Electric Guitar, Violin, Mouth Organ, and Flute, they have a little metallic tinge in the high-frequencies.

Soundstage & Separation:-​

Dynamically, See Audio Yume II is a great performer. The pair delivers a good wide soundstage. I would say that the depth could be a little better(same was the case with the OG Yume), but overall good width to the stage. It immerses the listeners in a wide sound field. Instrument separation and detailing are quite good with the set. Imaging and positioning of instruments are also good.

Some Small Comparisons:-

See Audio Yume II come in at a very competitive price point. At around 200$, there are plenty of great options available for the listener. Throughout the review, I have mentioned some comparisons with the OG Yume regarding the sound part. Now let’s put the Yume II against a similarly priced multi-driver hybrid IEM that’s also the talk of the town nowadays, the AFUL Performer 5.

See Audio Yume II Vs AFUL Performer 5:-​

>Performer 5 has more quantity in the lower end, it sounds more slamming and powerful, and Yume II sounds tighter in that regard.

>Midrange both the sets have good clarity and resolution. Aful feels a tad bit warmer in presentation, and Yume II has a tad bit more refinement in the midrange.

>Treble Response on the Yume II is livelier, it’s more clear, and tighter.

>Soundstage width is a bit better on the Yume II, P5 has a more 3D and more deep soundstage.

>AFUL Performer 5 feels more natural tonally.

As I have mentioned earlier in my P5 review as well, Both the Yume II and Performer 5 are amazing IEMs available at a good price point. Each of these will cater to your requirements with its amazing sound. Yume II will sound better for Rock and other fast genres, while P5 packs a punchy sound that will complement Hip-Hop, EDM, and other similar genres.

Final Words:-​

See Audio Yume II is a good upgrade over the OG model. The only main drawback I had with the OG model was its lower end, which has now been greatly improved for the Yume II. It has got a lively, fun sound tuning that will complement most genre’s out there. Yume II has got a good balance to its sound, and it does look great as well!! Well, that’s about the See Audio Yume II from my side, I hope you guys liked reading this review of mine. For any further questions and queries, feel free to ask me in the comments section below!!

Dhruv Tampa

New Head-Fier
SeeAudio Yume II - New $200 Champion ?
Pros: Beautiful Design and Solid Build with lightweight shells
High-Quality SPC cable
Massive Soundstage with Precise imaging
Exceptional clarity and Detail retrieval
Transient response and speed
Natural and Coherent
Tight and balanced bass(more than enough with all the thump you want and can expect)
Detailed and airy treble
Cons: None !!
(just nitpicking, tiny tiny tiny bit of spice in the upper mids/lower treble i.e 8k region)
A few weeks ago, SeeAudio came up with their new $200 challenger in the market ie. Yume II is going to be an upgraded/renewed version of the classic Yume. Yume II came with a newly developed "Liquid Silicone" diaphragm dynamic driver which will take care of the Lows. It is supported by two high-performance balanced armature drivers, one from SONION2300 balanced armature for crisp midrange and another Knowles RAD series tweeter for an accurate and extended high-frequency response.
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-19 at 12.49.30 AM (1).jpeg

Before beginning the review I’d like to thank HiFiGo for the review tour of the SeeAudio Yume. All thoughts and impressions are my own and not influenced by anyone. The only thing that affects my judgment is my personal listening preferences, I like good sub-bass with a thick midrange and sparkly, energetic highs. You can check more details on the HiFiGo link below. (Hifigo)

Design, Build, and Specs:-
SeeAudio has gone with a CNC Machined Aluminum Alloy Ear Cavities with a Gloss finish compared to the previous version which was made of Resin. The shells are beautiful, solid, and lightweight. On the shell there is a copper insert that looks like a growing sapling, As per SeeAudio Yume means “Dream” in Chinese, and “A dream is like a seed, planted in the soil of the Soul”.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-19 at 12.49.28 AM.jpeg

As for accessories, it comes with 5 Different sizes and colored eartips, a Carrying case with white Faux leather covering it with the SeeAudio logo embossed on it. The included cable is a 2-core High Quality and High-purity 6N OFC Silver-Plated Copper cable, It’s soft and uses standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm termination. I loved the cable, It’s High quality and pairs really well with the Yume II.

They are very comfortable to use for prolonged hours of use and put zero strain in or behind your ears.

Technical Specs:-
  • Impedance: 17Ω.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • THD+N: ≤2%.
  • Driver Configuration: 1DD+2BA.
Power Requirements
Yume II is quite efficient and sounds decent straight out of a Smartphone, with my Xduoo Link2 Bal the sound quality is elevated to another level. Let’s discuss more about the Sound quality in the next section.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-19 at 12.49.27 AM.jpeg

Sound Quality:-

To start with, I find the Yume II to have a very Balanced tuning to it with a tight lower end, sweet vocals, and precise instruments, and the thing that impressed me the most on these was how Wide and tall is the soundstage. The coherency on these is amazing, sounding very organic with minimal to no BA timbre.
The bass on these is tight, and detailed, and does not interfere with the mids, The focus here is a little more towards the mid-bass compared to the Sub-bass. I would’ve liked a little more sub-bass. Mid-bass on these is fast, precise, and got a lot of texture to it.
Mids is a little bit on these are beautiful with Male and female vocals sounding amazing with good separation to it. The upper-mids on these could get edgy at times but that depends upon the tracks you listen to.
The treble on these is extended, airy, and packs a lot of details, It stays relatively smooth without getting dark.
Soundstage and imaging could be the highlight of these, the soundstage is among with widest I’ve heard in this price category and even above that, Surprising part is that even with such a wide soundstage they image really well with placing the instruments and vocals precisely.
Clarity and details retrieval is above average and among the best in this Category.

This is a highly resolving IEM, with very good clarity, tight bass with a Massive Soundstage, and precise imaging.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-19 at 12.49.30 AM.jpeg
SeeAudio Yume II VS Tripowin Olina SE:-
Olina is among the best-tuned Single DD IEM in the market under the $100 mark and sounds very close to Yume II, here Yume II just takes everything up a notch in terms of detail retrieval but has a little faster transient response and a wider soundstage. Both sound great for their price, here if you spend double the Olina SE you surely getting your money's worth !!

SeeAudio Yume II VS SeeAudio Yume OG

Yume at its time was the best-tuned IEM under the $200 mark let down by moderate technicalities and lackluster treble response. Compared to the OG, Yume II sounds more engaging, detailed, and airy treble response, and not to forget the Massive soundstage along with precise imaging. IMO the OG has still tuned better with better vocals but the Yume II is not far in terms of tone and timbre and brings improvements to pretty much everything.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-19 at 12.49.29 AM.jpeg
SeeAudio Yume II VS Tanchjim Hana V2
Hana V2 is also a Single DD IEM and I personally love my Hana V2, for me, it’s the best-sounding IEM under $200 but SeeAudio has pushed the overall experience up a notch with Yume II. Compared to Hana V2, Yume II sounds wider, more detailed, and overall even more engaging sound than the Hana V2. Yume II brings a little more Speed and resolution as well.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-19 at 12.49.28 AM (1).jpeg

SeeAudio Yume II VS RaptGo Hook X

RaptGo Hook X packs a more powerful bass response compared to the Yume II, Yume II on the other hand has more Tightness and refinement to its lower end. The soundstage on Hook X is a tiny bit wider as well but imaging on Yume II is better. Compared to Hook X, Yume II has a tiny bit of push to vocals with great clarity to Male and female vocals with an added richness to it, Hook X’s vocals are a little bit recessed. Here Hook X is an overall smoother sounding and engaging IEM, Yume II being a different taste with better vocals and tighter bass. Detail retrieval is almost on the same level here being Hook X just edges it marginally but not by much.

With Yume II, SeeAudio has done an amazing job giving a solid package under the $200 mark. It brings an overall massive improvement to the OG Yume with upgrades to pretty much everything, especially in the sound signature with better bass response, treble extension, airiness, and no matter how many times I say the Massive soundstage. I enjoyed my time with the Yume II, It’s engaging and addicting to listen to. Yume II has performed well above and beyond my expectations and It has become my No.1 pick under the $200 price bracket.

I'd highly recommend it !!
This is one iem I have had my eyes on! Love that look!! Love the sound, would have preferred a bit more bass. Wish I had the money to order them.

But thanks for the quick review of these though!