Moondrop Chu II


100+ Head-Fier
Moondrop CHU 2: Perfect for the budget!
Pros: + Good Build
+ Comfortable fit
+ Good Bass performance for the price
+ Good staging & Imaging
+ Replaceable cable
+ Great pairing with most dongles and portable players
Cons: - Recessed Midrange
- Doesn't come with Spring ear-tips
- Minimal Accessories
Moondrop CHU 2 : Perfect for the budget!



Launched in late July'23, Moondrop CHU 2 is the latest iteration of Single DD based IEM from Moondrop and a successor of their previously successful budget range CHU. It comes with a proprietary 10mm Dynamic Driver and comes at a very affordable price below $20.



Let's quickly dive into what the Moondrop CHU 2 has to offer. In pursuit of better sound for the price, the CHU 2 comes with new generation 10mm Single DD.
The CHU 2 is priced at $16.71


Design & Build:

The CHU 2 comes with a shell of metal alloy material - which is surprisingly comfortable and a perfect fit for most ears. I have tried it through long audio sessions, and it fared very well throughout. It is amongst the most comfortable IEMs in this price range that I have come across. Unlike Chu, Chu 2's nozzle consists of a separate brass CNC component.



The following features are mentioned on the website:

1. Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Dome Composite Diaphragm, High-End Headphone Diaphragm Materials.
2. Alloy Casting Cavity, Ensuring Durability and High-Quality Texture.
3. The nozzle of the CHU II consists of a separate brass CNC component, offering higher precision and density.
4. CHU II incorporates a new generation of replaceable acoustic filters.
5. CHU II was tuned by senior acoustic engineers and audiophiles with rich knowledge and wide experience, and exhibits an excellent frequency response curve in line with the VDSF Target Response.
6. Ultra-low Nonlinear Distortion, Reproduction of Subtle Details.


Disclaimer: @shenzhenaudio had sent me the review unit for my impressions & views. The opinions below are based on my experiences with the unit and my own. I have tried to be as comprehensive & comparative as I could be - to give a complete picture to the audience.


The Moondrop CHU 2 comes at $16.71 price tag and specifications are as below:




Items Used for this Review:

DAC/AMP & Dongles:
@Questyle M15 Dongle DAC/AMP, @Cayin RU7 Dongle, C9 Portable Amplifier
Portable Players / Sources : @Cayin N7, @Questyle QP2R
Streaming Source: QOBUZ


Tracks Used:

The tracks I have used can be found from the below playlist that I have used and generally use for most reviews...

Pairing Performance with different sources:

The CHU 2 had the great pairing with almost each and every dongle/DAC/DAP that I owned.
Best pairing was obviously with @Questyle M15 & @Cayin RU7 dongles, @Questyle QP2R & @Cayin N7 DAPs.


Ear Tips:

The default tips I found to be below par and ear-tips switching is necessary. I wish they inlcuded the SPRING ear-tips with this. Hence, I've tried tip-rolling with a variety of tips such as: @Final Audio E series red & black ones, JVC Spiral dots, Spiral Dots+, @SpinFit Eartip CP500, CP155. Out of all of these I have found the AZLA SEDNAFIT to be the best fit for my ears in terms of overall fit, isolation & comfort.


Moondrop CHU 2 Sound Impressions in Short:


The CHU 2 comes with a good & detailed bass performance for the price. Coming with a new Dynamic driver, the bass indeed comes with better details in the sub0bass region and enough kick & rumble in the mid-bass. In tracks like: "Fools Paradise (LP Version) – Donna Lewis" and "Chocolate Chip Trip - Tool" you can hear all the tiny nuances' of the sub-bass and very enjoyable slams from the mid-bass.


The midrange comes with good clarity in the CHU 2 though a bit recessed. There is good amount of muscle and texture and the instruments sound very lively and enjoyable. Vocals are very immersive and both male and female vocals come with ample amount of details and feel very real. Transients are good with the new DD. In tracks like: "Anchor - Trace Bundy", "A dog named Freedom – Kinky Friedman" and "Ruby Tuesday – Franco Battiato" it’s really easy to get lost into the music as it comes with ample detailed transients, texture, excellent vocals and details.


The CHU 2 comes with enjoyable but non-fatiguing treble. The treble performance was quite enjoyable and Cymbals sound very life-like and real in tracks like “Chocolate Chip Trip – Tool”. The treble is quite engaging and energetic for a budget IEM.

Treble in tracks like: "Paradise Circus – Massive Attack", "Mambo for Roy – Roy Hargrove” and "Saints and Angels – Sharon Shannon" feel smooth & creamy with the right amount of air and texture and just feels very buttery smooth.


The Staging capabilities of the CHU 2 is the quite good and above average for price range. It comes with the right amount of width, height, depth and is well defined and just as much as the track requires. Tracks like: “The Secret Drawer – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones” or “She Don’t know – Melody Gardot” or “Bohemian Rhapsody (live aid) – Queen” sound amazing & enjoyable.

Separation & Imaging:

Imaging is quite spot on and location of each instrument can be felt quite clearly on the CHU 2. Tracks like: “Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) - The Beautiful South “or “Hello Again - Howard Carpendale & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” just shine through. Separation is also good for the price-range.



I used TANGZU Princess Chang Le for the comparison. It seemed to be the perfect match for the CHU 2 coming at similar price range with Single-DD architecture.


Moondrop CHU 2 vs TANGZU Princess Chang Le:

Moondrop CHU 2 costs $16.71 while the Chang LE is only $15. Chang Le gets the leverage here.

Build, Comfort & Features: Both IEMs are well built and comfortable. But the Chang Le comes with fixed cable. Hence, CHU 2 gets leverage here.

Bass: While the Bass is better on the CHU 2, it packs far more details and muscle than the Chang Le.

Mids: Though both are bit recessed - the midrange on the CHU 2 seemed to have better texture better than the Chang Le.

Treble: The Chang Le treble seemed a bit peaky at times and the CHU 2 overall is significantly better.

Soundstage, Imaging and Separation: This is where the CHU 2 goes miles ahead of the Chang LE.

The CHU 2 is hence is better than the Change Le in terms of overall performance.



The Moondrop CHU 2 is a great all-rounder IEM for the price range and with almost perfect price to performance ratio which makes it easy recommendation. This time Moondrop seems to have hit the right spot.... almost perfect for the price.
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500+ Head-Fier
How to Make a Sequel
Pros: improved technical performance, more realistic timbre, fuller tonality, more bass presence
Cons: no Spring tips, too much presence, tarnished nozzles in just weeks


The Moondrop Chu II is an in-ear monitor (IEM) with one 10mm aluminum-magnesium composite alloy diaphragm dynamic driver in each housing. It is a sequel release to the Moondrop Chu and now features a removable 2-pin cable. The Chu II retails for $18.99 at ShenzhenAudio. I received the Chu II from ShenzhenAudio in exchange for my review.


I tested this device with FLAC local files and Spotify Premium streaming. Check out my page to see what I’m listening to:
XenosBroodLord’s Library |





The Moondrop Chu II arrives in a rectangular grey cardboard box with a lid adorned with an anime waifu illustration. Technical specifications and a frequency response graph for the Chu II appear on the back. Within, the Chu II earpieces are secured in a black sheet of foam. The package includes three pairs of generic silicone eartips (S, M, L) and the same small Moondrop-branded black pleather storage pouch included with the Moondrop Jiu. Unfortunately, the Chu II does not include Moondrop Spring Tips like the Jiu and the original Chu. Also inside the box are a quality control pass chit, user manual, and contact card linking to Moondrop’s Tencent QQ account.



The Moondrop Chu II is similar to the Moondrop Jiu and the original Moondrop Chu in appearance:
The Chu II’s finish is smooth with a shiny luster…The faceplates are oval-shaped…“L” and “R” indicators are also printed in copper adjacent to the cable entry sites. There are two pinprick circular vents on the interior face of the IEM body.
Unlike those two IEMs, the Chu II has a detachable cable. The cable connector housings are forward-swept at the same acute angle as the Jiu and Chu. The connector ports are recessed below the housing.
The Chu II has replaceable screw-in nozzles which contain the filter material. In the few weeks that I have had the Chu II, the finish on these nozzles has tarnished noticeably. The nozzles have a lip to secure eartips. The nozzles have saucer plate-style mesh coverings.
The cable is unbraided and uses a soft transparent sheath. The Y-split hardware is a simple translucent rubber cylinder. There is no chin-adjustment choker and the cable is mildly tangle-prone. The cable does have preformed earguides. The 3.5mm jack uses an L-shaped housing with significant strain relief. There is no strain relief at the Y-split.


The Moondrop Chu II is identical in comfort, fit, and isolation to the Moondrop Chu. The Moondrop Chu II is intended to be worn cable-up. The nozzles have a shallow insertion depth. Given the relatively small size of the earpieces, the Chu II is very comfortable to wear for extended periods, but secureness of fit and isolation are slightly below average. The Chu II has worse driver flex than the original Chu or the Jiu.


My measurements of the Moondrop Jiu can be found on my expanding database:
Moondrop Chu 2 — Squiglink by Bedrock Reviews


Unlike the Moondrop Jiu, which was essentially a minor refinement of the original Moondrop Chu, the Chu II has a noticeably more V-shaped sound signature compared to the Chu.
The Chu II has more bass presence than the Chu down from the sub-bass to around 400 Hz. The Chu II sounds more full and impactful as a result. Thankfully, this bump is moderate enough to continue to avoid bass bleed. The Chu II’s bass is more resolving, textured, and sharply articulated than the original Chu’s.
The Chu II has greater contrast between its upper and lower midrange regions than the Chu. Due to the increased bass presence, this does not negatively impact the overall tonality. The Chu II actually has much better timbre than the Chu. The Chu sounds thinner and more compressed, particularly with respect to analog percussion. Midrange clarity and instrument separation are excellent. However, I do feel that the Chu II has too much presence. This is most evident when listening to distorted electric guitars, which take on a buzzsaw-like quality on some tracks. Female vocals are more prominent compared to male vocals and enjoy slightly better clarity, but both sound full and intelligible.
The Chu II not only retains the Chu’s prominent lower treble emphasis but has a hair more energy in this region. This did not bother me, but treble-sensitive listeners may want to approach it with caution. The Chu II also shifts some energy from the upper treble to the mid-treble, which helps provide some of the sparkle that the Chu lacked. The upper treble remains well extended. The Chu II has superior overall detail retrieval and improved soundstage height compared to the Chu.



While I may take issue with its presence region and mourn the absence of Spring tips included in the package, I think the Moondrop Chu II’s tuning is going to be well received by the average listener. More importantly, Moondrop has once again raised the bar for what is possible in terms of technical performance in a $20 IEM with the Chu II’s new dynamic driver. This is a great starting point for a budding audiophile.
Finally, while the Chu II is a marked improvement on the Chu, I still recommend saving for a higher tier IEM instead of replacing one with the other.
The Moondrop Chu II can be purchased below:
MOONDROP CHU 2 10mm Dynamic Driver In-ear Headphone (


New Head-Fier
Moondrop Chu 2
Pros: Better bass than than the og chu
Inoffensive highs
Build is really good for the price
Comfortable fit
Detachable cable
Price to performance is solid
Cons: Upper mids can be a bit shouty in some tracks
Treble is a bit unrefined in some tracks
Upper treble roll off
Paint on the metal might chip off

Moondrop chu 2 is a sequel of the previous Chu. It is a $20 single dynamic driver iem with impedance of 18ohms and sensitivity of 119db.

In the box it comes with:
Eartips, average quality
Case, average
Cable, cheapIMG_4468.jpegIMG_4469.jpegIMG_4471.jpegIMG_4479.jpeg

Build and Fit
The shells are made of metal like the previous one. The updated Chu 2 now has a 2pin connector, which is a nice upgrade in my opinion. These are small and light weight thus giving a comfortable fit. It sits flush and stable. Iems itselft is made quite well for the price but , cable is not good. Feels cheap, tangles easily and the pre formed ear hooks are not that comfortable.


Bass is slightly and tastefully elevated. It has good texture compared to competition in its price range. It has satisfactory level of punch and slam for general people but not bass head level. Mids is not effected by the bass.

Midrange is tuned well although nothing extra ordinary in my opinion. There is an elevation in the upper mid region.
Male vocals are relaxed and fairly smooth. Female vocals are effected by the elevation in the upper mid. Some tracks sound a bit sibilant due to this issue.

Treble is good, nothing extra ordinary. There is decent amount of detail and air present for the price, but slightly lacking in the micro detailing. Sibilance is not really an issue here, although a bit more extension would have been nice.

Technical capabilities:
Soundstage is average
Imaging is good
Resolution is average

This is a solid one in the $20 range. I would recommend this to anyone getting into the hobby as it provides really good value over all. Although this is not an upgrade from the other popular $20 sets such tangzu wan er and 7hz zero, it surely a side grade.
Resolution slightly above average

Used with:
Source used: ak sp1000m, fiio btr5, shanling ua2, ifi hip dac.
Tips used: stock tips, sping cp100, cp 145, final e series tips.
Cable used: stock cable, **** 8core cable, letshour kimera


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Iwan Aizakku

New Head-Fier
What Chu should've been.
Pros: Really great V-shaped sound signature.
Satisfying bass quantity without bloat & bleed.
Clean treble without too much crisp and shouty.
Cons: Less-ish vocal presence.
Average soundstage and imaging.
No provided Spring Tips, only Moondrop's stock ones this time.
Disclaimer: This review is based purely on my personal impressions and will not go too detail as I'm still learning more about audio and am currently not well versed on it. I will also try a new style of sound impression/review, which focuses on my actual experience while listening to a music.

< Backstory >
I was interested of buying the Chu 2, as I heard it is better than it's previous version, Chu. Then, Shenzhenaudio made a giveaway of the Chu 2, and I was lucky to be among the winners of the giveaway ^^. Even though I got this for free, my review will have no bias at all towards Moondrop & Shenzhenaudio, as I am not paid at all for this review.

Once again, thanks to Shenzhenaudio for the free Chu 2. (and my unusual luck for winning the giveaway)

< The item >


What's included:-
1. The box with:
- Moondrop's mascot/waifu, Mitsukiyuki at the box's front
- Frequency Response (FR) and technical specifications of the Chu 2 at the box's back
2. The Chu 2 itself
3. Newer and better pouch which includes the detachable wires (finally!) and stock tips (No Spring Tips this time)
4. Instruction booklet with Chinese and English language
5. Mitsukiyuki card with QR behind (Haven't tried it)
6. QC card

My setup:
1. Wide tips, as it fits me well.
2. CX31993 dac plugged to my pc -> 3.5mm male to female extender -> Chu 2
3. Volume is set to ~40-50%, to reduce chance of bad tinnitus in the future. (Don't listen to loud volume!)
4. Songs on Youtube: (My current fav. so far lul)
Idol - YOASOBI (Vocal and mids)
Super idol but its Hardstyle remix - NDTGOK (Bass)
Electric Chair - Matoloid ft. Hatsune Miku (Detail & crisp)

< Fit, comfort and quality >
If you ever used the Chu before, the fit will be almost the same as before, at least for me. Both the Spring Tips and the stock tips fit well in my ears. The iem is really comfortable, and there are no pressure/pain after long periods of usage.

The cable feels bit nicer compared to the Chu. It's similar to my Moondrop SSR's cable. It's a bit tight when connecting the left and right channel to the iem, though the fit is really secure, so it'll won't come out of its own. The iem itself has the same shell quality feeling as the Chu. There is bit of microphonic sound of the iem wire when rubbing against my shirt/arm, though it's really unnoticeable on typical usage.

The pouch has a more 'premium' leather feeling compared to the Chu's pouch. It's a square shape this time compared to the rectangular shape of Chu's pouch, so there's bit of more work to place the iem inside the pouch. The pouch uses a pierce-through-hole clip instead of the button clip on Chu's pouch, so it's easier to close and open the pouch.

Finally, the filter is easier to replace. Just unscrew the filter cover and remove the filter itself. In case my Chu 2 has channel imbalance (hopefully not), it'll be easier to replace the filter compared to the Chu.

< Sound Impressions/review >
"Oh hey, there's bass now. Nice."
*Listening to Super Idol, bass drop hits*
"OOO, now that's a nice bass."
"Definitely more bass than the Chu, yet it's not boomy, and does not leak to the mids"

Mids & Vocal
*Listening to Idol - YOASOBI*
"Overall, the music sounds a bit 'clean/tight'. Definitely a sign of v-shaped sound signature."
"The voice is bit less forward, but it's still clear, and just sound right without too much 'shh's"
"I actually like the vocals on Chu and Chu 2, but I lean more towards the Chu 2. There's bit less presence, but vocal sounds less 'metalic', and bit more natural."

*Listening to Electric Chair - Matoloid ft. Hatsune Miku*
"The treble is really great. Very less "shh's" and sibilance, yet detailed enough to be enjoyable."
"There's bit less ear fatigue compared to the Chu."

*Listening to Idol - YOASOBI and Electric Chair - Matoloid*
"It's the same as Chu. Decent imaging of instruments and sound effects, though it's still average for me. Still better than cheaper iems"
*Listening to same songs, and then plays War Thunder to test soundstage*
"There's noticeable distance of left and right sounds, though not much for forward and backward, so soundstage is just average. Still usable for gaming though."

< Conclusion >
Overall, the Chu 2 is what the Chu should've been. More appealing sound signature for newcomers searching for a $20 iem (Chu 2 is $18.99), detachable and nicer cable, better pouch, and easier filter replacing is what makes it more worth than the Chu. It's a great, V-shaped sounding iem that performs well with a great affordable price tag, just like how the Chu used to be.

Extras: I have listened to the CCA CRA recently and I've realised that it's bass and lower mids are similar to the Chu 2. Comparing both, the Chu 2 has more clear treble and more forward vocal sound, so if you're looking for a great affordable V-shaped sounding iem, perhaps the Chu 2 can beat it. Still, the CCA CRA is cheaper ($14), so it is still worth considering.

Thanks for reading my review ^^
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New Head-Fier
Moondrop CHU II Review - Bass Beans
Pros: - Shell quality and materials are exceptional
- Premium packaging
- Removable cable
- High quality nozzle (removable tuning filter)
- More comfortable than CHU
- Fun tuning
- Improved Bass
- Good details
- Intimate sound
- Easy to drive (you don’t need anything expensive)
Cons: - No high quality tips (not a big issue)
- Narrow soundstage
- Slightly bright or undefined trebles on some tracks ( maybe too much for someone, could be harsh.)
- Bass could be too much
CHU 2 + wide bore tips


The Moondrop Chu II was sent to me as a review sample from Moondrop which I thank!
However the review will still be 100% honest and in no way biased.
I’m not an audiophile, I’m just a guy that likes to test out different IEMs/DACs and spends a lot of time listening to music.
So I’m not going to use super technical words to review it but I will do my best to describe them.

Tech Specs:​

  • Cavity material: ZN alloy
  • Driver : 10mm high-performance dynamic driver
  • Diaphragm : Aluminum-magnesium alloy composite diaphragm
  • Headphone Jack: 0.78mm-2 pin
  • Plug : 3.5mm single-ended
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz-38KHz
  • Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz (IEC 60318-4,3dB)
  • impedance: 18Ω±15%
  • Sensitivity:119dB/Vrms
  • THD: THD≤0.5% (@1KHz,94dB)

Moondrop Chu II Packaging:​

Moondrop Chu II Waifu front
Back box

The Moondrop Chu II box looks like a much more expensive product. They overdid it! Inside we find accessories such as:
Moondrop Chu II inside the box

  • Nice leather bag
  • Cable 0.78mm-2 pin
  • 1 set of tips ( No Springtips)
  • Manual+warranty
Cable details
Inside the leather bag
Pin connector details

I was surprised not to find the Spring tips inside but just generic tips. The cable doesn’t look bad but to the touch I liked the material used in the CHU more. There is also a leather carrying bag.

Moondrop Chu II Design/Build Quality:​

Moondrop Chu II 1
Moondrop Chu II 2
Moondrop Chu II 3

The Moondrop Chu II quality for 19 usd is crazy! I can’t believe it’s possible to have a full metal shell with a similar finish for so little.
The shape is identical to Chu, but the angle of the nozzle looks slightly different!
Chu vs Chu Chu
Chu vs Chu Chu 2

Furthermore, the nozzle of the CHU II is really interesting, you can change the tuning filters and if you want you can add tuning sponges to experiment. What I didn’t like in the CHU was the fixed cable, but finally it’s just a bad memory!
Paint job
Shape and venting holes
tuning Filter
Nozzle + filter
Nozzle without filter
Tuning filter detail
Inside tuning nozzle
Connector detail

As far as the paintwork is concerned, it is always very beautiful. I haven’t had any problems with the old ones either.
Comfort and fit is improved from Chu.

Initial sound impression:​

The Moondrop Chu II at first listen I can absolutely say that they are more comfortable and are definitely an upgrade over the Chu. The bass is slightly increased but also seems a little bit slow to me. Female and Male voices are consistent enough but the trebles can be a bit harsh at times (need ears burn-in).
Moondrop Chu II + Stock tips

The sound is intimate, the soundstage is quite narrow and lacks some air.
Whether it works or not I’ve done a burn-in of about 50 hours.

Final sound impression:​

Equipment used for testing above.

  • iMac
  • Redmi Note 7 (MIUI Based)
  • Foobar2000 24bit 192khz (iMac)
  • Amazon music UHD 24bit 96khz (Both)
Before jumping to final impressions, know that your ears need some burn-in too.
Coming from a whole week with the Blon Z300 I was now used to a decidedly warmer timbre.

I’m not listing the tracks because they’re too much.

My impressions are given using the original accessories.
I confirm my first impressions but after several hours of listening things have changed slightly.
What makes significant improvements is replacing the tips.
Moondrop Chu II + wide bore tips

With Kbear or Nicehck 07 tips you get some nice improvements. Treble is a little bit tamed and bass is increased. Using wide bore tips you get the best result.
The Moondrop CHU II is a fun V-shape with a slightly warm bright signature. For what they cost they are excellent. Other than what I said in first impressions the trebles may be too much for someone coming from warm sets. The vocals lack warmth and silkiness a little but are very good (strictly personal taste) while the instruments seem quite coherent. Female vocals are better. The mids are slightly recessed, string instruments like guitars sound a bit thin in some tracks. As for the bass, they are more present but a bit slow, the sub bass lacks using stock tips.

I personally opted to replace the tips with those of the Thruthear Hola, specifically the big bore tips (similar to the Whizzer SS20) which greatly help the soundstage and since they seal perfectly they also help the bass which is immediately more full-bodied and consequently also the trebles are more controlled.
The cable is completely fine, I tried a better quality one from Nicehck but I didn’t hear any differences so I went back to the stock one.

Soundstage & Imaging​

Keep in mind that the soundstage is narrow. Imaging is good but limited. Overall I would still say average. They are certainly very good for their price range. Just change your tips!
I have listened to Jazz, R&B, Pop, EDM & Chill music and I think it is also the most suitable for this iem.

Moondrop Chu II Comparison:​

Moondrop Chu II Comparison

vs CHU
Moondrop Chu II is the updated version of CHU. Comfort is on a whole other level thanks to the normal 0.78 pin cable. I was sad not to find the Springtips but instead we have the tuning nozzles that can be changed or modified.
I ran an A/B test using F.Audio KS01. Same volume level, same music track.
The bass is way more thicker on the CHU II. The trebles are more protagonists giving more details.
If the CHU can be listened to even at 70% the CHU II must be listened to at 60% of the volume. There’s more energy and trebles so you can face more fatigue over long sessions.

vs Tanchijm Zero
If you prefer neutral bright sounding iems, this is absolutely for you. Obviously the bass is much more natural, but what amazes is the absurd level of detail and technicalities. The trebles are extremely polished and the female vocals have that silkiness. Wider than average soundstage and precise imaging. They are two iems with a completely different target but they are definitely a set to have.

vs Truthear Hola
A warm and relaxed version of CHU II. If you are sensitive to high frequencies Hola is definitely still a great alternative. The bass is at the same level but the sub-bass is more pronounced. Seems to lack some trebles detail and air. Mids are less recessed.

vs Salnotes Zero
These are positioned between the neutral of the Tanchjim and the fun of the CHU II. A neutral with a slight low-end boost and more punchy highs. Personally I have never liked them that much but I would say that they are definitely inferior to the CHU II. As bass they should correspond to CHU but the overall sound is decidedly less warm.

vs Tangzu Wan’er
Less bass but more presence in the mids that feel less recessed. The highs are confident and not fatiguing. The sensation is of a more precise imaging and a slightly wider soundstage than the CHU II. They are still a great alternative nowadays.


For strictly personal musical taste I think I love the first CHU more due his warmer timbre. In terms of performance and comfort, the latter are absolutely better.
The Moondroop CHU II is however a miracle for what they cost. They are a clear upgrade compared to the old ones from every point of view. Have fun doing tips rolling!

It’s a decidedly interesting set for endless DIY tuning possibilities. Excellent for those who want to enter this world without spending.
I’m definitely curious to see if Moondrop will put tuning filters on the market. I would certainly be curious to try them.

More information:
Moondrop Official Site (no affiliate link)
Reviewed also at:
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New Head-Fier
Moondrop Chu II : The New Under 20 USD yardstick?
Pros: Way better bass quality and quantity over OG Chu
Intimate and forward vocal
Upper treble roll off ensuring non fatiguing listening
Metal build
Detachable cable (Finally)
Easier replaceable filter? (Haven't yet seen Moondrop putting up the replacement filter part for sale however)
Mod Friendly
Cons: Too much bass coming from Moondrop house tuning (VDSF Target)
Mid range recessed / scooped that hurts the layering
Upper mid / Vocal slightly too shouty rendering some female vocal not sounding as smooth
Upper treble roll off means micro details lacks in the Chu 2 tuning,
Not as airy as OG CHU
Under average soundstage
Moondrop spring not included ( Not a con for me personally to be honest)
Metal shell with paint = Possibly prone to paint chip (Yet to be seen)
New replaceable filter mechanism might make tip rolling became a chore
Filter might still be prone to be clogged by moisture because the fabric filter looks like the same material used in Moondrop Aria 2021 / OG CHU
This unit of Moondrop Chu 2 was purchased with my own money at Moondrop flagship store in Taobao and no party have any influences in whatever i said in my review. Chu2 haven't been through any burn in process but i have been listening to it since the day i got, as a sleeping pair even while playing white noise. Won't be showcasing the included accessories and unboxing, you can rely on fellow headfi-ers doing a much better job. I will keep it simple on just writing my subjective opinion. Take it with a big pot of salt because my Moondrop Chu 2 was on third party cable and ear tips since day 1

Driver :
10mm high-performance dynamic driver
Diaphragm : Aluminum-magnesium alloy composite diaphragm
Headphone Jack: 0.78mm-2pin
Plug : 3.5mm single-ended
Frequency Response: 15Hz-38KHz
Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz (IEC60318-4,3dB)
lmpedance: 18Ω±15% (@1kHz)
Sensitivity:119dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
THD: THD≤0.5% (@1KHz,94dB)

Gears owned
Main source
: Topping DX3 Pro+ on low gain
Others : Apple lightning to 3.5mm adapter
:Topping NX1S
: CX-PRO CX31993
: VE Abigail
: VE Avani

Third party pairing used : XINHS 4 strands single crystal copper dark brown headphone upgrade cable 3.5mm 0.78 2pin
: Dunu Stage & Studio Ear tips ( Favorite Ear tips, spreading the staging and instruments way wider providing better imaging)
: Moondrop Spring (For people who thinks its too bassy, Moondrop spring cuts down the bass, also great comfort for lying down on the side while sleeping)
: 500 density 4.5mm replaceable black mesh from Aliexpress (dumbing down the treble ever so slightly and bring up the bass for a more balanced and laidback signature

My Playlist/ Library :
  • JPOP/JROCK- Yoasobi, WINDS, ANZA, Mariya Takeuchi, Miki Matsubara, T.M Revolution
  • KPOP- Taeyeon ( Bias), Girls's generation, Super junior, IU, Blackpink, TWICE, CNBLUE
  • Metal- Avenged sevenfold, AC/DC, Celldweller, Disturbed, Three Days Grace
  • POP-Green Day, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Earth,Wind And Fire
Easily reaching loud volume on the most basic usb-c dongle or just phone 3.5mm audio jack.


Sound Impression
VDSF target with bass boost. Very forward vocal with good bass. Effect of replacing the stock CHU2 filter with 2 layers of 500 density black mesh can be observed from here. Ear tip used while measuring are Acoustune AET07.


Moondrop CHU 2 presented you with a good amount of bass first time ever inside the Moondrop family after the variations . Bass texture is no slouch as well being noticeably better than other budget offering like KZ D-fi/ Ling long/ Tanchjim Zero. The bass is super fitting listening to all the JPOP and JROCK songs of yours giving you the engagement with the music, approaching Moondrop Aria 2021 of bass signature, however the quality is still lacking while Aria is a different animal on its own because of the price difference, however, OG CHU owner might rejoice hearing proper bass from CHU 2


This is where Moondrop CHU 2 falls abit short in my personal opinion, due to the amount of bass it gives, the mid sounded recessed in my listening, the good description of me might, "Its there but its nothing special nor does it takes the front stage", some might find it to be abit "meh" if you are a midrange lover. Also it might sounded abit thin at the vocal when you played bright female vocal on it, some might love it but personally i don't really like my music to even shows a hint of shoutiness. I have to resort to swapping out the Stock Moondrop filter and used 2 layers of 500 density 4.5mm black mesh as a replacement to bring it to a more palatable and balanced tuning.


There is a good amount of treble from Moondrop Chu 2. I think it as a trend of dumbing down the upper treble as some users (actually alot) find faults and problems listening to previous single DD that has sudden peak in upper treble such as, Moondrop CHU OG, Moondrop Aria, Moondrop Kato or Tanchjim Oxygen even. Personally i didn't think it as a problem to my ears, but such decision came with consequences of loss of micro detailing and female vocals not sounded as angelic and airy as it should have been compare to the previous tuning. I think its has became more a preference than pros vs cons issue in my opinion.


Technicalities is nothing showy and worth noting because its a 18.99 usd set. If there is anything where i should comment is that due to a good quality unit i have obtained, the channel matching between both channel are between 1db of difference in which it helps with the center imaging a lot providing accurate vocalist positioning. However due to the intimate nature of the upper mids, the staging sounded very closed in and small in my opinion, Dunu S&S however does help in the situation spreading the stage wider but you were to use the stock accessories. it will sounded like you are inside a closet listening to 2 speaker on your left and right only. Driver transient however sounded fast and agile even with the amount of bass its pushing but the speed is definitely kinda behind what KZ D-FI is capable of.

Moondrop Chu OG

Moondrop Chu OG bass sounded tigher, faster, dives deeper but lack of the amount coupled with the high treble gain, result in a very thin, dry technical presentation, Chu 2 fixed alot of the issues with the tonality but suffers in the technical department. Gone are the airy vocal and wider staging in the Chu OG.



I think Moondrop Chu 2 provides good value at the price its targeting, the lack of Moondrop spring ear tips doesn't hurts the overall product value and the sound quality its giving, if you are after your first taste of what Moondrop VDSF signature sounded like, Chu 2 might be a good one as it is not as dry as the other Moondrop offering due to the meaty and generous amount of bass it brings to the table. However if you have any other sets like Tangzu Wan'er / 7hertz Salnotes zero, Moondrop Chu2 is more of a side grade unless you are after the bass. Cheers to more bass !
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100+ Head-Fier
Moondrop Chu2 Review - Coming back stronger
Pros: Better bass quality
Non offensive treble
High price performance ratio
Cons: Slight recessed mids
Treble can sound unrefined on certain track (purely nitpicking)

Moondrop is a company that needs no introduction within the audiophile community. Their latest budget offering, Chu 2, which is the revised Chu, sporting detachable cable, removable nozzle lip for the purpose of replacing filters, and also new driver. For an IEM that’s priced at 19$, the build quality is definitely not shabby. The build quality in my opinion is similar to Aria’s. Metal build but it doesn’t feel heavy when it’s in your ear.
I wore it for several hours during my listening session and I don't feel any discomfort, do take into consideration that your experience might differ as everyone’s ear is not the same, but generally it should be fine as there’s no weird or protruding edges. The packaging is the usual Moondrop "waifu" style, it came with cable, the IEM itself, and silicon eartips, this time around, they omitted the Spring Tips, but that's understandable given the "makeover" that they did for Chu 2.


Gears used for this review
  • Earmen Angel Dac/Amp
  • Earmen Colibri
  • Earmen CH-Amp
  • Hiby RS2
  • Moondrop Chu II Stock cable and Stock Eartips
My review is solely based on what I hear via my equipment and I never consider my reviews to be objective in any way rather a subjective approach. Do take into consideration that everyone’s ear anatomy is not the same, so the psychoacoustics perception might be different as well, but i believe it will not stray too far

Sound Impression

Chu is tuned based on Moondrop’s VSDF target, which has a little mid bass hump and a rather conservative pinna gain. Chu2 is inoffensive and to my ears, several aspects has been improved compared to the OG, bass performance has been improved in terms of quantity and slightly better control, treble is smoother and not as energetic as the OG (this is not exactly a good or bad thing, but more of a preference where some prefer energetic treble while some prefers a smoother treble response). Tonality is leaning towards slight warm and timbre sounds rather natural to my ears.

  • Bass has good texture and control
  • Speed is good and handled Metallica’s Lux Aeterna without sounding bloated
  • Bass doesn’t bleed into the mids
  • Sub bass does have some rumble when the track calls for it, it doesn’t go really deep but it is good enough for EDM enjoyment
  • Mids are slightly recessed
  • Male’s vocal sounded a little lacking in terms of texture, overall it's not too bad
  • Female vocal such as Faye Wong does sound fuller compared to male’s, very enjoyable
  • Lower to upper mid range are very lush and enjoyable, even at high volume, it doesn’t get hot
  • Treble is smooth and not fatiguing, some brilliance and sparkles are missing but generally, the detail retrieval capability is quite good
  • Extension is slightly lacking, but this is purely nit picking considering its price
  • A little lacking in terms of air and presence, but they’re not dark sounding at all
  • Purely nitpicking, the treble at times can sound a little unrefined, but given the asking price, as i mentioned, this is purely nitpicking


  • Height and Width is average, doesn’t sound boxy nor too artificially wide
  • Chu gives good enough sense of space considering its price point
  • Imaging is average and nothing to shout out about, instruments can be identified properly, again, good for the price point
  • Chu2 is very easy to drive, unlike Quarks or Spaceship, you can get it to sound good even via Apple’s 3.5mm Dongle
  • Amping it does exhibit slightly better bass control in terms of tightness and a little bit of refinement on the top end
  • However it does scale with source, in terms of how the dac/amp affect it in terms of colorization of the sound
Comparison (7Hz Zero)
  • In terms of fit and build quality, Zero has plastic build whereas Chu 2 has a metal build, Zero has shorter nozzle which might affect the fit for some people, Chu 2 on the other hand has longer nozzle compared to Zero
  • Zero sounds more energetic compared to Chu 2, in terms of tonality, it is slightly bright and lean sounding, whereas Chu 2 has a bit more body and sounds warmer compared to Zero
  • Technicalities is where Zero pulls itself apart from Chu 2, good technicalities and imaging, Chu 2 on the other hand does suffers a little in terms of technicalities
  • Soundstage is a little 2D sounding while Chu 2 sounds wider and has a little better depth perception
  • Zero has fast and tight bass, it can be perceived as “lack” of bass, energetic treble but its not harsh at all
Final Thoughts
Having reviewed the 1st gen Chu back then, comparing it with the Chu 2 today, there are certainly some upgrades in terms of sonic performance and overall usability. It has better bass response and smoother treble response, not to mention slightly better tonality. As for usability, now the cable is detachable, which makes it easy for people to cable roll, also, the nozzle’s lip is removable, that makes replacing filter a breeze, that will ensure longevity of the IEM and easily serviceable should the filter is damaged or those who like to mod will try different filters to achieve different sound tuning.
For 19$ and the features that you’re getting, I honestly think it’s a no-brainer purchase, heck you won’t even regret it if you were to blind buy it. Recommended!

If you are interested in grabbing a pair, head over to the following link in getting one:
Moondrop Chu 2 - Non affiliated

*Received the review sample from @shenzhenaudio , however, i am in no way influenced by them in producing this review, all thoughts are of my own, big thanks to them for the support as always

Mids are slightly recessed.......................oh no.
I'm still a newbie, but mines are a blast on the bus. The CHU II are my first step in this.
Congrats buddy! @pdroid enjoy them!


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Fun all-rounder sound

Removable cable

Solid build quality w/ detachable nozzle lip

Fantastic fit

More versatile than OG Chu

Energetic but fatigue-free
Cons: Slightly thin, recessed mids

Loss of Spring Tips

Similar sound to recent releases

Not as detailed as Chu

MOONDROP CHU 2: The Upgrade.​




  • Fun all-rounder sound
  • Removable cable
  • Solid build quality w/ detachable nozzle lip
  • Fantastic fit
  • More versatile than OG Chu
  • Energetic but fatigue-free


  • Slightly thin, recessed mids
  • Loss of Spring Tips
  • Similar sound to recent releases
  • Not as detailed as Chu


  • People looking for a fun sounding budget IEM
  • People who found the Chu fit nice but hated the non-removable cable
  • People looking who are into the Moondrop VSDF Target
  • People who want a solidly build budget IEM


  • People who wanted a similar sound to the OG Chu
  • People who don’t like paint chipping
  • People who want a more analytical sounding set
  • People expecting Chu 2 to have Springtips


  • Hiphop
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Funk


“The Moondrop Chu 2 is the logical upgrade to the Chu wherein it drops the Springtips and the neutral-bright tuning for a detachable cable and a more consumer-friendly tuning based on Moondrop’s VSDF Target. While it may lose the magic that made the original special (and hated), it’s a much more versatile set in return.” RECOMMENDED


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review. Thank you to Shenzhenaudio for sending the Chu 2 for a review. If you would like to see more of my content, please consider following my Facebook page and my other social media accounts:


If you would like to avail the product reviewed today, check the non-affiliate link below!

If you have any comments or concerns, you may contact me my email at

Have a nice day, and enjoy music!


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New Head-Fier
Budget banger! $19 of awesomeness, but with a nitpick
Pros: - Fantastic build! Love the metal shell and also the thin cable.
- Solid metal build
- These fit like a glove in my ears
- Great for female vocals
- Good resolution for the price
- Good soundstage for the price
Cons: - Sub Bass lacks thump
- Spring tips not included (Unlike the first version of chu)

Nitpicks :-
- Treble might be harsh for some
- Nozzle might be a bit big for smaller ears

This is my first review over at headfi. I hope I do a decent job on explaining my thoughts. I have also released an YouTube video -

The review unit was kindly provided by Shenzen Audio and i thank Cloris from Shenzen Audio for providing me this unit. I am really humbled and thankful for this opportunity.

But all the thoughts you will read here or hear on my youtube video are my own.

The Moondrop Chu 2 could be brought here

Visit bShenzen Audio here :-

Build :-

Fantastic metal build, love them! The cable is really supple and malleable and they can be really winded down and they don't tangle easily. The cable is easily pocketable for daily use.
It also has a screen on/of nozzle which is interesting in this price range, hoping we see cheap nozzle to change the sound a bit.

Fit & Comfort :-

They have great fit, personally they fit great on my ears. These have already become my go to sleep iem. And since they are so small, I can easily sideways! Which is big plus for me.

Sound Signature :-

The Sound signature is a V-shape with emphasis on mid bass rather than sub bass. I am someone who likes the sub bass thump, but there are many who prefers mid bass over sub bass. The bass lacks a bit dimension and could use more dynamics (nitpicking for the price)

The female vocals are lovely! I am surprised at how good they are. The treble is very good too, but for some could get piercy for some song.

Even as someone who is OK with a bit hot treble, for some song at higher volumes it got piercy and had to lower the volume.

Technicalities :-

Good technicalties for the price.

Songs like - Edge By Real (Rurouni kenshin 2023 ED)

Here I sense good separation, the sub bass although lacking a bit. Female vocals sounds really good!

Resolution :-

Decent for the price, some hard to play live songs like

Galactic Funk (1985 live) by Casiopea


Here the background isn't heard that well (but then again this a nitpick). The instruments played by the band has good resolution for the price.

Technicalities :-

Good for the price for classical songs and some Japanese folk songs I tested. In the YouTube video I havent stated the classical songs and Japanese folk songs.

But I have heard songs from Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven etc to Japanese folk songs and songs composed with shamisen which also include other prefectural folk songs.

Soundstage :-

Surprisingly good soundstage for the price! Was a bit surprised when I first heard.

Imaging :-

The imaging is decent where the left to right & vice versa transition is quite good for the price.

Some Songs I tested the iem on :-

There were many other songs too, but these are the ones I am mentioning here.

Dai Zeron Kan by 10-Feet (The First Slam Dunk theme song)


Here the sub bass lacks a bit of punch, while everything else is good for the price.

Crack Crack Carckle By Class:y (Undead girl farce OP)


The female vocal sounds really good! But the bass line which goes along with the entire song feels a bit limp because of the meh bass.

Anata No Soba ni by Riria (Watashi no Shiawase no kekkon OP), Sakura by ikkimonogakari , Hanawa Sakura by ikkimonogakari


As said in the previous song the female vocals are really good for these songs. But when the there are lot of things happening in the song alongn with the female vocal details get lost and also treble gets a bit piercy.

Waltz by Sunny Fruit


The mid bass here sounds really good, but the sub bass which takes a back seat feels a bit off.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion :-

As you might have read throughout my review, that the sub bass lacks a bit and mid bass is really good. The female vocals are really good, and the male vocals are surprisingly decent too.

Treble is good (this is coming from someone who is OK with bit piercy treble) but for some it could get a piercy. Even for me at higher volumes in some tracks its too piercy.

I also tested it with some podcasts and one movie. It was really good, I slept sideways while listening to the podcast and it was very comfortable even better than my quarks.

The fit for some could be too deep specially those with smaller ear holes. The shell though is quite small and very ergonomic.

The cable is very malleable and supple for daily use.

Conclusion :- Buy it as a daily use iem and you can use this rather than your expensive iem. For someone diping their toes in the iem world this is a good iem too. But if you listen to bass heavy tracks and aren't OK with the thumpy bass and are not OK with the lack of bass dynamics then maybe look elsewhere. But IMO for most people this will be a great iem.

Disclaimer :- As I said this was my second review, first written review on headfi. So I am sorry if my written review was a bit iffy when compared to the myriads of awesome reviews here please pardon me. Also I wrote this entire review on my browser of my smartphone which made it a bit harder to format and type.

If you have any suggestion for me, please feel to drop some suggestion and meanwhile why not check my YouTube video too. I have shared the link one the first few lines of this post.


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500+ Head-Fier
Choo Choo...
Pros: - Bass
- Mids
- Soundstage
- Imaging
Cons: - Treble
- Durability
- Build Quality
Bamboo2 has arrived. Try it.

IEM, tips, 0.78 cable, pouch, QC card, etc2

Tiny with Full metal. Nice.

The wire actually looks good.
The plug & connectors looks bad, like an unfinished product but they actually aren't.

First thought/What to expect
Can this beat rival OLA?

E44 + xinhs crapty 4.4 cable?

Not that easy. Tried with like 5 so far, only 1 fits easily, 1 needs tweaking, the rest no go.
Not sure if the cable plays an effect or not.

Will show itself there, invitation not required (LOL). Quantity wise it could be a bit too much for some but still acceptable. Now for the quality: No bloat, no boomy none of the sorts. Rumble check, depth check, impact check, speed err no check. LOL. Sorry but speed not that fast. Fx rumble can also be splashy. But hey, this performance is already above the paygrade.

Vocals are good, female or male. Won't be any issue in proper tracks, can be a little sibilant with slightly dirty tracks (female vocals). No issues such peakyness, harshness etc2. Instruments such as organ sounds a bit off (lacking energy?). The upper mids has too much boost to create artificial clarity but this is no big deal.

Typical weakness of budget IEM. Lacking dedicated driver really presents itself here. Decent extension but also sounds a bit off (maybe lacking presence?). High pitched background instruments just lacking zing/energy, but it's not smoothen (The foreground and the background details kinda sounds unbalanced)? It can handle busy tracks to a certain extent but don't expect too much. As bad as it sounds, it is competent, actually very competent for one driver.

WOW. This IEM actually has a somewhat decent proper soundstage. For Real!!! Totally unexpected. May not have the biggest size but it is there.
Imaging is good as well. It actually does a pretty decent job for live stage/orchestra but instruments separation may struggle in busy tracks.
The techs itself already out values the IEM. You simply don't get this kind of results for the price.


Space + RedAg cable

Found the culprit. It's the detachable nozzle. It easily gets loose during insertion causing fit issues. Make sure to secure it before usage.

Better now, more balanced. Probably minuscule improvement over bass if there's any. Can confirm that vocals sound good at the expense of instruments but not for every tracks.
So it goes like this:
  • If there's spare budget, get Space + RedAg (or any good affordable pure silver cable) + Chu II.
  • If not get Chu II by itself (still good techs) or get something else.

Apparently the build quality rather poor. After a few months, the nozzle starts getting mouldy.

So there you have it. Rating has been updated too.

Itsy Bitsy Tips
Stock tips didn't use.

Later or never.

vs Tanchjim OLA.
Would say OLA has a better driver thus better performance but yeah the fit...

vs. Raptgo Hook-X. Cost like ~10x more, has 2 drivers. I'll take Chu2. Period. Besides planar speed there's nothing else to offer.

vs. Intime Sora2. The one & only. Cost like ~3.5x more. Chu2 has a newer driver. Treble definitely go to sora2. Easy picking. For the others ugh... this is hard.

Closing thought
Full metal build, good driver, good sound quality etc2. The list could go on & on. Hard to find faults for the price. Could easily compete with those in the higher bracket. Moondrop actually does a fantastic job this time. Mediocre builld quality spoils eveything.



P.S R.I.P Starfield 2, and possibly Zero1.
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Treble seems a little bit harsh to me. Soundstage is narrow.
@Cessnas172 I did. My comment about sharp treble and narrow soundstage is based on springtips. Springtips can't save this
You saved me 20 bucks, thanks man!