Microlab Solo 7c


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: clear mids, extended but not overly aggressive highs, pretty good bass.very coherent sound @ a decent price. look nice
Cons: needs a big enough room, sub would do better for the low end. un-eqed bass might be intrusive or overbearing for some, especially close up
I bought these to replace a set of multimedia logitech speakers after reading the IXBT review for these. You can have a look at the RMAA analysis on IXBT. You can also see what's inside the speakers on the pics there.

At some point it became clear I needed a 2.0 system or 2.1 system for music, and the corsair multimedia set I had was too V shaped for classical piano/violin + orchestra or metal and sounded horrible.
The alternative was much smaller monitor speakers most of which seemed to have problems reproducing the low end.
Long story short - the clarity of these make the corsair 2500 I had sound like a cheap boom-box.

I'm very impressed with the 7c and they seem to be fantastic value for money. (mine were used for $170, but I think new they're about 200-250)

These are active speakers and so have a built-in amp. There're also built-in tone controls accessible via the remote. To my taste - I'd probably set those to '-2 or -3 bass' since I think there's a slight upper bass hump that corrects.
The speaker boxes are made out of MDF and are very solid and they do look fairly pretty and at the very least not cheap.

7c come with a remote and volume control duplicated at the back of the speakers along with a hard power switch.

With very slight eqing I get a sound very similar to my Unique Melody Merlins, with better imaging. (at a fraction of the price)

These speakers are extremely versatile and I've enjoyed them greatly over 3 years with Rock, Metal, Symphonic classical or soloist + orchestra classical, pop or hip-hop.
The voices sound crisp and natural, the guitars sound crisp and so do cymbals and high hats (but not unnaturally so). The low end is very satisfying with a slight mid bass bump/bleed but that can be easily eq-ed out.

I haven't heard any background noise until more than extreme volumes, and these can go exceedingly loud (they're not small speakers and in smaller rooms your ears will bleed out long before 7c will overload)

A word of caution, the 6" speakers used for lows+low mids are not magic and will not be 13" sub level, but they're very decent for what they are.

Finally, they're not small speakers, and you might be better off getting their 3c version for smaller rooms, but I haven't tried it myself.
NO! The 9C is awful. Nothing at all like the 7C. None of the 3d treble projection and magic and a ton of floppy uncontrolled "bass" for want of a better word.
My first set of 7C's started humming and generating heat so I thought i'd give the next step up a try. Bad move - were replaced with 7's the next day.
Melbournite :) Should have known.
CPL sell the 7C(new) for $169 at last check. Scorptec and MSY should be about the same.
I have the latest version - still need to bend down and power off. I get a soft but noticable whining sound when the volume is set to 21 and 27 as well but meh...